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    I have discovered that the 2016 versions of 3dsmax, Maya and Mudbox work on Windows Vista by editing the MSI installer using Orca. What you have to do is open the MSI installer with Orca, then scroll down to LaunchCondition, then right-click and click drop table. Save, close and proceed to install the program. I recommend that you have Vista completely up to date with Service packs, Platform updates and .NET.
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    The site is live. I'm going to post some of his packages onto it today. If you'd like me to link to you as a supporter/mirror/whatever, just let me know. I found that drive he purchased and I couldn't read it on my own machine, I haven't gotten around to seeing if it would read on one of his own. I did a quick grep for SCSI and WD in his source folder (at least the one that I think has everything) and attached what I found. I don't think this is the relevant portion though. I'll keep it in mind when I'm looking through things though! INT1587.C SCANHDC.C
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    I think they just "forget" to update their website after they changed their base.
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    Short answer: The drive will almost certainly work. However, NTFS file system performance won't be optimal unless your partition is "aligned" on a 4K boundary. XP's built-in disk management will try to align the partition on an old-style cylinder/track boundary, which almost certainly won't give you the best performance. But third-party software can align your partition on a 4K boundary. The standard these days is to align partitions on not just a 4K (8-sector) boundary, but a 1MiB (2048-sector) boundary! This seems wasteful, but 1 MiB is such a tiny fraction of a 2 TB drive you won't even notice. Linux's GPartEd will do the job, and you can download a boot image that you can burn to a bootable CD or DVD. If GPartEd isn't to your liking, the free version of EaseUS's Partition Master will also do it.
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    it works , using version 1.2.0 here https://imgur.com/a/Ae2JRhg
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    I didn't realize that people would find out so soon about my father's passing. I wanted to express my appreciation of the impact he has had for many of you with all his work on Windows. I got to hear about it for years over meals and I never realized how many people found value in his patches. It is a busy time right now but I did want to clear the air regarding the patches. I would like them to continue to be distributed, for his work to be remembered and to be beneficial to others. So, please, freely distribute what you may have in terms of the work my dad did. When things are more settled, I will see what I can do regarding anything missing he might have had available and whatever relevant material there might be that someone could use to further pursue his work.
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    It may be XP Embedded Enterprise.
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    Yeah, the only branding difference in all of the XP derivatives is the classic login/winver banner. Everything else is the same. I don't see why one would vouch for the enabling of the welcome screen in a business environment though. It doesn't easily work with domains. Embedded devices may be a different story, as there are other pictures circulating of the welcome screen on payphones. Perhaps they were using XP Pro for Embedded Systems, which appears to be XP Pro, welcome screen by default and all, just with special licensing.
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    You can enable that login screen on POSready, and probably the other derivatives, too. IIRC it has normal XP branding.
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    different technologies. if you can make rust creating XP compatible binaries, and if you can make firefox > 53 XP compatible, please tell me how to do that.
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    Probably, quite a few know of this (including you), but does no harm to post of it. https://bookmark.house This Bookmark House (B.H) is simple and (via Ads & Donors) free to use it. https://bookmark.house/docs/help BOOKMARKLET = Will work on most all (old) Win OS Browsers to 'one click' create a 'Online URL Bookmark' at the B.H website. So, for FIREFOX Android, there is a specific B.H ADD-ON (Extension) for it. That you use it to save a URL to the B.H website. B.H website allows IMPORT and EXPORT of your URL data base. 'IMPORT and EXPORT' is listed under B.H "OTHER OPERATIONS" button. B.H is obviously NOT a SYNC situation. But say the MOZILLA FIREFOX SYNC service did 'disappear' as an option. THEN, the B.H service would look MORE attractive as a 'fall back' solution strategy for BOOKMARKS sharing between Devices (my view).
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    so you're using Serpent builds? for Serpent there is a glitch that is fixed. you may try redownloading.
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    as they don't recommend people to enable hardware acceleration other than ticking the one in options dialog, your request may be ignored.
