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  2. hi, i am trying to install windows 95 osr 2.5 on a gateway 600yg2 laptop but i can't seem to get even past the first setup portion. the specific issue i'm having is that the touchpad does not want to load upon setup phase. i have ruled out hardware problems as the touchpad worked fine when testing it out through the windows 7 setup wizard. for some very weird reason, it worked one time when i ran with the "setup /l" command, the l being an L. i was able to move around and see the touchpad cursor. i did not go any further into the setup as i wanted to retest it again to confirm that it had to do with using that different setup switch, however, it wouldn't work again after trying many times with the same setup switch as well as different ways such as "setup /p i", running the regular setup, setup /il" and "setup /n", i think the "n" is for mouses that are plugged into the ps/2 port, unless im wrong, someone can correct me here, i did not have any ps/2 mouses connected to the laptop at any time btw. the laptop is currently configured and was tested using 512 MB of ram. i ran setup from the c: drive as i copied the cd contents to the main storage device. the bios has several settings that could affect installation / functionality. this includes a plug and play o/s setting, usb legacy setting, etc.
  3. Looking for new explorer address bar

    I prefer the look of older versions of the Windows Explorer like the one in Win9x or XP. Therefore I hide the top bar (which contains the back forward buttons, the address bar and the search bar) Thanks to classic explorer I could add the toolbar buttons which were omitted in Windows Vista and later Windows versions. However, there is one thing missing: the address bar. Does anyone know about any alternative address bars which I could use as a replacement? I know, there are several explorer addons like qt address bar (an address bar that mimics the Vista/Win7 breadcrumbs bar) but that one just doesn't look right and is kind of buggy in Windows 7. Another way to add an address bar is Quero, an Internet Explorer addon which adds a search bar which can also be used as an address bar but again it's not exactly the right thing as it shows the corresponding CLSID numbers instead of the real names of special "folders" like control panel and the "computer" folder. So I was wondering if there is any add on for explorer which simply adds a standard address bar. I guess, probably not because there already is an address bar in explorer but that's the one I hid...
  4. IE 8 in 2018?

    YouTube (read Google) have abandoned Adobe Flash Player on all browsers, period! ; to be able to watch YT, you'd have to use a HTML5 capable browser (MSE also needed for live streams); if the browser/OS doesn't support h264/aac decoding (the case of IE8/XP), then at least your browser should support VP8/VP9 decoding (Firefox e.a.); NB, not all live YT streams have VP8/9 flavours Google Chrome Frame uses the proprietary h264/aac decoders (whose licence costs are paid to patent holders) + free WebM decoders, that normally come bundled with Chrome, to enable html5 YT playback in IE8/XP. ==================================================== Trivia (possibly OT for you XP-ers ): On Vista SP2, IE9 can play on-demand YT (but not live YT streams) with the h264/aac decoders, because the OS (via Windows Media Foundation framework) has native support for these; there's also another project from Google, WebM Video for MSIE, which installs VP8/VP9 (only) decoding support to IE; unfortunately for you on XP, it requires IE9+/Vista+ When YT first disabled Flash on their main site, for a few weeks after it was possible to re-enable Flash and YT MP4 playback via some userscripts on Firefox, exploiting the fact that embedded YT vids could still call Flash; if you've got time to kill, you can read the following google (the irony!) forum thread: https://productforums.google.com/forum/?hl=en#!topic/youtube/CUaTWvKhAuE The now defunct userscript project: https://github.com/juneyourtech/GM_YT_Flash https://github.com/juneyourtech/GM_YT_Flash/issues/6
  5. taokaizen Browser: "Advanced Chrome" Issue

