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  1. hello friends, i need make a my style xp boot cd. but i dont know all of that. if i give my req, (wallpapers, boot screen image, icons, and other pic)any body can make that cd for me ? thanks
  2. some one can explain me how change log on and log off screen change with my own images in my OS disk. i am making a my style xp instalation disk. thanks
  3. hello, everybody, I need Make a OS Instalation disk from my current running system (windows XP). How can do it ?
  4. windows xp - i m try to change start button name. but now not come desk top item. (wait it on see only wallpaper) regedit- what to do now, now am use same HD other os(xp)
  5. i like make a installation CD using a utility like nlite or hfslip ,etc,
  6. I need make XP bootable cd with my style. ( change wallpaper, change log on screen, icons, ETC..) any body can give a help for this ?

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