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    I've found that disabling most of the "gee whiz" new features tends to make Windows more pleasant to use. That being said, my Taskbar on my v1903 system now flickers when I type into the Open Shell search box. Sigh. My icons go to weird places intermittently about every month or so when I connect into a multi-monitor system from another multi-monitor system with the same monitor layout. Aero Glass just goes away after a week or two and that ugly flat stupid Windows look returns. Aero Glass has to be reinstalled. I presume it's being scrubbed out of the system by Microsoft in the name of "security". What hare-brain came up with the idea that stuff has to get worse and more irritating to use as time goes on? -Noel
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    Hello again ; I have never used the Android (mobile) version of Firefox, Quantum or pre-Quantum, so can't really tell if an import HTML bookmarks feature ever existed there; however, casual on-line searching dictates that the only way to import bookmarks from a desktop (Firefox) browser version is through Mozilla Sync. I guess you can still achieve what you want - if you limit your syncing to only a transfer of Serpent 52 bookmarks to mobile Firefox - if you use Firefox ESR 52.9.x on your Windows XP desktop as a sort of man-in-the-middle; you can still keep Serpent 52.9.0 as your daily browser, but only use Firefox ESR 52.9.x (with a simple default profile, without extensions) when you want to transfer bookmarks... Transferring Serpent 52's bookmarks to FirefoxESR 52 should be a trivial and straightforward process; I think both the HTML and JSON formats are supported (export to HTML file is the obvious route, but you can also create a bookmarks back-up file in JSON format, which can then be loaded/restored in FirefoxESR 52). Once you have successfully migrated your Serpent 52 bookmarks to FxESR 52, you can then use your Firefox Account credentials to log-in to Mozilla Sync, and then selectively sync the bookmarks present there with your Android Firefox version on your phone/tablet - should work! Of course, you are at the mercy of Mozilla, as I suspect at some time not far away they'll disconnect old & unsupported versions of the Firefox browser from their Sync servers... Greetings
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    Yes. But I cut that off the pic and reloaded the sanitized one. Ain't that what mods are for?
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    Ok Bro I got my new LapTop and setting all Desktop now is more batter then my Desktop.Finlly i just need to use you tell me use sofware to nake it more nice
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    Hey Guys, My roommate has a HP Compaq 6510b laptop with Intel Centrino Duo processor. It runs extremely buggy and slow. It can't even start a program or show files in drives. Even clicking on notification bar takes few minutes. It's running Windows 7 x64. There are some viruses here and there but I can't see much CPU usage by them in Task Manager. Or they might be using all cpu by hidding even them in taskmgr. CPU usage is normally shown as 7% to 20%. I have used Ccleaner to clean it but with no benefit.
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    I'm sorry I was kinda vague in my previous post. What I meant to say is that the KB4524752 update will be offered to Win7 Professional users thru Windows Update while those using Home Basic/Premium or Ultimate of Win7 editions will be offered the KB4493132 update instead of KB4524752 on the list of available updates thru WU. And of course neither KB4493132 nor KB4524752 will show up for those using Win7 Enterprise & Server 2008 R2 editions.
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    I'm quite certain you are wasting your time. As stated in Last versions of software for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, the last version of Comodo IceDragon to support Vista was, which was of course forked from Firefox 52 and was only available in 32 bit. Here's a Comodo thread from January 2018 in which staff member Shane states, "We confirm Comodo Ice Dragon 57+ won't support XP and Vista." Regarding Windows XP, there's another old Comodo thread in which OP states that he couldn't install version 57 or even 52, so 49 may have been the last XP-compatible version.
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    <pedantic> It's "bus." "Buss" is an old English word for "kiss." </pedantic> But seriously, thanks for this; I'll work it into my batch file soon (sorry @i430VX).
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    Good to know; thanks! I use it on my Win 7 system quite a bit, but since the XP system is a VM, there's not much point in trying it there.... Edit: Since it does work, I added a link to their download page to my previous post above.
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    @ blackwingcat: I found now Exkernel 30e CAN be slipstreamed, but DVD has to be changed according to DVD2017. Only few access right problems have to be solved with hfguirunonce, e.g. shockwave player will not install. Greetings Joe
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    I believe we can rest easy. Rudy's son does have plenty of experience of his own in programming and other matters even if they aren't directly related to our beloved older versions of Windows. It's just a major task to organize another person's work who doesn't work the same way you do or work in the same subjects you do.. which of any of us would know where to begin? I've been trying to decide how to handle some of the things I have that we worked on and I'm having trouble figuring that out myself. I'm confident everything will eventually be sorted out. I've been working on some webpages dedicated to Rudy's work, but it's slow going for this old dinosaur whose HTML knowledge is 20 years old and who writes all of his HTML by hand in Notepad. I would like to eventually have more than just file links and the text of README files.. I've been adding screenshots of Rudy's work in action as I have them but it would be a major time consuming task to stop and create such content for everything. Here's what I have up so far.. some of the pages are just placeholders, and most of the file links go to the archive.org collection for the moment although I do plan to host them myself eventually. I have also added a couple of small projects that we had worked on that were never released. I'm dreading the writeup on WDMEX when the time comes, lol.
