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  1. While looking this issue up, I did find these 2 patch/hotfix getters I guess you would call them. http://wud.jcarle.com/ this one was nice because you download a list of the the updates and pick while ones to download and where to store them. This seems to work well with nlite. You can also grab exchange patches, etc. http://www.heise-security.co.uk/articles/80682/0 This one is for making an ISO of patches. it makes an ISO and installs and reboots according to what patches are in the burned ISO. this seems to get the patches when directly from microsoft instead of a list like the 1st one.
  2. I was just wondering if there was a reason for no hotfix/patches/etc downloader in nlite? Thanks
  3. I got to thinking about how to work around this whole SATA/RAID drivers floppy disk issue and wanted to know it you could use the old DOS command subst. With it you can make the A: read from a another drive and directory. I figure you could use that to have a directory on the CD called d:\satadvrs\ and make it the A: drive. I'm just not sure how to go about this or if it's even possible. Thanks for your input.
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