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  1. Glock, I will try your suggestion of disabling video in the bios, but first I will need to reinstall the card and driver. Whenever I first installed the card it would work with the standard windows driver at very low vga resolution (I forget the exact number), but when I installed the win 98se driver from nvidia thats when my measurment program would crash windows. Nvidia said they could not help me with a dos problem then I could not uninstall the driver "this program has performed an illegal operation" error message. At that point I reinstalled windows with out the card. Thank you
  2. Thanks for the help guys Iwent with Nixsys motherboard dma bandwidth was 112 khz most others would only handle 105khz. Creviel
  3. I recently built a new pc to run win98se, specifically for a acoustic measurement program that runs in dos. Everything works fine but the motherboards built in video is awful. I tried to install an nvidia 6200 pci card, bit it crashes windows when i try to load my measurement program. Does anyone have a sugestion for a pci video card that would work? Thank you Creviel
  4. I need an ATX motherboard with ISA slots which allow DMA it must also support windows 98se. This pc will only have one program and one ISA card installed. Used is fine but I would prefer a new one. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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