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    Swapping the eprom from the failed drive, to the PCB of the good drive, and using that.... has brought the disk back to life. No clicking, detected in BIOS, detected in Windows. Now copying the data off of the once failed disk.
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    @schreiberstein +1: Thanks a lot! And, BTW, welcome to MSFN! It's great to have you around!
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    Hi schreiberstein, Thank you for your donation of $10.00. We look forward to improving the forums and stay online with your donation. Thanks MSFN
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    I reinstalled Win 7 in 32 bit after formatting it. Now its running lightening fast.
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    NM27 requires SP3 functions, you may have a look on this to see if there is workaround for that or not: http://kmeleonbrowser.org/forum/read.php?19,143253,143901#msg-143901
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    I think iTunes' sign in function stopped working. It gives -50 and 0x80090302 error.
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    Gparted also does a great job at checking disk errors. I got it booting with Win 7 + Clonezilla + Slackware, using Clover as my UEFI boot manager.
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    KexBases23 has introduced an error in the LAVFilters-0.70.2-16.exe install (see image). OK with KexBases22. There is an alternative to Msvcr80 31113 or 40209 as msvcrt. BlackWingCat's Msvcrt from Windows2000-KB935839-v22l-x86-ENU or any other 2K vs works if Ntdll > NtClose is linked to Gdi32 > DeleteObject. Tested as system substitute, Miro Video Converter & VLC3 all OK. There is only one application that I know of that needs depreciated _ctype which was an early ROS Explorer.exe. If _ctype function is needed then BlackWingCat's msvcrt is an alternative. Another good thing is its image base memory address 0x77B4000 does not clash with other modules. Sadly the wrapped Msvcrt.dw7 vs from Dx9W2kFx.zip did not work. Msvcrt was wrapped with Msvcr80 to provide a better Msvcrt with more functions. NB I have updated one other build from 4.5.120 to KEX22 & flash 11_6_602_180 still works. Also Riched20 vs 14.0.7155.5000 is working on all applications using it. Some of my other builds require vs to work. (Certain menus & save options are corrupted with later Riched20 versions where GetGlyphIndicesW function appeared, & KEX is not to blame, I believe it is in the registry) Fixed, was Riched20 needing NT40 setting. I also had a slight Gdi32 corruption which had an effect of streaking in WinWord. MakeHuman1.1.1 also exited without error with NVOpenGL still set disabled and still working. So it looks like KEX settings are determining differing outcomes. .
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    there is a missing guard that prevents devtools scripts from running correctly. as a precaution all UXP builds uploaded today are replaced.
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    New regular/weekly KM-Goanna release: https://o.rths.ml/kmeleon/KM76.2-Goanna-20191019.7z Changelog: Out-of-tree changes: * update Goanna3 to git 3f92ddedb..551099728: repo changes since my last build: - import changes from rmottola/Arctic-Fox: - Don't use APZ for selection carets on Desktop. (bug 1141855, r=kats) (9dddd666d0) - Bug 1130982 - Ensure the clip rect on a multi-metrics layer belongs to the bottommost layer. r=botond (291ef70d84) (551099728) * Notice: the changelog above may not always applicable to XULRunner code which K-Meleon uses. A goanna3 source tree that has kmeleon adaption patch applied is available here: https://github.com/roytam1/palemoon27/tree/kmeleon76
