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  1. Hi Andrewwan1980 hope this helps even better is when you have your image you can update the image with new updates or whatever it will then only update the files which have changed when you have it loaded into windows you can make a bootable cd so you can then use it one other pc without haveing to install it first Acronis Recovery Manager enables you to restart your computer by hitting the F11 key when you see the "press F11 for acronis recovery manager" message, in case you computer does not boot correctly, even if your operating system has been deleted. Before activating Acronis Recovery Manger, you need to create Acronis Secure Zone first. ( Note: If Acronis Secure Zone can not be found in hard disc, this function will not be available ) Acronis true image is an excellent data backup tool, which allows you to create Acronis secure zone. The secure zone is very safe and inaccessible by ordinary windows program and can not be corrupted by computer virus and system crash etc. when you encounter system crash. If your computer can not be started normally, you can start with acronis true image while Acronis secure zone must be created before. Then how to create acronis secure zone? Follow steps list below, you can easily create acronis secure zone. 1. Download acronis true image by visiting http://www.downloadatoz.com/acronis-true-image/download.html 2. Install acronis true image to your PC. 3. Run acronis true image by click start => program =>acronis => acronis true image 4. Click manage secure zone in the key function zone. Then acronis secure zone wizard will pop up. 5. In acronis secure zone wizard window, click “next” to other step. 6. Then choose a disc to create acronis secure zone. And specify the size of secure zone. Then click next 7. Then another window will pop up, click “proceed” to create acronis secure zone. After finishing creating, you need to restart your PC to make acronis secure zone effect. For more information, please visit http://www.downloadatoz.com/acronis-true-image/
  2. Hi i use acronis trueimage with a recovery partition on my c drive on boot up if i want to relaod windows i press f11 which then starts acronis recovery system hope this helps smartie91
  3. Thanks IcemanND I have this now =IF(LEFT(G4,1)="F","CYLYPSO",IF(LEFT(G4,2)="TX","SF",IF(LEFT(G4,2)="N0","FM",IF(LEFT(G4,2)="TT","FM",IF(LEFT(G4,2)="T0","FM",IF(LEFT(G4,2)="TR","SF",IF(LEFT(G4,2)="NR","SF","CCM"))))))) which works fine But the problem is now i cant search from this column A ..... B .......C.........D.......... E......... F SF 753651 Address Name 2A TX00085 FM 787621 Address Name 2B NR03955 CCM 792373 Address Name 2C NR03024 SF 794187 Address Name 3B NR00127 Column A is the result of above I need to display how many SF,FM,CCM, there are in 2A,2B.2C. thanks for your help Nigel
  4. Hi All I need help with a excel if statement please what i have is a list containing machine ids T003478 N000299 T003067 TT90044 all the above are what we call FM only the first to chars should be used as there are over 2000 ids the second digit is a zero NR02297 TX00024 TR02175 TC12345 these are called SF there for if C1 = T0 then print FM or c1=nr print SF i have this so far =IF((C1="TT"),FM,IF((C1="N0"),FM,IF((C1="NR"),SF,IF((C1="TR"),SF,"NONE")))) and the error i get is #NAME? TT90185 NONE T003478 #NAME? NR02297 NONE TX00024 hope this make sence thanks Nigel edit I have got it to work if i only put 2 char in c1 useing this =IF((E5="TT"),"FM",IF((E5="N0"),"FM",IF((E5="NR"),"SF",IF((E5="TR"),"SF",IF((E5="T0"),"FM",IF((E5="TX"),"SF","NONE")))))) how do i no only pick first 2 chars also i need altogether 10 if statement i think excel only does 7 is that right thanks nigel
  5. thankyou yes we have a temporary one at the moment to see if we can do this i could pm you the password and name if you like thanks again smartie91
