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  1. No files hacking, no WGA hacking, no stolen serial are involved! Only regestry tweak (regestry tweaks are allowed?). When in PE change only one value in HKEY_LOCAL_MASHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\ProductOptions\... - insted of Personal leave blank and you will get Pro version (after changing value reboot, press F8 and choose last good configuration) No, that won't be real Pro because some files from it will be missing but anyway with some efforts you can join to domain now It can't be even more interesting if changing one value in SETUPREG.HIV
  2. This is not my tweak, I found it on a Russian board, I just change files placement for my purposes. Open MHT files without OE ------------------------------- Add to TXTSETUP.SIF: [SourceDisksFiles] inetcomm.dll = 1,,,,,,,5,0,0 inetres.dll = 1,,,,,,,5,0,0 msoert2.dll = 1,,,,,,,5,0,0 Add to SYSSETUP.INF: [OleControlDlls] 10,system,inetcomm.dll,1 And of course all files should be in i386 folder.
  3. Very interesting! Any development for SP3? Was waiting for this and decided to post here
  4. Frankly speaking, I don't like DriveImage versions starting from version 7 (the last one from PQ and followed by Ghost v9, 10, 12, 14). I prefer DOS-based solutions. But for some people it works fine. In fact DriveImage based Ghost is nearly the same as Acronis True Image by its idea - both are big and main features are hot imaging and incremental backups. DiveImage based Ghost has two more bad features: not very friendly support (some time) and you can't make image from its boot media, only restore (if I'm not mistaken). It works fine on PE variations though but you have to create one of these variations first... And frankly speaking, I don't know if DriveImage based Ghost is scriptable (as I said - I use DOS version). So I would not recommend these versions (including Acronis Home) to anyone Maybe in some circonstances hot imaging is a must. But there are other professional appz for this (both Symantec and Acronis have those). And incremental backups... My personal point of view - for files and folders backup use specialized backup progams or just archiver and scripts Well, comparing prices Acronis Home is cheapper. Can't beat it But if you are looking for cheap solutions - there are a lot of cheapper and even free ones out there. And some of them were mentioned here (a gave a link for a thread with lists of them too). Some of new tools are really worth checking (both commercial and free like ShadowProtect and Imagex.exe). I repete it again - I don't insist on my point of view. If Silvereyes just said my variant is a bit difficult for a novice - that would be OK with me. I can agree it needs some time and a bit reading and testing. But isn't this place for learning? PS DOS based Ghost versions are not lost. As DOS based DriveImage versions too - they called DeployCenter now (DriveImage Pro versions before). Both are included in Symantec Ghost Suite and still updating
  5. Yep, the key words were: "Suggest and let him choose". Not to insist on some app, and especially not to say - "other software is not worth". And I hope you don't call supporters of Acronis - "Nazis", because nobody else insist on using some specific software If it's about me... He-he Yes, maybe I'm getting older... I made my suggestion (peacefully I think) and probably was in bad mood when was criticized after it (and this is my favorite subject - I'm using imaging for nearly 10 years for now PS There is a big banner for Acronis True Image 11 Home on these Forums - free choice for everybody
  6. Don't think I deserve Spanish Inquisition too I agree that Acronis option will be cheaper. That's all for it. I can't agree it's the best on the market - all functionality in Acronis and Ghost are nearly the same (for a novice). In fact using Acronis or Ghost ARE the same for a novice - in both cases program should be installed first, then boot media created, backup image made and placed on this media (last two could be in one step). GUI interface are different but I don't think Acronis is easier then Ghost (I used both). Author of this topic came to this Forums for what? Please re-read his post - he needs this for regular reinstalling as many here. What does this mean? He may be a novice but he is in process of learning. Maybe he is not interested in learning some tricks with imaging software and will just take Acronis as simple and cheap option at the same time. But maybe he will be interested in more advanced technics (imaging scripting, using Grub4DOS, etc.). As I was re-installing test systems very often too I know that saving even a few clicks through GUI interface, not saying about putting CD in and out each time, will help and really speed up everything. He mentioned automatic restoring - I suggested my variant with automatic restoring option. I don't insist, that's up to him (and the choice of different appz for imaging is good nowdays). PS Just to make it clear: I don't use Ghost myself, I prefere DeployCenter and I know that it doesn't have some functionality of Acronis or Ghost (hot system imaging, incremental archeiving, etc.). It just suites my simple tasks better
  7. Some info about creating bootable CD/DVD with Ghost backup image.
  8. Just an example of a script for Ghost that will restore system backup image SYSBACK.GHO from folder RESTORE to the first partition (this script was ment to work from CD with backup image): Ghost -nousb -clone,mode=pload,src=restore/sysback.gho:1,dst=1:1 -crcignore -sure -rbYes, it seems a bit difficult for the first time. But when you read manual and start understanding the meaning of keys after word "Ghost" it will become easy. It's a bit different with DeployCenter - a separete script file is needed. And you run app with this line in AUTOEXEC.BAT: PQImgCtr /CMD=rescue.txt /IMG=\\.\disk1.part4\restore\sysback.pqi /SNCThat means: restore backup image SYSBACK.PQI from folder RESTORE on disk F (4th partition of HDD) according to the instructions in RESCUE.TXT. It's a simple TXT file like this: SELECT DRIVE 1 SELECT PARTITION 1 SELECT IMAGE 1 RESTORE REBOOTThat means: take first partition in backup image and restore it to the first partition of the first HDD, then reboot the computer.