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    New New Moon 27 Build! 32bit https://o.rths.ml/palemoon/palemoon-27.9.6.win32-git-20191019-551099728-xpmod.7z 32bit SSE https://o.rths.ml/palemoon/palemoon-27.9.6.win32-git-20191019-551099728-xpmod-sse.7z 32bit noSSE https://o.rths.ml/palemoon/palemoon-27.9.6.win32-git-20191019-551099728-xpmod-ia32.7z 64bit https://o.rths.ml/palemoon/palemoon-27.9.6.win64-git-20191019-551099728-xpmod.7z source repo: https://github.com/roytam1/palemoon27 repo changes since my last build: - import changes from rmottola/Arctic-Fox: - Don't use APZ for selection carets on Desktop. (bug 1141855, r=kats) (9dddd666d0) - Bug 1130982 - Ensure the clip rect on a multi-metrics layer belongs to the bottommost layer. r=botond (291ef70d84) (551099728)
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    and rmottola upstream pushed lots of commits of front-end side, so 2 merge commit issued and new test build is uploaded: http://o.rths.ml/gpc/files1.rt/arcticfox-27.9.18.win32-20191019.7z changelog from rmottola: - Bug 891360 - Move SessionStore I/O logic to a dedicated worker; r=yoric (c42ed07e6f) - Bug 893009 - Move _backupSessionFileOnce() logic into the SessionWorker; r=ttaubert (ddb0d2874b) - Bug 898184 - Restore telemetry measurements that were removed when transitioning to the SessionWorker. r=ttaubert (6dcc64be00) - Bug 898775 - Fix the browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash preference; r=yoric (1ab3729bac) - Bug 904480 - Return values of _SessionFile.wipe() and .writeLoadStateOnceAfterStartup() are unused. r=ttaubert (d555f2aefd) - Bug 914581 - [Session Restore] Plug into AsyncShutdown;r=ttaubert (296589cb19) - Bug 904477 - Add missing error handlers for promises used in SessionStore. r=ttaubert (f9a7fe352f) - Bug 921581 - Send a notification once the final state has been written to disk on shutdown. r=ttaubert, r=Yoric (a2e8fd8415) - Bug 930901 - Rename _SessionFile to SessionFile r=billm (d1e5268bca) - Bug 918024 - Remove the synchronous fallback for reading in Session Store initialization. r=Yoric, f=ttaubert (b084667337) - Bug 952465 - [Session Restore] Replace Components.utils.reportError with Console.jsm. r=Yoric (e3e96ff56a) - Bug 956678 - Replace TaskUtils.spawn() by Task.spawn() in Session Restore. r=yoric (a55caa0d41) - Bug 942340 - Extracting many Telemetry statistics from sessionstore.js;r=ttaubert,froydnj (c471a206b2) - Bug 904529 - Remove SessionStore._initialState and pass it as an argument to .onLoad(); r=smacleod (15d64b2751) - Bug 904460 - Pass _firstTabs 'parameter' as an argument to restoreWindow() rather than tacking it onto the state object; r=smacleod (af47dd8141) - Bug 887780 - Stop writing state immediately after startup and switch to CrashMonitor for crash detection. r=Yoric, r=ttaubert (3e750a7719) - Bug 966253 - Fix SessionFile shutdown blocker. r=ttaubert (50c597dc23) - Bug 959130 - Stop using the SessionWorker for read at startup to avoid slowdown. r=ttaubert (73d5eb0d1f) - Bug 970495 - [Session Restore] Switch SessionFile.read() to use the native OS.File read(). r=Yoric (a107752cfe) - Bug 883609 - Make Session Restore backups useful;r=ttaubert Ã[except Privacylevel.jsm] (f624a30672) - Bug 801598 - Making SessionWorker use the now public PromiseWorker API. r=ttaubert (611612e53d) - import missing Telemetry (54edadb477) - missing bits of Bug 881049 - Switch SessionStore to Promise.jsm; r=ttaubert (49767c04ad) - Bug 898308 - Clean up SessionStore initialization; f=smacleod, r=dao (55aa725815) - Bug 898732 - Use SessionStore object instead of getting the nsISessionStore service. r=dao (226a7a5630) - Bug 928335 - Disable 'Restore Last Session' menuitem after restoring the last session; r=dao (96f37183ab) - Bug 899213 - Introduce a Session Store API for global data. r=ttaubert (6687a700f0) - Bug 938248 - [Session Restore] Move GlobalState from SessionStore.jsm to its own JSM. r=smacleod (b77ee69e9f) - add ContentRestore as of 2014-01-17 (dae3886b34) - Bug 911115 - Move the TabStateCache to its own module. r=ttaubert (97554178ab) - Bug 930901 - Introduce Utils.jsm r=billm (0fef89af9f) - update to TabState.collect() (5f3db50cf6) - Bug 894595 - part 2 - Implement asynchronous data collection for session storage and history; f=smacleod r=yoric (b7ef535dc2) - Bug 903388 - [Session Restore] Collect cookie hosts *after* serializing session history; r=yoric (c3b2750157) - Bug 903398 - [Session