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  1. I bought some books off Craigslist and I could not find the "no fee" option. Either I pay the fee or the seller pays it. If they got rid of it then there will be a lot of pissed off people selling stuff for $5-$10 then have to pay $2-$3 fee.
  2. I finally got a hold of Olaf Barthel. HE HAS SOME OF MY SOURCE CODE!!!!!!!!!! He found an old archive, MarkRitterArchive.lzx, from December 1996, of some code we were working on together. Not all of it, but I think enough to back up to speed faster. I am going to ask him to check for more and I will keep searching. Thanks for all your help!
  3. Thanks, guys. But still no luck. I even emailed my old service provider, NetExpress, last night asking if by any chance they had a backup from the 1990s. Yeah right. But I tried. Nope. They probably had a good laugh over that. I would have. The Wayback Machine says the server with my site, http://www.netexpress.net/~mritter, is down. Fingers crossed it comes back online and has my files. I doubt I posted my code on usenet. I always did it on my own site. But I am sure I did on Aminet, but no trace of it. Thanks again for the help. I posted this same message on 2 Amiga forums and no one has replied. Way to go MSFN!
  4. Found this on Usenet: Only 32000 more posts to scroll through.....
  5. Thanks for all the help! Oh, I haven't given up. I have put like 20+ hours into this in 3 days. Jaclaz, that is one of my programs, but not the source code. I guess I should have put in my original post that I named the LHA archives (I think) like this: OptimusView14_source.lha -and- SAKU-V1.4-OptimusView source code (.readme file) So it will be obvious if/when I come across them. I did all the .readme files with the same starting SAKU-V so I could easily search for them. I have gone through the entire Fred Fish collection, no luck. Just some of my binaries. I think the Usenet groups is my best bet. But I also agree, I doubt the attachments were saved. The search goes on......
  6. Good idea, but no luck. It seems like the entire src directory on Aminet is either missing completely, or nearly empty when can find it. My next step is to try the old newsgroups. I didn't use them much, but not much else to look into. What sucks is that I uploaded my code on 1996; Google didn't start until 1998. Thanks.
  7. My name is Mark Ritter. Back in the 1990s, and still today, I went by 'mritter'. During high school and college I wrote a collection of utilities I called "Swiss Army Knife Utilities". These small but useful programs were my way of teaching myself C and good coding practices. As with many of us, when the Amiga "died" we had to move on to Windows. So I sold my Amiga system, books, disks, everything. Then I bought my first Windows computer. But before I did that, I uploaded the latest versions of my programs and the source code to Aminet. I wanted people to learn from my source code. I spent 6 years programming on my Amigas. Loved every minute of it. I uploaded the programs and source code to Aminet on June 6, 1996. Now, 17 years later, I have started to program again in C for Windows. But, all I can think about is my Amiga programming days. So I started to Google my programs. I found most of them on Aminet still. But I can not find any of my source code. This is where I need your help. I am hoping someone out there has a copy of my source code, or knows of a site that has it still as a download. Google is not much help. Aminet doesn't have the source code, just my programs. I am pleading for help. I really want to find my source code so I can get started programming for the Amiga again. And take that knowledge and apply towards my Windows C programming. This means the world to me! Here is a list of my programs: Tabulator 1.2 Universal Translator 1.8 Version Handler 1.1 Screen Mug Shot 1.1 Sound Player 1.2 Printer Spooler 1.3 CxPx 1.0 Conundrum 1.3 Icon Copier 1.1 Monitor 1.7 Monitor II 1.0 Intuitive DMS 1.6 Shell Menus 3.0 Tool Type Editor 1.4 Audible Illusions 1.3 Optimus View Retina FLImation Mega Conundrum 1.0 On Aminet, do a search for 'SAKU-V' or 'Mark Ritter' or 'mritter'. Maybe you have used some of these utilities back in the day. They made on to Fred Fish disks, several magazines with disks, etc. I hope you found them useful. Please reply here or contact me directly if you have or know of any of the source code archives for my programs. Thank you from the bottom on my Commodore heart! (Vic20, C64, C64C, C128, A500, A1200, A2000, A3000)
  8. It is probably a theme issue. It works in 8.6.3 default theme.
  9. Myselfidem: Search through the ChangeLog.txt as to why I left the userfunctions.js include in there. I don't know if anyone has ever used it, but, just in case. I would have hoped if someone wrote some new/updated code they would share it with us. Or it could be specific to their custom situation/job/computer system. I want to thank you for all of the bug fixes and ideas you have posted. It's good to see WPI is still in demand and supported by some good people. Keep up the good work!
  10. I used to love programming WPI. What Kel is experiencing now, I also did. I put all my time and effort into WPI with very little return. I didn't expect anything, but when I did get a donation it motivated me again. Knowing someone appreciates what you are doing kept me working on WPI from one to ten hours a day. There was hardly a day when I didn't write code. It was a very rewarding several years. Except for the weight I put on sitting at my desk all night instead of doing something active. But, as the regular users know, I ultimately burned myself out. I haven't written code in over a year. My main computer died, I haven't fixed it. Can't afford to and not all that concerned about it right now. I sit on the couch and use my HTPC and just surf the web. I keep telling myself I need to get back into writing code. Either with WPI again and/or finish my JavaScript email program. I even started to work in Java for Android apps. Lost interest right away. The passion isn't there any more. Why? Not to sound shallow, but, lack of donations. Kel and I never expected to become rich from WPI by any means, But when our hardware breaks and we can't afford to replace it, WPI suffers. When I am buying books and paying for code to make WPI better, with no financial return, I thought twice about it the next time. Domain names aren't free. Burning CD/DVDs for testing over and over slowly adds up. Kel and I mailed materials back and forth; postage isn't free. We used to talk on the phone for hours working things out. Someone has to pay the phone bills. There are so many little things end-users don't think about what the managers put into creating a worth-while project, be it hardware or software. I have done both. Kel has been in charge of WPI for twice as long as I was involved. I can see he is on the verge of giving up or cutting back. If you want WPI to continue to be supported and improved, so him that you appreciate what we have done. It's Christmas. 'Tis better to give than receive. But in this case, you will receive something: gratitude and continued support of WPI.
  11. I still check the board out once in a while. The Fixed position never came into fruition. I had a plan for a theme that would use it but I realized most people have huge/long lip messages. If they were all short, 100 characters or less, it would have worked fine.
  12. Even though it is open source, as Kel stated, it is not free. I spent the last several years bringing WPI to it's current level and have no plans helping someone make a clone (if that is your intention). WPI is Kel's and my "baby", But, judging by your post you are not a programmer. If you were you would know what language it is written in. So no worries.
  13. Finally. How many years have I pestered you about it?
  14. Careful with that new command. Build it around the existing code in installer.js to handle x86 and x64 properly. I was going to do it but no key stroke savings. if (cmd.indexOf(".cmd") != -1 || cmd.indexOf(".bat") != -1) { if (cmd.indexOf(" ") != -1 && cmd.substr(0,1) != '"') cmd='"'+cmd+'"'; if (programs[item].bit64=="yes" && OSBits==64) cmd='"'+sysPath64+'cmd.exe" /C '+cmd; else cmd='"'+sysPath32+'cmd.exe" /C '+cmd; return cmd; }
  15. Did someone say "donation"? No, of course not.

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