    AppVersion 52.15.5320.0 This is NOT the latest/current version of AdvancedChrome ; that one is v54.20.6530.0, released on Jan 5th 2018: http://browser.taokaizen.com/ ModName: pepflashplayer32_29_0_0_125.dll Is the system32\Macromed\Flash screenshot current? There you have v pepflashplayer32_29_0_0_113.dll which, presumably, it's not the one producing the Error (?); is the latest stable, while is beta; you shouldn't mix both... In your third screenshot, the path to "Pepperflash" directory indicates an "Advanced_Chrome_v54.20.6530.0" directory/installation, so what is your actually installed version? The error signature window points to version 52.15.5320.0 of the browser, that same window refers to PPAPI 29_0_0_125.dll erroring out, but your second screenshot shows an OS install of PPAPI 29_0_0_113.dll; OTOH, your third screenshot purports to version 54.20.6530.0 of the browser and v29_0_0_125.dll of pepflashplayer.dll (obviously manually put there...); I am really confused ; screenshots are supposed to help! In any case, update to just v54.20.6530.0 of AdvChr, removing from your system any previous version remnants; then open chrome://flash/ in a tab and inspect how many flash plugins are picked up by the browser; you'll see paths, too; then open chrome://plugins/ (in a tab) and scroll to the Adobe Flash Player section; the one linked to the browser (inside PepperFlash dir) will report a version string, you should be able to selectively disable the OS PPAPI version, if also present there... I am on Vista myself, so can't test on XP, but here AdvChrome 54.20.6530.0 only sees the locally installed (outdated) PPAPI pepflashplayer.dll v28.0.0.137, not the system-wide install of PPAPI (just installed as a test); I then uninstalled PPAPI 29.0.0125b from the system, keeping a back-up of both pepflashplayer32_29_0_0_125.dll + manifest.json; the .dll was renamed to just pepflashplayer.dll and then placed (+ new manifest.json) inside AdvChrome's Pepperflash dir - older version temporarily removed from there; relaunched browser does see the PPAPI.dll, http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/about/ correctly reports a version and I can browse to chrome://settings/ without any issue whatsoever Maybe your issue stems from a combination of AdvChr+XP+betaPPAPI; I can't be sure whether Adobe really care about (/test on) XP+older Chromium code nowadays, though their plugins presumably still support XP/vista; for further reporting/troubleshooting, AdvChrome has a dedicated support forum here, maintained by the dev himself (though, if you're a newly registered member, it'll be a bit tricky to submit your first post, since the anti-spam filter there is very peculiar )... Regards
  6. Windows 7 - Drive Lettering

    Disk Management. Also, why not move XP and Vista to run on VMs instead?
  7. Yesterday
  8. IE 8 in 2018?

    Thanks for that Vistalover! Since Ive been using ie6 for a while now, I haven't been able to look into that yet. With that being said Im planning on upgrading to 8 the next time I use my computer. But I have decided that Im only going to be upgrading to 8 if there is a way to force YouTube to play flash instead of html5 in ie8 so that way I don't have to keep using google chrome frame to watch YouTube. Otherwise its probably not worth upgrading. Does anyone know of anything?
  9. Compatible Hardware with Windows 9x

    Those chipsets have USB 3.0 controllers ONLY. No USB 2.0 visible to the 98SE, unlike previous chipsets. So you need an external USB 2.0 PCI or PCI-E x1 card to use USB on those chipsets. If your BIOS can emulate PS/2 devices via the controller, this helps greatly, but will only work for keyboard and mouse, nothing more. With the new AHCI driver from rloew, you can have full 32-bit file access on those chipsets. Still no HD Audio. You could use a generic USB Sound Card together with the previously mentioned USB 2.0 card to get some sound at least. There is a prototype Win 3.1 driver for HD Audio, but it only works for two people, and I will help them troubleshoot it for my system in the future. More info here: http://win3x.conforums.com/index.cgi?board=Pascal&action=display&num=1502071336 LAN depends on the chip on the motherboard itself. Intel and Killer is no go, look for Realtek RTL8111. You also might require(!) HIMEMX.EXE, even if you have the rloew's RAM Patch, as in my case, having the RAM Patch does not resolve being stuck at the boot screen with regular HIMEM.SYS. HIMEMX.EXE resolves all issues and is just recommended, together with the "/p i" switch while installing 98SE Other than that, 98SE should work just fine, it does on my H110 motherboard, it does get very workaround-like, but that's my view on the situation. Some motherboards might still have a PCI port, which help greatly.
  10. no more iTunes Store for XP/Vista from May 2018

    @sdfox7 Since I do not work with ITunes myself, I can not test it with ProxHTTPSProxyMII (local HTTPS proxy), where more advanced encryption technologies become available on Windows XP. If you want to test ITunes with ProxHTTPSProxyMII, please send me a PM.
  11. Windows 7 - Drive Lettering

    Hi, I wonder if someone can please help. I dual boot XP & Win 7. The HDD lettering in Win 7 (In My Computer) is as follows. Is there any way to change the partition / drive lettering? Basically, I wanted to have XP as C:\ and Win 7 as D:\ [the drive lettering on DATA (E:\)] is fine. Here is a pic taken from the net where the Win 7 boot / active partition is not labelled as C:\ but as E:\. Also, can someone please tell me if that is possible in XP. This is my current layout. I wanted to have the following: XP on C:\ is fine. But I wanted to have Win7 as D:\ and DATA on E:\ Can this also be done please? Many thanks for any info provided Cheers
  12. NTFS support in Win 98/SE/ME?