Restore] Use a 'cookie-changed' observer instead of asking the cookie service for every host; r=yoric (bbaf8a694a) - Bug 905533 - Move SessionStore._updateCookies() to SessionCookies.update(); f=smacleod r=yoric (0cf58017f7) - add TabAttributes.jsm at level of Bug 1059007 - [e10s] Use TabState.flush() (8b69b3ed68) - Bug 972243 - Use Cu.cloneInto() and/or shallow copies to clone state objects r=billm (2f0919cd78) - also include TabAttributes (f8d9e7b3cc) - Bug 894595 - part 1 - Move tab state collection routines to a separate object; f=smacleod r=yoric (53d9a35721) - Bug 910646 - Collect docShell capabilities from content script (r=ttaubert) (fdd1311eca) - Bug 910668 - Collect pagestyle from a content script (r=ttaubert) (4d46957ede) - Bug 909048 - Collect text and scroll data from content script (r=ttaubert) (295b9a8ca4) - Bug 919835 - Make session data collection work with multiple processes (r=ttaubert,Yoric) (802b7e9177) - Bug 930269 - Rename SessionHistory.read (r=smacleod) Add SessionHistory.jsm as of 930269. (52ba37370c) - Bug 930269 - Move saving of tab attributes (r=smacleod) (638e9ada00) - Bug 930269 - Rename SessionStore.restoreHistoryPrecursor (r=smacleod) (fde22bcc23) - Bug 894595 - part 1.5 - Move privacy level checks into a module; r=yoric (1bf5f0265d) - missing part of Bug 785884 - Implement support for temporary storage (e245b71048) - Bug 930202 - Cancel pending session collections when restoring (r=ttaubert) (d139944ef4) - Bug 930269 - Clean up SessionStore.restoreHistory [adapted] (08fbbe5bc0) - Bug 930269 - Rename SessionStore.restoreTab (r=smacleod) (107776a22c) - Bug 919532 - Make sure we don't lose state when quitting early without being notified; r=yoric (f75dd25eb2) - Bug 923331 - Don't wait for history object in session restore (r=ttaubert) (2781468526) - Bug 929036 - Remove legacy timer code; r=smacleod (7db14e58e0) - Bug 930269 - Create SessionHistory.restore (r=smacleod) (ed513ebe7c) - Bug 938084 - Drop pending collections when docShells are swapped r=billm (d69d3cc44c) - Bug 938093 - Swap TabStateCache contents when docShells are swapped r=billm (b9065a7ff3) - Bug 910668 - Move pagestyle collection to a module (r=ttaubert) (328daf6182) - Bug 910646 - Collect docShell capabilities from module (r=ttaubert) (040b789339) - Bug 930967 - Add broadcasting for sessionstore data r=yoric,billm,smacleod (4714c39906) - missing Ãpart of Bug 938093 - Swap TabStateCache contents when docShells are swapped (2c7a1db669) - Add missing part of Bug 930967 - Add broadcasting for sessionstore data (822ff8d3f8) - Bug 909048 - Move text and scroll data handling to a module (r=ttaubert) (edc44cc813) - Bug 947216 - Remove special case for about:config's form data collection r=smacleod (6fdc51af28) - Bug 921942 - Broadcast scroll positions r=yoric (2e9b7bfe17) - Bug 947632 - Use sendRpcMessage during session store flush (r=ttaubert) (50444ef808) - Bug 853779 - Ensure we don't lose sessions when starting with a private window only; r=yoric (9eba8fd494) - Bug 899276 - Don't collect/save private tabs. r=ttaubert (5d07755b79) - Bug 945809 - Add Telemetry for Session Store data collection in the frame script. r=ttaubert (da33ac51a9) - Bug 950132 - Fix pageStyle data collection r=yoric (945645d657) - Bug 952401 - Collect scroll and pageStyle data as soon as the frame tree is available r=smacleod (02deb47454) - Bug 952998 - Use FrameTree to collect DOMSessionStorage data r=yoric (3d3900879b) - Bug 952934 - Use onFrameTreeReset() to re-collect docShell capability data r=smacleod (e3798b5388) - Bug 956826 - Check docShell's private browsing state when the frame script is loaded r=yoric (ac0d988457) - small update (e33838b454) - fix up (3c2f1d1804) - Bug 940777 - Fixup indexing in session restore (r=ttaubert) (c1ec1ea84d) - Bug 942374 - Restore sessions by message passing (r=ttaubert) (bc85e714a3) - Bug 942622 - Invalidate TabStateCache when .userTypedValue changes r=yoric,dao (1ba8241878) - Bug 958809 - Don't put broadcasted data into the regular TabStateCache r=yoric (978ac794c8) - Bug 952998 - Follow-up to fix test and use document.documentURIObject rs=Unfocused (078863f242) - Bug 902280 - Update _lastSaveTime before writing to avoid deceeding the write interval. r=ttaubert (e267b37398) - Bug 894595 - part 3 - Use asynchronous data collection for delayed save state calls; r=yoric (02689f04e0) - Bug 923034 - Don't check getCurrentState's return value in SessionSaver; r=smacleod (fe4ed3bb70) - bug 1036694 - merge nsIMarkupDocumentViewer into nsIContentViewer (27b4413431) - Bug 962808 - [Session Restore] Better telemetry for _writeState. r=ttaubert (985e97ecff) - Bug 944557 - Don't save sessionstore.js in permanent private browsing mode. r=ttaubert (0d4108e7de) - Bug 944557 - Remove sessionstore-state-write. r=ttaubert (86deb9e36a) - Bug 961016 - Fix icon and label for pending tabs with async restore r=billm,dao (49d4d271c4) - Bug 950174: Part 1: Move required session store files from browser/ to toolkit/modules. r=gps, ttaubert (5c0a4aef20) - Bug 961106 - Remove observers on frame script unload r=billm (c480a17ade) - Bug 961380 - Should be able to undo closing tabs in private windows r=yoric, ui-r=phlsa (And add PrivacyLevel.jsm as of Bug 961380) (b8b48277d2) - Bug 960903 - Broadcast session history data r=yoric (89d88735ad) - Bug 981900 - Add OnHistoryReplaceEntry to nsISHistoryListener to handle history.replaceState. r=smaug (788cddd128) - Bug 1027087 - Fix ContentRestore errors when a tab is closed while restoring into it r=smacleod (3d8a00c2d7) - Bug 941540 - Use browser.permanentKey to handle docShell swaps more easily r=yoric (8878ef341d) - update tasks with more Session stuff (bbd09bac46) - Bug 952092 - Get rid of post data in SessionStore r=smacleod (5c738947de) - Bug 883609 - Make Session Restore backups useful;r=ttaubert (f2e479e0cd) - Bug 930901 - Introduce Utils.jsm r=billm (e3941b78a0) - Bug 962494 - Remove Iterator() usage from SessionStore code r=yoric (f1370c9689) - Bug 960903 - Listen for subframe loads and clear observers r=yoric (3bd4258646) - Bug 965218 - Check whether shistory is empty when frame script is loaded r=yoric (c49adb4b47) - Bug 961861 - [e10s] Make sure content-sessionStore.js is always loaded (r=ttaubert) (ed488e4576) - Bug 964239 - Give sessionrestore awareness of srcdoc base URI. r=ttaubert (d908d9fb2a) - Bug 973559 - Fix baseURI serialization for srcdoc frames r=billm (a69aebf357) - Bug 973550 - "TypeError: webNavigation.document.body is null" in SessionHistory.jsm r=smacleod (f0137fc411) - remove Messenger.jsm (ae8b522587) - remove Messenger.jsm (9c2e929910) - Bug 936271 - Remove load event handling from SessionStore.jsm r=yori (30d71be976) - Bug 445461 - restore MRU tab order when restoring a session. r=ttaubert (26b5588216) - Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/rmottola/Arctic-Fox (987409c7d7) - Don't use APZ for selection carets on Desktop. (bug 1141855, r=kats) (9dddd666d0) - Bug 1036399 - Multiple CSP policies should be combined towards an intersection (r=sstamm) (e3bff81f2e) - Bug 1130982 - Ensure the clip rect on a multi-metrics layer belongs to the bottommost layer. r=botond (291ef70d84) - Bug 943339 - Part 1: Only store a subset of session history entries to file. r=Yoric (57fcec5642) - Bug 943339 - Part 2: Add tests to make sure the new preferences work as expected. r=Yoric (32c1e32a49) - mark some stuff done (7c8f9bcd9d) - mark some stuff done (af4736b682) - Bug 972797 - More telemetry on SessionStore data collection. r=ttaubert (cb671f8405) - Bug 915173 - Don't invalidate the whole tab state when setting/deleting tab values; r=yoric (900b38db0f) - Bug 916390 - [Session Restore] Remove __SS_formDataSaved; r=yoric (4f38afe3e5) - Bug 901137 - Move initial tabs to end, instead of moving restored tabs to beginning. r=gavin (d31fbc024f) - Bug 900089 - Added call to _resetTabRestoringState in SessionRestore.setTabState; r=ttaubert (a483895aa7) - Bug 961863 - [e10s] Update browser remoteness attribute when restoring a tab (r=ttaubert,felipe) (a356005f3f) - Bug 908440 - Add type checks to prevent non string values from being saved. r=ttaubert (6a78652026) - Bug 981699 - Skip resizeTo() call when restoring a maximized window that is currently maximized r=smacleod (f531b78612) - Bug 495123 - Save an empty window state if it's the last window closed and there were no others closed in series before r=smacleod (bf3428b0eb) - mark progress (2a534b1713)
