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  1. 10.10.6.* bad ip range 10.10.9.* allowed ip range as far as the method of detection i figured id either nslookup or ping would do the trick but scraping their output into variables and comparing them is the part im grey on. nslookup machine-name-14 ping machine-name-14 /n 1
  2. I have a set of users that are circumventing my policies by connecting to another access point. my attempts to fix this on the client side have so far failed since the cheapass cisco desktop cards will not use windows wireless and the cisco utility cannot be secured. However when these users connect to the other SSID (which is still on my network but i cant restrict access to -dont ask), their IP address changes so that gave me an idea. I can run a script on my server via scheduled tasks that checks the IP address of these 15 machines every 15 minutes or so with nslookup, if the ip isnt on the approved scope, it executes something like: shutdown /t 30 /c "dont do that" /m \\badpc the machines are on deep freeze so they will revert and if it annoys them enough theyll stop switching SSIDs and ill stop getting emails about it. i know how to nslookup to get the ip and then what to do once the decision is made but i dont know how to compare the current IP to the allowed set any ideas?
  3. VLK licenses cannot be transferred and if the agency installs a VLK licensed XP Pro, they have to remove it before selling it (its part of the VL agreement) however, they may not be VLK even if the institution has a VL agreement if the laptops shipped with an OEM install (most do) if the machine still has the COA sticker on it you can reinstall the OEM OS using the recovery partition/disc.
  4. yeah this would be my choice too. the guys is obviously not a genius (he changed it and then forgot it) so the password cant be to complex. Id laugh my a** off if it was something like their wedding anniversary or his secretary's name so itd be worth the time spent decoding it.
  5. Please see this topic: http://www.msfn.org/board/there-vlite-1-3-t139669.html
  6. Will there be Vlite 1.3? Or even 7Lite? vLite development is stopped and there will be a new tool for Windows 7 and newer. Official Vista support is not planned at this point, but it is not impossible, especially if the tool is ran from Windows 7 or newer. More info soon at nliteos.com. [edit by nuhi] Ok so no Vlite updates or 7lite? What are my options for slimming Vista/7? nuhi is working on a tool for Windows 7 and newer. More info soon at nliteos.com. [edit by nuhi] I heard Nuhi was hired/threated/kidnapped/abducted by Microsoft/The Mob/Aliens. Is there any truth to that? As I mentioned I have not talked with Nuhi, and unfortunately I have no contacts inside any of those agencies so I cant really say one way or the other. I think I´m gonna start another thread to see if there has been any updates. If you do I´ll close it. Any updates will be posted here.
  7. try this: http://downloads.guru3d.com/Guru3D---Drive...p%29_d1655.html it should clean out all nvidia drivers so be sure you have the good nonbeta ones handy before you run it or you could be surfing the nvidia site at 640*480
  8. yeah that would be referred to as the server part of the connection (which is why i underlined server/client above in attempt to avoid that confusion) the client (the pc you are connecting from) will run on 98 but the server (the pc you are connecting to) will not run on 98
  9. Yeah this requires you to have a computer with WinXP pro. I don't have a copy of Pro. I dont think thats correct http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloa...rdclientdl.mspx
  10. personally, i just use this in my WINNT.SIF (detailed explanation available here) which just wipes out any partitions, creates a new partition using the whole disc. though it is slightly dangerous in the wrong hands (kills the entire hard disc without prompting if you choose to boot off of it) for my uses, its easier than the minor convenience of being able to setup multiple partitions plus it wipes out those annoying OEM recovery partitions which prevents my users from reinstalling their OS in a lame attempt to "fix" their problem my CD is setup so that all i have to do is boot off of it press any key to boot from CD OS installs itself autologin #1 runs driverpacks finisher after autologin#2 WPI fires and auto installs everything I need (after 120 second delay) Reboots to the XP welcome screen which requires my admin password thats encrypted on the WINNT.SIF <--this is the first required user interaction (and you could take it out but i left it in case i ever lost a CD i wouldnt have to worry about it being used) Rename the machine and join to the domain anyways this is more of an unattended question than a WPI question so in the interest of keeping the WPI forum populated only with WPI issues, ill move this topic there P.S. im assuming this is for XP if im wrong disregard my advice but then let me know and move it
  11. eeek its been a long time since ive installed Windows ME but I believe you will have to boot into DOS using a floppy and start setup from there (you can get bootdisk images form http://bootdisk.com) I will be the first to tell you that Im not exactly current on legacy OSes but hopefully my tip will aim you in the right direction until one of our members who is more current on legacy OSes corrects me if im wrong
  12. I suppose its possible but I have to ask why would you need to install an OS with an older SP level? Why not just have one that was fully up to date on a media type that is gonna be common to more PCs? If you absolutely must have all 3 on the same media, id say your best bet would be to try to put them on a bootable USB pen drive. (though separate drives for each might be cheaper/handier) because putting them all on a Bluray disc would severely limit the number of PCs you could install to unless every PC you will be using has a Bluray drive.