    I don't think it is possible at all. Maybe (just maybe) there could be a way to disable the one (and enable the other) on-the-fly (when needed) but no ideas on how to do that. Since I don't believe you need to write to BOTH a NTFS internal drive AND to a USB NTFS formatted volume at the same time and at the most you might want to have read only access to one of the two and read/write access to the other, maybe really using the diskinternals thingy for the read volume and either the NTFS for Windows 98 OR the Paragon driver for the write volume might work. jaclaz
  13. Foce close programs on shutdown

    Hello Recently I created a bat file that syncs a folder via SSH using winscp. The cmd shell is hidden by a program called window.exe and opens at startup. the problem is that every time I gotta showdown windows needs to force end that task is there any way of forcing windows 95 on ending programs at shutdown without prompting for ask? I know that there are command lines shortcuts and so, but is it possible to modify the original start menu shutdown option? thank you
  14. NTFS support in Win 98/SE/ME?

    Well, I was hoping to use the Paragon for USB only so I didn't have to boot into WinXP whenever I use USB drives. You got any ideas on how to mixed them up? I have loaded them both statically or at least I think I have. But when both on the system at the same time, no access and a bunch of crashes on the NTFS drives. Maybe I'm missing something.
  15. gaming mouse go for one handed gameplay

    I use an older Logitech MX518, works great with fps, but it really depends on which fps youre thinking. Many of them have a lot of controls. Many use WSAD for movement, so you could probably set the mouse wheel click to be Forward, while mouse look will let you go left / right. Also fps games like to have mouse wheel up / down to switch weapons, you could set it to only be one direction, and use the other for a different function, like on mousewheel scroll down to jump (which is usually assigned to spacebar). If i was in your situation (sorry to hear about it, hope every day gets easier for you), i might look into one of those pedals for racing games, and set gas / brakes to be forward / backward, so you save 2 extra binds for the mouse, but i have never used one of them, so im not sure how easy it would be to assign.
  16. NTFS support in Win 98/SE/ME?

    You need to add in DOS the Avira NTFS4DOS and the diskinternals (read only) driver: maybe mixing them up and shaking well wiil help. Seriously now why would you want to have them running side-by -side? jaclaz
  17. Intel USB 3.0 xHCI XP driver

    Its long time, any news?
  18. I wasnt here half a year any new about new chipsets - AM4 - Axx, or Intel Z170,Z270,Z370 support?
  19. I wasnt here half a year any new about new chipsets - AM4 - Axx, or Intel Z170,Z270,Z370 support?
  20. Compatible Hardware with Windows 9x

    I wasnt here half a year any new about new chipsets - AM4 - Axx, or Intel Z170,Z270,Z370 support?
  21. When attempting to access "Settings" in Advanced Chrome 54, I experience the follow issue. If I 1) rename C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash\pepflashplayer32_29_0_0_125.dll to pepflashplayer.dll, will this fix the issue, and 2) will doing that create any other issues due to dependencies within the system? I'm not sure why it's calling the Flash Player from the System32 directory since Advanced Chrome has PepperFlash in its own directory:
  22. NTFS support in Win 98/SE/ME?

    A while back I was trying to set the Paragon NTFS driver for USB only and Sysinternals for internal usage. Having both of the drivers at the same time will crash the system when trying to access NTFS drives. Anyone know how to run them side-by-side?
  23. @roytam1 Thanks for the latest Pale Moon update, as usual!
  24. I'have redowload the package and surfing for an hour now with it without issue Thanks !
  25. NTFS support in Win 98/SE/ME?

    At the time there were two "parallel" firms, BOTH with Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell behind them. Here are a couple related archived pages circa 2002: The Freeware was branded Sysinternals and was publicly available at sysinternals.com: https://web.archive.org/web/20021004022819/http://www.sysinternals.com:80/ntw2k/freeware/ntfswin98.shtml whilst the Commercial software was branded Winternals and was NOT publicly available, you needed to buy a license to access the downloads: https://web.archive.org/web/20021015170231/http://www.winternals.com:80/products/fct/ntfswin98.asp Of course you won't find the "full paid-for read/write version" if not - possibly - on some Warez site, as it was (and is) illegal to redistribute. jaclaz
  26. no more iTunes Store for XP/Vista from May 2018

    @heinoganda My assumption is that this development is due to outdated SSL/TLS components. I wonder if your work on the SSL components can be applied to components within the iTunes program files/directories, to help iTunes 11/iTunes 12 continue functioning after May 25. EDIT: This Apple page seems to indicate that iTunes connections are entirely dependent on Internet Explorer properties: iTunes for Windows: If iTunes can’t establish a secure connection to the iTunes Store
  27. You may redownload package since I recompiled some components so it won't use unsupported instructions in old CPUs, If problem persists, you may attach "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Dr Watson\drwtsn32.log" to here as well.
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