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  1. Yup. Nothing. even when run from an elevated command prompt. OK that fixed it. I was almost hoping that didn't work. Hang on I have to take care of something: PC_LOAD_LETTER, Please use the Search feature before posting. This issue has been discussed before. thanks MrJinje and DigeratiPrime
  2. No modifications made to anything really. Its kind of pathetic how unmodified my OS is considering. Ill definitely upload a PM log but that might be a little big. What kind of filtering should I apply in PM?
  3. well not exactly nothing but Computer management doesnt open Using Process Explorer i can see dllhost.exe opening 2x under svchost for DComLaunch before: during: I can still open MMC and load compmgmt.msc and evertything works Windows 7 Professional x86, UAC at defaults, clean installed 2 days ago
  4. MS KB: You must accept the Office End User License Agreement every time that you start an Office program
  5. steps 10-15 http://pcsupport.about.com/od/operatingsys...l-part-1_10.htm if you dont see this screen then your windows 7 disc is an upgrade disc or has been modified.
  6. we have an entire forum dedicated to this exact issue Install Windows from USB (ill be moving this thread there for neatness sake) You should read the stickies in that forum here and here the second one has the exact issue you describe and its fix
  7. just formatting the drive with the Windows 7 DVD boot (advanced and delete all on partitioning screen) has always worked for me. I dont know why that wouldnt work but this has nothing to do with nlite so im moving it to the Win7 forum
  8. Since "So indecipherable I deserve an honorary doctorate" wasnt an option I voted "not connected" but there is nothing clear about my handwriting.
  9. MSE is a free product from "M$" so the dollar sign doesnt really apply here. MSE seems to be a much better AV than any other free AV ive ever used. Ive had a few reports of it eating memory on XP but i havent looked into that because i hope to be mostly rid of XP within a few years and MS may fix whatever is causing the memory issue before the next time i need AV installed on XP
  10. Yes the information you provided should be enough to help the OP. MagicAndre and cluberti are looking at the problem from a developers perspective and trying to find the best way to detect if one of their programs is run on N/KN versions where the programs functionality might be limited due to missing components.
  11. glad to see you left the anolis credits in the new source code readme to those interested, the files in this topic may look suspicious (they did to me) but they have tested virus-free in MSE and McAfee 8.7 they are similar in function to XPize so thats where i will be moving this topic to.
  12. click start -> right click 'Computer' -> click 'Properties' itll say what edition of windows you have and right below your memory count you should see 32-bit or 64-bit
  13. yeah given the choice of either using Norton for AV or not using any at all, I would have to use none at all because that way at least i could disinfect the machine without Norton giving false positives on my anti-malware utilities and add me as a +1 on the MSE recommendation.
  14. i dont know why the printer wouldnt show up on his profile installed printers are user specific. since the only person that has seen the printer inside the user profile is the user him/herself, ill point out the obvious and say it might be there but since the user said he "could not print" but didnt say something like "the printer doesn't appear in the list" he just may not be looking at the list. My users often "cant print" just because they have 'Send to Onenote', 'Microsoft Office Document Image Writer', 'Adobe PDF printer', etc cluttering up their dropdown list so even if the printer is installed on the machine, since it isnt set as the default (or doesnt appear at the top of the list) they say the "cant print" when in fact they just dont have a valid default printer set. I say its more likely that you have a user error than a profile specific printer issue.
  15. I manage a network that still has quite a few GX260/270s and i can confirm that the onboard video os not available when using and AGP (or even an on PCI) card you will have to use an AGP card that has dual head if you want 2 monitors configured independently (ie side by side) if you want to display the same image on 2 or more monitors you can sometimes use a simple VGA splitter but those setups are rare.
  16. check the stickied topics in this forum.
  17. my money is on speed or media as well. this really sounds to me like a disc issue. I would reburn the ISO using IMGBurn @ 1x - 4x speed and try the install again.
  18. use the ebay feedback system and leave negative feedback because thats just BS if hes blatantly mislabeling an auction. thatll get his attention.
  19. Ive contacted Dell through several channels in the past to obtain owner info on laptops we have found on our campus and have been assured that registration info only exists for sales directly from dell.com or phone sales through Dell direct. Its quite possible that this laptop was purchased via retail channels or through a reseller and no registration data exists to verify against. I would still request backup disc from dells site and see if they send it since their site does not mention verifying ownership.
  20. http://www.microsoft.com/howtotell/windows...?displaylang=en if based on what you read there confirms your suspicions that it is not a legit version of windows you can report it here: http://www.microsoft.com/howtotell/reports...?displaylang=en
  21. yeah I doubt they are that smart and if they do manage to figure that out ill be able to see it in the logfile and ill just cut it down to a 2 second reboot
  22. thanks guys I knew this was possible but didnt expect that id have multiple choices. I think im going to use CoffeeFiends version because logging this would be nice since it will potentially be rebooting up to 15 machines without confirmation so being able to backtrace and tell when it was done would be helpful. Oh how I hope the same batch of misbehaving students is here on Monday. I can see it now: My know-it-all student comes in and switches his PC to the other SSID and shows the other ones how to do it so they can all stream radio and dick around on myspace instead of paying attention to their instructor 15 minutes or so goes by and BAM! they all get a popup saying "This PC is not permitted to use SSIDs other than LABSSID. Rebooting..." Mass chaos and whining occurs because they all had to save their work quickly or loose it Instructor calls me and says "Did you do that?" I say no your students did when they jumped APs! BUWAHAHAHAHA! oh in case anyone thinks Im being unnecessarily mean, the instructors requested the internet to be locked down and the students in question are part of a work training program and are basically being paid learn how to get a job and very few jobs require a working knowledge of myspace
  23. excellent! it scapes the ip perfectly. C:\>checkping.bat machine-name-14 TargetIP= C:\> now how do we compare this to see if its 10.10.6.*?
  24. hers what my ping and nslookup outputs look like C:\>ping machine-name-14 /n 1 Pinging machine-name-14.ad.domain.com [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=16ms TTL=125 Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 1, Received = 1, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 16ms, Maximum = 16ms, Average = 16ms C:\>nslookup machine-name-14 Server: dc-01.ad.domain.com Address: Name: machine-name-14.ad.domain.com Address: C:\>

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