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  1. Thx for the links.. Temp is nearly of boiling water :-) This is a laptop from sony (Sony VAIO)
  2. Thanks for the reply. But how can i really solve this? any clue?
  3. Its a Shutdown - System just shutdowns within 5 seconds, no Logoff - NO prompt for opened applications/browsers - No Blue Screen - No Restart just shutdown but what i have noticed is laptop is quite hot during that times. I am not sure why this is getting heated up like this. never happened in Vista before thanks for your reply
  4. Hi all, i have a windows 7 pro. I have a very strange problem. My windows keeps shutting down once in a while when its in the middle of something. I tried looking @ the event viewer but no help. has anyone faced this before/ cheers,
  5. Hello all, Could any one tell me how i could integrate IE7 in Windows XP unattended cD? Thanks K
  6. Hi i have one (dumb) question... i saw the MSFN unattended guide and it is Awsome. i wanted to do a cd with fully automated installations i first created the answerfile with the sp1 deploy tools..iafter all the steps it created 2 files..1) unattended.bat and unattended.txt. Thr MSFN guide says rename the unattended.txt to Winnt.sif..but it has not mentioned where to put that sif file and the bat file.. could u guys tell me where to put (which folder) the .sif and the unattended.bat files thanks
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