  9. Simple was here, a bit before picking your comment And "picking" happened as a result of your comment (re-read the sequence of postings, please). Scripting works fine on stand-alone computers (notebooks, for example) without PXE boot and remote deployment. A simple script (in Ghost case it's just a few keys after GHOST.EXE) let you accomplish some task: make an image of a choosen partition, deploy an image to a predefind partion, etc. Think of it as like WINNT.SIF in Unattended installation (in fact, much simpler) or silent install of some hotfixes through a batch file, or just employing a REG file (when you run an EXE or an REG file it asks you some questions like "You are going to install something, are you sure?", but when you run them with some keys they installs silently - in other words automatically or unattended). I think it's worth to spend half of an hour to read just a couple of pages in the manual and learn a few simple keys so that be able to run a program that auto create or auto deploy an image of a system (or any other) partition just in a few minutes without using CD or other media (and using them also as well if needed). And about poping in CD - you can do it with any image creating app, even without them - use any PE disk (make it with WinBuilder or BartPE) and copy (or archeive, better with tool like IMAGEX.EXE contents of a system partiton to another partition or media (USB, CD, etc.). Simple enough, no money involved
  10. Silvereyes Well, I gave my variant of simple answer then But you start commenting it so I had to explain my point of vew further As for prices... Ghost v14 Amazon.com - USD 53.49 (absolutely new with free shipment). It is possible to buy it even cheaper. Ghost Solution Suite 2.5 VioSoftware.com - USD 156 (5 licences, each USD 31.2), it's much better because you are getting: Ghost v11 (works even with newest SATA disks), DeployCenter (including command line versions for DOS, NT and PE environment, works fine with newest HDD too), PQDISK (command line version of Partition Magic), Virtual Boot Environment (let you reboot Windows 9x, Windows 2000, XP directly to recovery program would it be DeployCenter or Ghost or ANY program that use 1.4MB-2.8MB floppy disk - you don't need to have floppy disks, only their images are used - didn't try boot it on Vista though) and a lot more useful programs. And the best of it - both Ghost v11 and DeployCenter 5.7 are scriptable so let you create automatic tasks of making backup images and restoring them As for IMAGEX.EXE - Yep, it can be used too. It needs more knowledge to create good PE disk, but it is possible too.
  11. Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 2.5 for 5-24 Users is USD 31 (for which you get both - Ghost and DeployCenter and a lot more usefull tools with very detailed manuals). PS Well, that may be a bit more expensive then one licence for Acronis Home edition, but you get professional tools with scripting support (needed for acomplishing automatic tasks) that work nearly on all possible hardware (in absolutely most cases there is no need for special drivers like with Acronis Home, which is based on Linux, and newer hardware). And if you really want CHEAPer choice you can check the list a gave above for even free tools But without automatic making or restoring images ability
  12. Hmm... Pop in a CD and it shows you warning that it is going to overwrite system partion with backup: YES or NO. And if no decision made just load system from HDD. I think it's really, really clever idea Seriously, have you read the subject of this topic? If we speaking of NON-AUTOMATIC way, Ghost and DeployCenter (and much more appz you can find here) are the same - burn it, pop it in the drive, reboot and you'are ready to go So Ghost and DeployCenter can do ALL the same. Do you ever have a look at the price of Ghost? It's about 19 dollars if I'm not mistaken (I was wrong, but how much for Acronis then? Yes, DeployCenter will be more expensive, I agree.And about Grub4DOS. It's free. Well, it may be difficult for a novice but didn't you just suggested reading Acronis manual? Why not to read manual for Grub4DOS or just ask here? PS And you can obtain one more quality app that has the same features as Acronis with Universal Restore (how much does it cost?) for less money. And with really good other features too - for example, it's made with PE and it's much easier to add mass storage drivers to it then to Acronis products. It's ShadowProtect:
  13. Ghost and DriveImage Pro/DeployCenter (both DOS versions) can be scriptable to make automatic system image install. Not sure (and very doubt) Acronis can automatically restore images I personally prefer to use Grub4DOS for booting with virtual DOS diskette image with DeployCenter that automatically restores my backup system image from another partition on hard disk (much-much quicker than using CD). PS Use search, some instructions about this were published here before
  14. Portable Western Digital 250GB here. Just not seen by Asus S200 with XP Professional. Has some info on and works perfect on other new notebooks.
  15. Miranda doesn't need specific version, it just need one for some functions (graphics?). And as I said - some other programs need some other files that are in the system, but need to be placed either in SYSTEM32 folder or in a program folder. PS Miranda is a small, easy and not resource hungry IM client: Something like Trillian.

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