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  1. Hello I edited shell32.dll completely but there is no change in "My Computer", "My Documents". What is it i need to do? Please give me the name of all the files which i need to modify icons with my own.
  2. Hi guys I am really confused. The reason is when i see shell32.dll icons there is 6 icons size in 1 file. Till now i figured out how to make it. I used Any To Icon software to make 3 sizes of icons in 1 file. But i want to make complete sizes with 8bit to 32bit. There are 12 my computer icons in default shell32.dll. How can i replace them all. I user Restorator 2007 which is easier then Resource Tuner and ResHack Can anyone tell me which software will allow me doing that? Please help me i will appreciate it.
  3. There is nothing about icons Help me please
  4. Friend that i know i want to implement these into setup. So when i install my Xp it'll be loaded up with new theme,icon and everything...
  5. that question is interpreted as "where do I get the images to replace the ones in the system files" the only other thing I could infer is that you want to know where in those files are the cursors and icons are, in which case you will have to be a little more specific as to which icons/images you want to start with first. Thanks friend Friend i want you to guide me through. I want to make my complete customized windows..logon screen,shutdown,startup,icons,images,themes,windows logos,taskbar style like windows 7,etc.
  6. What's that...i am not looking for images. I am looking for someone who can guide me through
  7. Hello Don't shout on me i am new to customizations. I am trying to customize Windows Xp Sp3. I know to modify we have to use Resource Hacker but i am in really big problem. Where do i get icons,cursors,images i have no idea. Please help me someone trying to customize last 3 months. But i am out of ideas. :OMG I have files extraced shell32.dll msgina.dll explorer.exe netshell.dll ole32.dll user32.dll browselc.dll comdlg32.dll logonui.exe ntoskrnl.exe shimgvw.dll stobject.dll sysdm.cpl winlogon.exe But i dont know from where to get icons sets,images,cursors etc to replace. Please Help
  9. Actually, that looks like a Logon screen banner. If it is, then I believe this is what zaidbaby will want. No actually i want this banner everywhere like in run command,about windows and so on.... The same image is used in those windows, so that guide should take care of all of them. I also suggest you browse through the rest of the unattended site in case that is still not what you are looking for. i don't know any other unattended websites...can you provide me the links
  10. Actually, that looks like a Logon screen banner. If it is, then I believe this is what zaidbaby will want. No actually i want this banner everywhere like in run command,about windows and so on....
  11. I have completed my banner work now please anyone can tell me how do i replace Windows XP banner with mine everywhere???? Please help me out
  12. Its here -> Windows 7 Mod For XP Please sort me out of all the problems friend....i want to make my windows soon....
  13. my shell32.dll size is 8mb....it's sill happening..... what should i do? Oh sorry i got you.. u mean the file must be under 20mb when it is uncompressed....size is 27mb uncompressed what should i do to make it less then 20mb?? please help me......and also i can remove files from shell32.dll coz it'll make it incomplete.. and can u tell how i will modify complete icons and windows icon??how do i make my own windows icon like windows dark edition and windows extreme edition have? Using warez as an example his very bad netiquitte around here. Try compressing your .avi vid files in shell32.dll and remove all icons above say 64x64 to save space... "windows icon"? wth is that? sorry for posting warez screenshot but i swear that I'm not connected to warez thing in any way...i just want to make my own windows..... and i want to tell you that i downloaded theme pack "Windows 7 for XP" in that archive i get this shell32.dll i didn't made it myself so i really don't have any idea what does that .avi file contain....please sort me out of this problem.....or tell me that is there any other way to integrate full theme in my custom Xp...full theme means containing everything Startup screen,logon screen,shutdown screen,audio,wallpapers,taskbar effect and everything also is there any way to integrate Kaspersky in my windows.....and i want to fully customize my windows....windows icon means...system icons like my computer recycle bin so is there any way to integrate icon pack also.....i want to completely remove windows wallpapers and windows themes.....i'm sorry for asking a lot of question at one time...i'm really confused..... well thanks for replying I'll be waiting for more.....

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