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  1. I just wanted to make clear that my Windows 7 is the italian version, so, in my explanation I tried to translate its terms from italian into english. Maybe the term I translated as "Path" is, instead "Location". In addition, the folders: Pictures, Music and Videos that I successfully moved to the Data partition, but, in spite of that, continue to be seen even in the System partition (C:\Users\ ...) are certainly links (generated by the system itself? Any relationship with Windows Media Player 12?) and are written in english, while the ones I moved have the Location button and are written in italian: Immagini, Musica, Video.
  2. Hello, I moved these User folders: Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Pictures, Music and Videos from the C:\Users\Myname to D:\Myname\Desktop ... and so on, but after that, I can still see the Pictures, Music and Videos folders in the C:\Users\Myname folder, but with this exception: the Path button (visible in the short box that appears when you click on Properties) is here missing (but visible in the same folder present in the Data partition). Could let me know the reason of that? Thanks a lot
  3. Hello, I succeeded in installing Windows 98 SE, at last. The hard drive could not boot as I partitioned it by means of GParted Live CD (a Linux application). So, I deleted that partition and created another one by means of Fdisk and then formatted c: (I used the Win 98 boot floppy). My Win 98 SE system, however, lacks several functionalities: not even the optical drives are usable (DVD/CD ROM and CD Writer), so, I'll have to find out the way to give it complete functionality. Everything started when I bought an used MBO by Ebay (Asrock 4CoreDual-SATA2 R2.0) and asked a technician I know to install it on the old my daughter's PC: Soyo 6BA+III-2BA6 MBO, Pentium III 500 MHz, 256 MB RAM, two hard drives: 13 and 20 GB, DVD/CD ROM and CD Writer, 350 W PSU, Win 98SE and Ubuntu Linux in dual boot. Its present configuration, instead is: Asrock 4CoreDual-SATA2 R2.0 MBO, Pentium D dual core 2.80 GHz (CPU, heatsink and fan were inclusive with the MBO, two hard drives: an IDE 80 GB and a SATA2 500 GB, two DDR2 PC533 1 GB CL4 RAM elements, a 580 W PSU, IDE DVD/CD ROM and CD Writer. That technician installed on it Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux, in dual boot (but I did not want Win XP, just Win 98SE, that's why I deleted the Win XP partition and started the (problematic) installation of Win 98SE. In the meantime, from the VIA Site, I downloaded the necessary drivers for Win 98SE, for the above mentioned MBO (Hyperion 4 in 1 Driver, VIA VT6420VT8237 SERIALATA V220e, VIA_USB2_V2.70p1-L-M). I have, also, the MBO CD (Asrock Intel-VIA series, IV880-10 ver. 1.0). If I test the present configuration with a Knoppix Live DVD, everything seems to be all right. Best Regards
  4. Well, I left Win98 folder only on the hard drive c: (C:\win\win98 where win is the folder I created on c: and win98 the folder that was copied from the Win 98 Se installation CD, adding to it the customized msbatch.inf file. Nothing else.) c: partition is fat32 and has two flags: LBA and boot. I made another installation attempt, then, but after the successful 1st step (Win 98 files copy into the system), after the reboot (no installation cd was in and I took the Win98se boot floppy away previously) I obtained the the same message: "I/O Error. Change the disk and hit a key". I even thought it was due to a mbr problem so I performed a: c:\>fdisk /mbr but without a positive result. I cannot understand the reason of that and wonder if there is a way to avoid that reboot. Best Regards
  5. Hello, Thank you LoneCrusader and submix8c, I'll take into account your pieces of explanation and try again my customized installation (I must apologize for my ignorance in these things, too).