  13. Microsoft Remote Desktop client is available as a download for windows nt/2000 but is included in XP and up Microsoft Remote Desktop server is available on anything running NT 4.0 & up (excluding "Home" and "Starter" Editions of XP, Vista and 7) putty and/or mremote would be my tools of choice for the uses you listed though im unsure whether mremote will support 98SE but really the clint you need is gonna depend mostly on what OS your arget machine is running.
  14. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/MSFN I play L4D, L4d2demo and will be playing L4D2 a lot after the 17th, the other mods have mentioned TF2 and I may decide to take borderlands online one of these days see you online
  15. ok sorry when you said terminal i thought you meant like SSH/Telnet i see now that you need a tabbed command prompt one of these looks more like what you are looking for http://sourceforge.net/projects/console/ http://www.codingday.com/console2-tabbed-command-prompt/
  16. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/262841
  17. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slipstream_%28computing%29 for XP look here: http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/6/
  18. I linked that same site earlier in the thread
  19. Heres a little update on this. Im back at "work" this morning where I have 7 x64 RC installed on a machine with dual Dell 2208WFP hooked up to a Nvidia Geforce 7950 GT with 181.72 (id update it but im about to move to 7 RTM) anyways the Windows GUI does show 59hz even after being set to 60 but if i check the actual refresh rate on the monitor its showing 60 so it may just be a gui bug
  20. LOL xkcd redesigned their site in honor of the occasion: http://xkcd.com/653/ i think the captured the geocities average feel.
  21. I got this Kel. I dont require anymore respect than your average member and ive got much thicker skin than you think First off, i cut my hair years ago so I just dont see the Jesus resemblance anymore so im not sure where you going with that. Secondly, for an obscure issue on a 4 day old OS with very little detail that you couldnt wait more than 4 hours for a resolution to? Yeah thats all I got. Did you expect me to set up test PCs for the millions of possible hardware combinations so I could investigate each one for you while you impatiently bumped the thread? yet you failed to provide a link to a single one. I appreciate your confidence in our users detective skills but we only have access to the same google as you do (unless you're in china but thats a whole other story) I have not experienced your 59hz issue personally and only have 7 x64 on one machine currently and i was getting ready to go out for a while at the time of your post so to try and stop you from spazzing out and bumping repeatedly while i was gone, I took a guess that it was likely a driver issue because im about 90% certain ive never encountered it. I hoped that you would have replied with more information after seeing that some people were actually reading your issue so that other could help you after I was offline. Im now home again and ive had a little time to look into the issue and ive found this which may work around your issue.
  22. So in case you hadnt heard, Geocities is closing tomorrow. If you arent familiar with Geocities, It was/is(for the next 24hrs or so) THE place for unprofessional webdesign. were talking nested frames, broken links, animated gifs, transparent gifs with the wrong color aliasing, hideously bright fonts and backgrounds and Comic Sans MS as far as the eye can see! rumor has it if you had a Geocities page that could pass a W3 validation it was grounds for account termination though this was never proven since it has never happened. (ok i made that last one up but you get the idea) so before Pa takes ol' Geocities out back with his rifle, post the link it or an image of your favorite Geocities page. if you dont know one, just pick your favorite gif from this page to assist in remembering Geocities, animated gifs are permitted in this thread
  23. IMO, the difference between 59hz and 60hz is sooo tiny its doubtful that you could even notice it. People that nitpick about 1hz differences in monitor refresh rates are a lot like the 'audiophiles' that refuse to listen to anything but FLAC recordings or the people that claim they can "feel" Wifi that said, if your display isnt refreshing at 60hz and is capable of it at the resolution and color depth, its highly doubtful that its an OS issue. obtain the drivers for your card (and possibly your monitor) from their manufacturer(s)

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