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  1. If you uninstall IconPackager you will lose your prettified icons. I wish these beautiful icons weren't dependent on a piece of shareware, I'm sure it's possible to remove the dependency. laze
  2. An excellent guide, but I'm waiting for SP3 to be released. The first release candidate was posted by Microsoft yesterday. laze.
  3. Hello, You can integrate it using nLite. Please see the unattended guide. laze.
  4. Hey, That's great and 'your' method has always been an alternative to integration and has been known for a several months now but in my opinion integration is always the better option. laze.
  5. Hello, My method is redundant. I suggest you see this thread over at RyanVM's forum for what I consider to be the best solution in regards to integrating Internet Explorer 7. laze.
  6. Thanks! Are your add-ons up to date or are they missing the latest hotfixes? laze.
  7. Hi, I'd like to use your Vanilla add-on with one change, the removal of the license screen when Windows Media Player is first run. Can you please provide me with the registry tweak to disable the license agreement screen? Thank you! laze.
  8. Hi, You can use PSKILL.EXE to kill any application. laze.
  9. Hi, There's an Unlocker addon over @ Ryan's site. http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/ laze.
  10. Yes, At the moment, I delete MSOCache after the installation completes, but this isn't ideal. If as prathapml suggests, installation time's drastically cut by not creating MSOCache, then I'm for working that much harder to find a solution. laze.
  11. No, I don't believe it did, though I'm not at my computer at the moment so cannot confirm this (I've recently done a rebuild). It may be a setting that needs to be applied after Internet Explorer's setup has completed (first logon). Alternatively if you use this add-on placing the tweak in the mentioned *.inf file may work. I've finished my unattended install until SP3's released, but do let me know your findings. The tweak itself definitely works if applied within Windows. laze.
  12. I create a user, that user logs in automatically, I place cleanup2.bat in the user's start-up folder. All Users does not work. laze.

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