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  1. It's a pretty persistent glitch, I've been seeing this for more than a week now. And yes, on wired ethernet, not even wifi. In some cases, repeating the page load does not produce the links even after 10 or more reloads. At least the suggestion to use the googlebot UA does seem to work nicely for the catalog site. Too bad it has the opposite effect for thehotfixshare.net and some other sites - it will cause a not-so-nice forbidden error there. FWIW, my normal UA would be Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 SeaMonkey/2.49.2 Edit - I have also been seeing (intermi
  2. Well, the fixed IP address turned out to be the relevant clue. I changed this back to automatic assignment from the router's DHCP service, rebooted, and had no connection. Investigating this showed the XP DHCP client service had somehow gotten disabled. Resetting this to Automatic solved the issue. Apparently Comodo likes to see the DHCP handshake happening for whatever reason, even if it does not actually need the IP address - I can even go back to fixed IP address now without getting that 90 minute delay any more!
  3. For KB4494528 do the regsvr thing like Ed_Sln and others have said. I installed KB4493563 and do not see any problem, but I am using the US English version in case that matters. KB4501226 is a time zone update (these are usually neither critical to have, nor troublesome if you do use it) for Morocco and the Palestinian Authority. I installed it with no problems.
  4. Did you end up with a corrupt download? Or are you using a non-ENU version? I got this from the catalog on 18 Apr 2019 and it does indeed contain ntdll.dll version 5.1.2600.7682. I even re-downloaded it again a few minutes ago from the catalog and the file is identical to the April download. I do agree though that the English version of ntdll.dll has the last error message duplicated and the other message missing as you describe.
  5. Has nobody else ever seen this? I ran scans with MBAM, SuperAntiSpyware, and Avast boot time scan. As expected, no malware found. Also noted another odd thing. The 90 minute delay can be cut short by temporarily disabling the ethernet adapter; the GUI unlocks, and the tray icon works again. Re-enable it, and everything is good to go. FWIW, I found it was set up for a fixed IP address rather than the usual assignment from the router's DHCP server, so it wasn't even waiting for an IP address. Any debugging suggestions?
  6. Is anyone else here using an old version of Comodo? (3.14.130099.587 for me, or possibly some of the v5 series) I've had this version installed (just FW and Defense+, not the AV, for that I use Avast 6) on this machine and running perfectly for more than 4.5 years. But around 4/29 it started behaving oddly (on just this one system, I have it running perfectly on several others). That's when I noticed that the system tray icon allows calling up the GUI for a little while immediately after booting, but somewhere between 2 and 3 minutes post boot, the tray icon goes unresponsive. When this h
  7. I suspect they're the same thing, I downloaded the two files, and they are only 4 bytes different in size! The "payload" stuff is indeed the same. What is different is the catalog file, because it is signing the files branches.inf and update_SP3QFE.inf. These inf files contain slightly different timestamps between the versions. The other interesting difference is that the update_SP3QFE.inf file for the plain-XP version does not have the Prerequisite section that is present in the posready version; that section is what restricts the update from being applied to plain XP. Since th
  8. I mostly just use the editor included inside Ghost Commander. It's pretty basic but serves my needs. Ghost Commander is ad-free, tracker-free and open source. It's also root-aware, though it will work for unrooted devices too for as much access as filesystem permissions allow. There's even older versions in case your android is very old, I use ver 1.54.1b2 on my old FroYo device (this old version is supposedly compatible all the way back to 1.6 Donut), current version is for 2.3.3 Gingerbread & up. Second this! If I can't find something open source, I do make sure to check the Izz
  9. I don't have them myself but when OnePiece Alb created his various update packs and addons he collected these. Thankfully he posted them on box.com for public access.
  10. Same here. Even worse, this problem exists for ALL hotfixes, even ones I already downloaded. Even if you already know the actual DL link, in a form like http://hotfixv4.microsoft.com/Windows Server 2003/sp3/Fix200653/3790/free/315139_ENU_i386_zip.exe from having downloaded it before, the same thing happens. Seems that the DNS entry for hotfixv4.microsoft.com now has a new CNAME pointing to hotfixv4.trafficmanager.net, not sure when that happened.
  11. MS12-045 KB2698365 was for MDAC 2.8SP1, I seem to recall that for W2K builds this did not always integrate well with other MDAC updates, though I was not using nlite. I wouldn't be surprised if a similar issue exist with the XP version too. Are you able to integrate just this one by itself? If so perhaps close the nlite session, then start a second session for kb4489973? There may be a post by tomasz86 or bristols on the W2K and/or hotstream board about this...
  12. I had initially tried adjusting permissions on just those 4 files. It reduced, but did not completely eliminate the event log errors for my system. For me the problem did not completely resolve until I also adjusted the rest of the folders as indicated. YMMV.
  13. Do you connect your system to a domain controller? If so does the setting revert after you disconnect from the domain controller? I assume you have installed KB967715 and KB971029? Finding the relevant details in the pile of MS documentation can be problematic. But KB967715 has this to say: So you may need to change the key you are setting to be HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\Explorer\NoDriveTypeAutorun 0xFF and I can't figure out why MS has so many articles describing use of the wrong key! There is also the HKEY_LOCAL_MA
  14. That original version is the only one I know of. FWIW, dencorso's linked KB article is still available from MS at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/926185 That USB drive, are you using it for backups from a backup type program, or is it something you use to make manual copies with? Do you write to it from both W7 and XP, or only from W7 and just do reads from XP? If XP usage is going to be read-only, you could try setting the volume mount for the USB drive in XP to be read-only rather than the default read-write mount. IIRC there was a regedit or something to make this change,
  15. For the file itself, you could visit https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/975599/stop-error-when-you-put-a-computer-that-is-running-windows-7-or-window then look near the top of the page for the link text "Hotfix Download Available", click that; there will be a page where you can mark the checkbox for the version you want (x86), then give an email address. The site will then email you a download link to click. When you have the download you can use 7-zip or similar to extract the file. As for the custom installer, you would have to ask Dibya, you could try sending him a PM.
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