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    Obviously I chose the way "learning by doing" - I was not yet familiar to linear executables and new executables... But thanks for pointing at the right direction. I was assuming that "PEChecksum" would have a look at offset 80h and check for "PE" before calculating a new checksum. Would it also make senseo to correct the checksum of NE and LE executables?
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    @roytam1 Maybe this can help. if not ask in sysopt.com forum. btw: i am europanorama there. https://appuals.com/how-to-fix-install-realtek-hd-audio-driver-failure/
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    @luweitest - HTML bookmarks don't need to always be imported; they can also be viewed and used directly as a local webpage. And if there is a plugin that can bookmark all links on a page, it should be able to "import" all bookmarks from the file.
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    Going (completely) Off-Topic, I just repaired a window handle. (though we are still talking of windows ) Looking at it, there were no pieces broken, there is a counterplate fixed with two M5x10 screws to an aluminum "body", simply the thread had worn off and the screws had no more grip on it. Looking at the thread on the body I saw that it was much deeper than the length of the screws, so I thought to try using a little longer screw, thinking to use a M5x15 , and went to the hardware store and bought 20 (twenty) M5x16 screws ( they had only these, slightly longer, ones) for the price of 0.60 Euro (VAT 22% included), i.e. 0.03 Euro each ( not so cheap per unit) . I got back and re-assembled the thingy with the new screws (that fitted perfectly) and the window handle works and is perfectly solid. Assuming that the hardware store price for a little quantity such as 20 for these screws is 3 or 4 times the cost to the window handles manufacturer (excluded VAT) the original cost must have been around 0.007 or 0.008 each or less and the difference between a M5x10 and a M5x16 probably in the 0.001 to 0.003 Euro. Evidently an engineer decided that in order to save 2*0.025=0.005 Euro in the manufacturing of a device that is sold for 12-15 Euro (to the window manufacturer) and which I paid actually more like 30 or 40 Euro (as part of the finished/installed window) he was allowed to introduce a defect/weak point. This defect costed to me besides the 0.06 Euro (I still have 18 spare screws, so I will be able to fix another 9 handles when they will break in the same manner), almost an hour of time and a trip with the car to the hardware store (think of the pollution this caused). But all in all it's fine. What really troubles me is thinking/knowing that the next engineer will notice that the recessed screw hole is too d@mn deep for the M5x10 screw and - in order to optimize manufacturing time (saving a few hundredths of second when drilling and threading the hole) - next batch will have less deep holes, so that the handle will not be repairable in this simple way anymore. jaclaz
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    This ThinkPad T60 is the machine I end up using most of the time, because I'm seldom at the place where my desktops are located. Chipset: Intel i945PM (ICH7) CPU: Intel Core Duo T2400 1.8 GHz RAM: 2 x 1 GB DDR2-667 GPU: ATI Mobility Radeon X1300 (64 MB internal, 192 MB shared RAM) SSD: Crucial CT120BX300 120 GB SATA-III (running at SATA-I due to controller limitations) Optical: HL-DT-ST GCC-4247N DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional The battery died a few weeks ago (planning on getting some more), but it works good for web browsing and productivity applications. In fact I use it for web browsing while doing more hardware intensive/9x stuff on my desktops! It is also not flimsy unlike my ultra-thin Kaby Lake win10 disaster with its failing hinges!
