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  2. According to @redfoxcz FF 48.0.2 is your only hope: You'll go backward on security a bit, but at least it should work with ViewTube, the WMP plug-in, etc.
  3. what kind of "intel centrino duo" cpu does that computer have, Raheem? use the CPU-Z tool to identify the exact model of that Intel CPU chip.
  4. 45 is earlier than 48, so it won't work. (I know FF 45 ESR has security fixes up through FF 54 or so, but that won't help you run an add-on.) Edit: Well, I stand corrected. WMP Plug-in seems to date from 2015; FF 45 was released in 2016. So it should work. Perhaps WMP Plug-in requires SSE2....
  5. KB3177467 V2 is now obsolete like KB3020369. use KB4490628 or KB4516655 instead [both these updates replace KB3177467 and older servicing stack updates] very first update to integrate/slipstream is either KB4490628 or KB4516655 as either one is required to install new updates created in Aug. 2019 and later.
  6. I'm sorry I was kinda vague in my previous post. What I meant to say is that the KB4524752 update will be offered to Win7 Professional users thru Windows Update while those using Home Basic/Premium or Ultimate of Win7 editions will be offered the KB4493132 update instead of KB4524752 on the list of available updates thru WU. And of course neither KB4493132 nor KB4524752 will show up for those using Win7 Enterprise & Server 2008 R2 editions.
  7. So Roytam was probably right: I haven't wasted *that* much time on this trivial pursuit, if it makes you feel better. Only took 20 minutes to download, install, run Dependency Walker, and uninstall again.
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  9. Thank you @IntMD, I will try to install the driver tomorrow !
  10. Thanks, I will try. But I'm still not sure that it works on Firefox 45 ESR SSE. Will find that out. EDIT: The plugin appears in the list now. But the plugin crashes as soon as I try to load a video. Oh well.
  11. Power on count is more interesting... You never restart it except updates and power outages, right?
  12. Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin creates the folder C:\PFiles\ or D:\PFiles\ Drag and drop folder Plugins in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\browser , near folders extensions and features ViewTube: "Works with firefox 48.0 and later". I use Firefox 48.0.2 Basic K-Lite Codec Pack
  13. UPDATE! I have noticed that in Firefox 45 ESR based browsers, reducing the size of tiles, contributes to increase performance. So, I have reduced the tile size from 256x256 to 4x4, increasing the overall smoothness of scrolling in a page. Only the 45 ESR version has been updated, because doing the same on 38 ESR and 52 ESR based browsers, on the other hand, is detrimental to performance. Please update and let me know how it performs on your machine. Thanks!
  14. I'm quite certain you are wasting your time. As stated in Last versions of software for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, the last version of Comodo IceDragon to support Vista was, which was of course forked from Firefox 52 and was only available in 32 bit. Here's a Comodo thread from January 2018 in which staff member Shane states, "We confirm Comodo Ice Dragon 57+ won't support XP and Vista." Regarding Windows XP, there's another old Comodo thread in which OP states that he couldn't install version 57 or even 52, so 49 may have been the last XP-compatible version.
  15. Windows XP Spotted on a cash register! not my picture but when i saw it i knew i needed to post it here!
  16. It is annoying. The Mozilla devs, after they finally got both tiled compositing and asynchronous pan and zoom working in 45 ESR, weren't happy about something that worked properly and decided to break it again. Almost deliberately. 😬
  17. nope, NM26 doesn't come with MediaSource so LAV dlls won't work with NM26
  18. Judging from what @looking4awayout put in post 1, the main difference is that tiled compositing and async pan/zoom are disabled in the FF 52 version. So I'd say NM 28, SM 2.49, BNavigator, and Serpent 52 & 55 should all use the FF 52 patch, since tiled compositing is broken in FF 52 (and so, presumably in all its derivatives too).
  19. Not sure if this will work, but your best hope is probably @roytam1's NM 26.5 build, here: ... plus one of his LAV codec packs: Download following packages for your browser edition(32bit/64bit) and extract DLLs to same place as palemoon.exe lives. 32bit LAV dlls are in separated package (extracted from K-Lite codec pack 13.5.5) https://o.rths.ml/palemoon/lav.7z Just in case if you have an older processor which has no SSE instruction set support: 32bit NoSSE (ffmpeg 3.1.1 lite build) https://o.rths.ml/palemoon/lav-dll-lite-mmx.7z 32bit No ASM (ffmpeg 3.1.1 lite build, if build above doesn't work on your processor) https://o.rths.ml/palemoon/lav-dll-lite-noasm.7z 64bit LAV dlls are in separated package (LAV Filters 64bit 0.70.2) https://o.rths.ml/palemoon/lav64.7z
  20. It's fine. But what browsers exactly should utilize this patch? Should serpent 52 use the FF52 patch or just the usual FF45 version?
  21. It looks better than on XP, at least. There are missing imports, but they are in "delayed-load" .dll's. Hard to tell if they'll stop it from running, but they won't stop it from at least loading (if the minimum Windows version can be patched to 6.0, that is). So I guess there's still hope for Vista.
  22. Just a fun topic, if anyone wants to see what kind of life their old hard disks have. After my recent panic of experiencing a disk failure that contained critical data at the office, I had realised that I had never had done a backup at home. So I had gone out and bought an external hard disk with some backup software. Before doing so, I decided to check out the Power On Hours of three of the four HDDs in the system, to see how long I had really gone dodging a data loss bullet. These disks are all in my "daily driver" Windows 7 32bit PC which I had posted about in the Windows 7 Uptime thread. First up is a SATA disk Western Digital 80 GB WD800AAJS-00B4A0 with Power On Hours of 90701 (3779 days, 10.3 years) But then there is this IDE data drive, Maxtor 80 GB 6L080L4 with Power On Hours of 139645 (5818 days, 15.9 years) And this other IDE HDD, Maxtor 20 GB 6L020J1 with Power On Hours of 139783 (5824 days, 15.9 years) The two IDE HDDs were from my Windows XP computer. I even remember buying that 20 GB disk at CompUSA for $100.
  23. Sure, but to be honest I don't know what to exactly look at:
  24. <pedantic> It's "bus." "Buss" is an old English word for "kiss." </pedantic> But seriously, thanks for this; I'll work it into my batch file soon (sorry @i430VX).
  25. The "Intel(R) 7 Series... Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller - 1E31" is the XHCI(USB3) controller, the device which you need to install the universal usb3 drivers for. Get the universal USB3 driver here: https://www.win-raid.com/t4035f45-Windows-XP-Bit-and-Server-Bit-on-Modern-Hardware-148.html#msg87125 (Based on AMDXHCI; PREREQUISITE: Latest x86 acpi.sys file from the same link; made by daniel_k). Right click on that device, select update, install from a list or specific location, search for best driver... include this location in search and direct it to the unpacked folder with the XHCI drivers. If this won't work, right click on that device, select update, install from a list or specific location, choose "don't search, i will choose a driver to install", use Have Disk method, browse to the folder with the unpacked files and choose the 'amdxhc.inf' file. Choose "Intel(R) USB3.1 eXtensible Host Controller"
  26. Good to know; thanks! I use it on my Win 7 system quite a bit, but since the XP system is a VM, there's not much point in trying it there.... Edit: Since it does work, I added a link to their download page to my previous post above.
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