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  1. http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/99843-7-zip-sfx-extract-to-this-folder/ I think this will be what you are looking for.
  2. I am creating a script to run my silent installer files from a specific location i.e. network folder and I would like to create a progress bar with autoit. this is my current script: ; Run the installer RunWait("Dot_Net2_3_3.5.exe") RunWait("firefox36.exe") RunWait("avg90.exe") RunWait("flashax10.exe") RunWait("flashplug10.exe") RunWait("java621.exe") RunWait("reader93.exe") RunWait("shockwave115.exe") RunWait("cdbxp43.exe") RunWait("klite630.exe") RunWait("openoffice321.exe") MsgBox(0+48, "Silent Installer", "Complete!") Can anyone tell me how i could create a progress display such as: installing 1 of 11, 2 of 11 and so on?
  3. Is there a manual for autoit scripting with scite? --edit-- I have found a very thorough document here: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=84960&st=0&p=609033entry609033
  4. WOW, thanks for the great and thorough replies. I knew the question of what I want to do was going to come up, however I don't have a specific task in mind I am just very impressed with the amazing things that can be done with both scripting and programming that I have always had in my mind that "wouldn't be cool to learn that" and so knowing that this is a great community having started with nlite a couple of years ago I knew i was asking the right people. I thank you very much.
  5. just wondering if there are any suggestions on where a complete beginner should start? is there a specific language to start with? or a specific programming software that is designed for beginners? Thank you for any suggestions.
  6. this is awsome thank you for your fast and knowledgeable response I just have one question does the 2nd number in this line "Dim $aArray[7][1]" equal the number of times to run through the list? Edit 1 sorry one more question what program do i use to make the text you provided a .au3 file for autoit to process? Edit 2 disregared all questions i just tried it and found the answers myself. thank you again for the script!!
  7. Does anyone know of a script that will let you define a group of websites and then automatically browse through that list in ie7/8 or firefox 3.6 or up? I would like to do this to verify that a pop-up infection is in fact removed.
  8. I am having a problem while following andregcasals multiboot dvd guide. The issue is that it seems my svcpack.inf file is not calling on my runonce.cmd file. I have several windows updates installing through svcpack.inf and they all work fine. I have tested my runonce file and it calls on my install.cmd file and it installs all the software based on the .tag. my only problem is that this does not occur during windows gui install. T-13 if I understand the guide correctly. I have attatched my svcpack.inf file if someone could help I would appreciate it very much. svcpack.inf
  9. I am unfamiliar with what you are doing however it sounds like the system is restarting on a system failure which makes sense with new drivers try pressing f8 just after post and select disable automatic restart on system failure then select your os and it will stop at system failure and post more info regarding this bsod so we can help you further.
  10. thanks for the tips usasma ! but your right without knowing how to write a script to do those tasks it almost seems easier to just move each of them individually. thanks for your help
  11. Very nice find bizzybody I will definitely be using this. but I guess I didnt explain myself very well, what I am trying to do is take ownership of a vista hard drive using windows xp professional. Every time I attempt this my system locks up and I have to do a hard reboot. my steps are as follows: right click drive letter in my computer, choose sharing and security, choose security tab, choose advanced, choose owner tab, choose replace owner on all objects and subcontainers, click apply and wait while system takes ownership of entire drive. When I follow those exact steps on a drive that runs vista I encounter the above said problem.
  12. Is it possible to take ownership of a vista hdd with xp professional? If not can this be done with vista home premium?
  13. there are only 2 account types in xp home "limited" and "Administrator" you can check by going to control panel and opening users you will see your account and it will be listed as one of the above account types.
  14. sorry I misspoke path is not the proper term it is labeled target in xp. In order to change this target you right click the "my documents" icon on the desktop and select the "target" tab and you may change this to whatever you like. does this singular control exist in vista. I have found in vista that once inside the "userabc" you can right click on the system created folders and select location and move it. I have found some issues with this method once you have several files in it, the process tends to error. I have never seen the process of changing the target in xp error. also I would like to not have to do this method 1 folder at a time for about 10 pc's.
  15. Can anyone tell me how to change the path of the "userabc" folder in vista I know you can change each individual folder path inside of the "userabc" folder I am basically asking for a method similar to XP change my documents path.

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