  6. sorry for the deley in getting back this is basically what i need but instead of going to a webpage i need to query a database if you click on tennis and football and boxing to find all collages that does tennis and football and boxing 3 will be the maxium of sports you could choose <?php if ($_POST['tennis']=="1" OR $_POST['reading']=="1" OR $_POST['basketball']=="1" OR $_POST['boxing']=="1" OR $_POST['football']=="1" OR $_POST['cricket']=="1") { if ($_POST['tennis']=="1" AND $_POST['reading']=="1" AND $_POST['boxing']=="1") { header('Location: [url="http://www.tennisreadingandboxing.com'%3b%29;"]http://www.tennisreadingandboxing.com');[/url] } if ($_POST['tennis']=="1" AND $_POST['reading']=="1") { header('Location: [url="http://www.tennisandreading.com'%3b%29;"]http://www.tennisandreading.com');[/url] } } else { ?> <form id="myform" class="cssform" action="<?php echo $SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>" method="POST"> <p> <label for="comments">Hobbies:</label><br> <input type="checkbox" value="1" name="tennis" class="threepxfix" /> Tennis<br /> <input type="checkbox" value="1" name="reading" class="threepxfix" /> Reading <br /> <input type="checkbox" value="1" name="basketball" class="threepxfix" /> Basketball <br /> <input type="checkbox" value="1" name="boxing" class="threepxfix" /> Boxing<br /> <input type="checkbox" value="1" name="football" class="threepxfix" /> Football<br /> <input type="checkbox" value="1" name="cricket" class="threepxfix" /> Cricket <br /> </p> <div style="margin-left: 150px;"> <input type="submit" value="Submit"> <input type="reset" value="reset" /> </div> </form> <?php } ?>
  7. please help what i need to do is to have a list of 8 checkbuttons with a maxinum of 3 buttons being checked when you click a combinations of 3 buttons i wont then to connect to my Sql database and produce a query of the 3 and display in a html page. i hope i have made this clear and thanks for your help smartie91
  8. hi Thankyou for that info but what if i need to click on muliple radio buttons then go to a specfic page thanyou smartie91
  9. Hi I wonder if any one can help me i have these checkboxes which i can click a muliple of boxes good so far but what i need is to go to differant web pages depending which buttons i click on and if i click on tennis reading and boxing it will take me to a page with these sports on i know they could be a lot of pages . I hope I have explaned it ok for you <form id="myform" class="cssform" action=""> <p> <label for="comments">Hobbies:</label><br> <input type="checkbox" name="tennis" /> Tennis<br /> <input type="checkbox" name="reading" class="threepxfix" /> Reading <br /> <input type="checkbox" name="basketball" class="threepxfix" /> Basketball <br /> <input type="checkbox" name="boxing" /> Boxing<br /> <input type="checkbox" name="football" class="threepxfix" /> Football<br /> <input type="checkbox" name="cricket" class="threepxfix" /> Cricket <br /> </p> <div style="margin-left: 150px;"> <input type="submit" value="Submit" onClick="test.html"(this.myform)/> <input type="reset" value="reset" /> </div> </form> </td> </tr> </table> thanks for any help smartie91
  10. hi I have 2 machines one is a AMD Athlon 2500+ 1.83 mhz with 2 gig mem and the other is a AMD Athlon 2400+ 2.04 mhz with 2 gig which machine is the fastest please Smartie91
  11. Hi Found this have not tried it but seems to do what you ask Regards Smartie91 PS just tried it seems to be ok
  12. hi yes I want UPnP installed to monitor my Router I have to go into add and remove programs \windows components\network services to install UPnP each time I install xp how come yours is installed by default I am using XP pro Corp thanks for reply Smartie91
  13. Hi No takers on this one then thanks anyway Smartie91
  14. Hi all Not quite sure if this goes here or networking please move if wrong Anyway my question is can I install UPNP useing Winnt.sif if not how can i install it unattened please thanks for help Smartie91
  15. rat_boy with that sort of attitude i am surprised you get any response Smartie91

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