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    We all knew this day would come. M$ has really been working overtime this year, killing any old OS features they possibly can. Early in the year they went after XP with a vengeance; now they're doing the same to Win 7. But there's a silver lining: I've read good things about EPG123. The Schedules Direct guide is from Gracenote, which supplies guide data for Zap2It.com and used to supply guide data for WMC before M$ switched to Rovi (which later bought Tivo and took the Tivo name for the merged company). The software is free but (as you noted) the Schedules Direct subscription isn't. The subscription is only $25/year though; a lot less than Tivo (unless you get a Tivo with a "lifetime" subscription), and I've read that you get a 21-day guide for your money; a nice improvement over the 12-day (at best) M$-provided guide.
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    I don't get any nags. On one computer the icon is always green and on the other the icon is always yellow. That's the extent of it. Honestly I forget they are even installed.
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    Hello MSFN. I've found out an easy method of installing Office 2007 on Windows 2000. You'll need the Chrome tool from blackwingcat: here (or FCWIN2K found here) UUR daily (April 2013) And a copy of Office 2007. Pre-installation: Install UURollup v11 daily. You can get it from here. I would recommend installing the BlackWingCat Extended Kernel instead, found here. Step 1: Download and unpack the Chrome tool, or FCWIN2K from BWC. Step 2: Open the tool and click on "Set compatible registry" (not needed with FCWIN2K) Step 3: Start the Office 2007 installation. Select "Custom" and uncheck "Microsoft Groove". Everything else will work. Step 4: When installation is complete, go into the Chrome tool and hit "Clean up setting registry". (not needed with FCWIN2K) Done! You can now use Office 2007 on Windows 2000!
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    Calibre 3.48 is the last version of e-book management software, that works on Vista.
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    I am glad that he had found friends here. I never really knew the extent of all of his Win9x work. My current desktop can still boot into Win9x because of him, although, I haven't in a while. I would like to try to provide some closure for others so I'll give a timeline of what happened. You may or may not have known that my father had heart issues. He had a mild heart attack in his 40s. August 19th: Goes in for angiogram, gets fast tracked for triple bypass surgery. He left me a message midday about it and I called him that evening. We discussed the options they gave him and he seemed settled on the bypass surgery. August 21st: Has the surgery. Gets out of surgery, doctor tells me take he handled it well. August 24th: First time I was able to contact him on the phone after the surgery. He seemed well but certainly worn-down after the surgery. August 25th: Had a heart attack (cardiac event). Survived, but apparently it was not a good situation. I was able to talk to him that evening (I think, it could have been the next day). Got the impression that his diabetes and insulin resistance played a major role in the incident. August 28th: Last night I get to talk to him. I made plans to come down to see him on the 30th. August 29th: Situation escalates, possible infection/sepsis. August 30th-September 2nd: He is heavily sedated for the pain. But things seem stable. Not good, but stable. I return home and hope for the best. September 3-7th: Situation goes back and forth, fluid buildup leads to treatment for infection. Ultimately, the infection is treatable but the sepsis is not. September 9th: Palliative care nurse contacts me and I go back down that afternoon. Situation is getting worse. September 10th: Responsiveness to questions during sedation vacation is lost except to pain stimulus. September 11th: Taken off of life support. Passes at 1:28pm. I hope that helps. I think it has helped me to write it out. I forgot I had the message from him in my voicemail about going to the hospital. My own personal take on it is that complications from diabetes played a major role in his inability to recover but I am not a doctor and it's just my own mind trying to justify the situation.
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    First off, let me thank you ever so much for coming here to post an update, you have no idea how much it is appreciated. Second, I personally want to extend my sincerest condolences for your loss, to you and the rest of the family. We truly enjoyed having your dad as part of our community. Heh, my heart actually started racing when I saw his username had posted, thinking that somehow we got a bum steer and he was coming to tell us that he was still alive. But back to seriousness, we understand that it's probably a very busy time for you and the family and we want you to take all the time you need to grieve and take care of important business. But know that even though we didn't get to meet him personally, he was still a friend around here and we treasured the time we had with him. If I may ever be so brazen, was his passing expected or unexpected? You don't have to answer if you don't want to but it may help some of the hurt that some of us feel and give us some closure. Again, thank you so much for coming and posting this update for us! It really helps to keep up in the loop of things. I'm sure some of our users will greatly appreciate his work not being lost to the world, especially those who are as diehard Win9x users as your dad was.
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