  6. Thanks a lot. I followed your suggestion and succeeded in starting my customized installation of Windows 98 SE. The process goes well until to the copy of Win 98 SE files into the system. Afterwards the installation procedure requests an (unavoidable) reboot of the system. After that reboot the installation should continue with the installation and setting up of the hardware, but, in my case. my PC restarts as though the installation has to start from the very beginning (??), and this happens both if I use the Win 98 SE boot floppy or the Win 98 SE installation CD. If I do not use any of them, then, this message appears: "I/O Error. Change the disk and hit a key" (I'm translating it from Italian into English). Do you have a suggestion to get round this problem? I remind you that I created a folder named Win in the C: hard drive, then I copied into it all the files of the Win 98 SE installation CD, prepared a cusomized version of MSBATCH.INF file and, according to your suggestion, copied it into \WIN98 folder (the one containing SETUP.EXE and .CAB files). At last, I booted the PC with the Win 98 SE boot floppy, changed the drive letter from A: to C:\Win and typed "SETUP <enter>". Best Regards
  7. Hello, I prepared a customized version of MSBATCH.INF (which is found in the /tools/sysrec directory of the Windows 98 SE install CD), then I copied all the content of that CD in the C: hard drive (on a directory that I created for that purpose) but now I am not able to launch that customized installation. Where am I supposed to type the command "setup msbatch.inf" ? I tried a few times but unsuccessfully (??) Best Regards
  8. Hello, this is a very good news! Thanks a lot . You must know that I recently bought this MOBO, used, on Ebay, and I don't know it well (the old one was a Soyo 6BA+III-2BA6 (with a Pentium III 500 MHz, 256 MB of RAM).
  9. Hello, Thanks you all for your instructions they are very interesting (even if a little complicated for an inexperienced person like me ). Best Regards
  10. Hello, I want to install Windows 98 SE on the IDE hard drive (80 GB) and a Linux distribution on the SATA hard drive (500 GB). The two OSes will be in dual boot and the boot loader (I think) should be on the MBR of the IDE one, so, it seems to me that I'll have however to enter BIOS and change configuration in legacy mode even if I don't need SATA hard drive with Windows 98 SE (am I right?). Best Regards P.S. In my PC there are, also, an IDE CD/DVD ROM and an IDE CD Writer.
  11. Hello, As I want to install Windows 98 SE on my PC with an Asrock 4CoreDual-SATA2 R2.0 Motherboard I downloaded the necessary drivers from VIA Site. Here they are: - Hyperion 4 in 1 Driver, containing: INF update, IDE bus master driver, AGP driver and IRQ routing driver - Hyperion Pro Driver Package 5.21a, containing INF V3.00A, AGP V4.60A, V-RAID V5.80C and RAID Tools v5.81, VIA IDE Falcon Storage Device driver v.2.60A (as an alternative of Hyperion 4 in 1 Driver) - VIAVT6420VT8237 SERIALATA V220e (Serial ATA driver) - nusb33e.exe (Windows 98 SE USB drivers) - VIA_USB2_V2.70p1-L-M (VIA USB2.0 driver for Windows XP 32 bit, Windows 9x, Windows 2000) Am I supposed to install them after the Windows 98 SE installation? Could you suggest me the right procedure? Best Regards P.S. In my PC there are two hard disks, one IDE and the other SATA and an AGP video card (I must say, also, that I'm not interested in the RAID Storage technology)
  12. Hello Multibooter, Thank you for your useful piece of information. I could easily access to the MS Windows 98 Resource Kit (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc768203.aspx). What I need should be in the Chapter 3 - Custom installations. I'll try to understand as much as I can of that matter. Best Regards
  13. Hello, As I'd like to install Windows 98 SE on an Asrock 4CoreDual-SATA2 R2.0 mobo with 2 GB of RAM, I took a look at the topic how-to-install-windows-98-in-modern-motherboards-using-more-than-1-gb and I learned how to do it by means of a DOS boot floppy, editing the file system.iini. I noticed, in addition, that you can, also, do the same thing if you have MSBATCH.INF in the folder you are installing Windows 98, but, in this case, I didn't understand what to do from its very beginning (I am an absolute beginner in these things and not even knew that there were a MSBATCH.INF), so I'll be grateful to you if you explain me the whole procedure in simple words. Best Regards
  14. Hello, Thank you all for your useful suggestions (maybe the easiest way for a beginner like me is to use t.exe). Best Regards
  15. Hello, I want to install a more modern motherboard (asrock 4coredual-sata2 r2.0) on my daughter's old PC (running Win 98 SE), so I read this topic: as in that mobo you can install 2 GB of RAM. The author of that topic suggests you to make use of a DOS boot floppy including the file "edit.com". So, as my Win 98 SE DOS boot floppy does not include "edit.com" I tried to copy this file in it but I couldn't due to lack of space (DOS boot floppy=1.33 MB, 48.640 bytes available. edit.com=70 KB). Could you suggest me a way (a workaround) to do that? Best Regards

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