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  3. WPS Office 2019 works on Vista, so status is - ongoing. FineReader 14 (latest for now) - works on Vista, if unofficial portable version used. Nero 2019 works on Vista, if unofficial repacked version used. OpenVPN v. 2.4.6-I602 is the last version of software, that works correctly on my Vista. Version 2.4.7 brings errors, and connection is not establishing. The last snapshot of Vivaldi browser, that runs on Vista is v. 1.1.443.3. PROMT 18 is the last version of software for Vista. Maybe, it's possible to run PROMT 19, but I could not do it yet. SuperTuxKart 1.0.0 - fresh version of this game is still possible to run on Vista
  4. If you use Microsoft security essentials you can be helped. For the topic "Teamviewer", I currently use the version v14.2.8352.
  5. Vistapocalypse - I have Avast AV Free 18.8.2356 and installed KB4500331 ten days ago. No problems so far that I see.
  6. Hi guys, Just want to mention that I installed latest version of TeamViewer 13 (13.2.36215) on my WinXP SP3 Home OEM machine and it seems to be working fine so far. Meaning I did not once get the nagging screen forcing me to update to the newest TV (which is 14.x.xxxx). Good, at least one thing works (still). Greets to all.
  7. ... And while you were at it, you could have also used a slightly modified id string for Tab Tally 1.3.0 (or 1.2.0 etc.) for it to install in either Serpent 55.0.0 or Serpent 52.9.0: }, "applications": { "gecko": { "id": "@tab-tally-st" } } St55 still contacts AMO to check for WE add-on updates, so, based on your settings, you'll be either upgraded automatically to v1.4.0 or be prompted to do so manually... St52 currently doesn't check AMO for WE updates (due to MCP implemented changes), but this can be partially or fully restored (search one of my previous posts in this thread for how-to-do it ). Installing Tab Tally with a different to the default extension id means you won't ever be offered any additional updates from AMO (and this is a known hack if one wants to stay at a specific version of an extension without wanting to disable extension updates in the browser)... ... and that is why you can also remove the whole META-INF directory!
  8. Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS4 are the last 32bit versions and the last to be supported on XP. I tried installing Premiere Pro CS6 on XP x64 and there are missing functions (which I can't remember) but the PE version is indeed 5.2. All other Adobe products work up to CS6 in both x86 and x64 versions, but Photoshop CS6 is artificially crippled on XP with 3D and other advanced GPU-accelerated features disabled. Using application verifier or fcwin2k to make photoshop.exe and gpu_sniffer.exe think that they're running on Windows 7 SP1, then enabling GPU acceleration will fix that issue and it works as it would on a newer OS.
  9. Yup. Primary for UWP apps and some system dialogs i think. https://docs.microsoft.com/de-de/windows/uwp/design/style/acrylic
  10. I forgot to ask if the final POSReady 2009 or KB4500331 updates broke compatibility with Avast 18.8? (The Windows 6.0 rollups for April and May reportedly do).
  11. Have you tried setting Sound Scheme to Windows Default? If an old version of iTunes was installed, a Windows Default (modified) may have been saved automatically.
  12. Hello, I just started to install AeroGlass and was given a choice between : Win 10 Acrylic design and Win 8RP AeroGlass design The Wni8RP AeroGlass design is self-explanatory. What is the Win 10 Acrylic design? The Win 10 default design?
  13. @Z3r3 Welcome to MSFN! I am pleased that the MSE Definition Updater Version 1.9 does its work for you.
  14. A possible future vulnerability based on that code. It may be that it doesn't even work on Windows XP. Interesting is the possibility offered by Novirusthanks OSA which has 2 specific rules:
  15. I'm not sure if this counts as a bug in XP or in Windows 10. The PoC uses schtasks.exe and schedsvc.dll from a Windows XP system on a Windows 10 system. Files from XP work on Windows 10, but when they do, they use priveledge escalation. https://web.archive.org/web/20190522011933/https://github.com/SandboxEscaper/polarbearrepo/tree/master/bearlpe
  16. I was able to get past the crash in tornado by installing an older version: pip uninstall tornado pip install tornado==5.1.1 ... but now I'm getting a crash in zmq! Seems to be looking to link libzmq.lib. I'm not sure that lib can even be built on Win XP.
  17. I think I am just short of 20 years of "IT" experience, mostly due to a couple periods of unemployment and that one year I worked in sales.
  18. Hi, i also have 20 years of experience with It, however, most of these were spent with Video Games, only minoi part with anything "professional"
  19. A bit of a necro-post to add my own experience with Hibernate. I've tried all the solutions suggested as regards BIOS/UEFI, wake on LAN and power management settings but I'd regularly get my PC waking up from Hibernation apparently at random rather than when you used the keyboard. Except it was not random - I eventually found the culprit(s) were other electrical devices connected to my home's ring main. But it was not just any device or a device plugged in the same mains electricity socket or even in the same room. It was two particular TVs and either of their digital STBs. Nothing else I've tested has the same effect - not a microwave, powerful lamp, heater, hairdryer, hi-fi or anything drawing significant current, it is just those two TVs. Put the PC into Hibernation then turn on either TV/STB and it'll wake the PC nine times out of ten. But if I turn the TV/STB on before Hibernation there is no problem and if I turn the TV/STB off whilst it is in Hibernation, in the same circumstances, there is no problem either. It would seem that Hibernation maybe storing the electrical state of the system. There has to be a residual current being used to be able to wake the PC up from the USB keyboard. Turning the TV/STBs on must be being detected and treated as a keyboard stroke. But why only those two devices I can not begin to guess.
  20. I disabled the task scheduler service and deleted all the tasks. Does this mitigate the vulnerability?
  21. It seems to also be present in Windows XP x64 Professional.
  22. My name is Eric Fries. I have 20 years of IT experience over a wide array of job specialties within IT. I tend to tinker to find new solutions to old problems,
  23. Just curious if Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer addresses missing KB4500331 & KB4024402 (not automatic updates) as severe security leaks in a POS/XP system.
  24. @Nojus2001, you're definitely not alone. A weather forum I used to visit that closed sometime late last year or early this year was revealed to be running on Server 2003 until the bitter end. I'm sure that it's found itself mired into tonnes of big corporate networks too. It makes a wonderful workstation OS as well. And this is my 15-hour-old XP x64 install: :
  25. Good morning! Is "PM27's XPIProvider and friends" what is referred to as TychoAM in the UXP GitHub repo? Was that change implemented early on in UXP development (I was under the impression WebExtAM was only removed towards the end of 2018/start of 2019, when WE support in Bk52 was obliterated )? From a comment by Moonchild himself exactly a year ago: https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?p=141539#p141539 https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?p=141641#p141641 Best regards
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