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wacky baccy

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  1. vista on 128mb?

    yeah it's only for information purposes only¡¡¡ only i need to know if installable and successfully running for basic office task
  2. vista on 128mb?

    what are the extremly minimum hardware requirements to install and run sucessfully a custom vlite windows vista, and another tweaks. maybe on 300mhz, 128mb ram, integrated video, and 3gb hdd???
  3. nlited windows xp sp2 crash

    anyone help me?
  4. nlited windows xp sp2 crash

    also I integrated wmp11 with boogy wmp slipstreamer v0.96, and directx november 2007(english), and directx10 runtimes from ryan forums
  5. nlited windows xp sp2 crash

    i customize an setup of xp sp2 but when the setup finish, everything ok, but after the final step of instalation *delete temporaly files* finish the installation and restart, everything normal, but when windows starts and show welcome screen, freeze and crash, only enter to windows on safe mode, why? please help any ideas? nuhi help Ultima_Sesi_n.ini
  6. integrating hotfix

    windows xp sp2 spanish when windows is installing appear this error on screen: "can't instal the update kb930494" i select direct integration of hotfixes the instalation finish well, but windows crashes when restart after finish the instalation attach my last session.ini Ultima_Sesi_n.ini
  7. language pack integration

    when i integrating a language pack vlite take too much time, i wait more than 1 hour a vlite not finish, maybe a bug?? i use windows vista english 6.0.6000.16386
  8. How to Create the litest of Lite on XP

    remove all
  9. windows moviemaker

    no problem if you remove this component
  10. instalation problem

  11. instalation problem

  12. hey boooggy, i used you wmp11 slipstreamer but not works, the slipstreamer says "integration was successful", but when my cd finish the installation, open the wmp, but opens the wmp9¡¡¡¡ why?????
  13. instalation problem

    my nlite cd crash the installation on the final steps, specifically on the step "register components" only reach the middle of the progress bar and then crash the installation. also i used the boogy wmp 11 slipstreamer to integrate wmp11 what's going on with my cd?? attach my preset Ultima_Sesi_n.ini
  14. ie6 sp2 updates

    how many updates have ie6 sp2, can you tell me the kbxxxxx numbers please. because I do not need anymore because I have ie7 and i want create a xpcd with ie7
  15. vLite 0.95 beta - Vibrations de liberté

    yeah¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ excelent now testing¡¡(again))