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  2. I meant the calc.exe provided with LTSB. It is the same one from Windows 7.
  3. You mean using a calc.exe from another OS?
  4. To answer some of your queries now & further info soon. Lav70 install error, does not happen with Lav69 (see log). Lav69 installer works with XPsp3 mode & above Lav70.2 needed 2K3 or above modes. As mentioned works with KexBases22 so I was sure others would also have same error message. Not sure if log contains enough info & I will compare later. Msvcr70 or Msvcr71 any vs should not be used due to missing functions. Msvcr80's development changed significantly & dotnet's 31113 & 40209 Msvcr80 work faultlessly as Msvcrt. I am surprised you have not investigated/tried it. CloseHandle does not work, I tried it. I got my information from Microsoft web site and NtClose closes object of any type and decrements count very similar to DeleteObject. I am posting this message using the Msvcrt 7.0.3790.4341 as system file which is available from BlackWingCat's web site. LAVFILTERS-0.70.2-16.log
  5. Can you do unit conversions in the classic win32 calculator? It crashes on me in LTSC 2019. But yes, the OS is finally usable on a 5400 rpm HDD after replacing an OEM-bloated Windows 10 Home!
  6. Swapping the eprom from the failed drive, to the PCB of the good drive, and using that.... has brought the disk back to life. No clicking, detected in BIOS, detected in Windows. Now copying the data off of the once failed disk.
  7. Just my personal opinion, but if anything would happen to myself and then all my private stuff and belongings, incl. all unfinished stuff with scribbled notes inside that regard only myself, would be thrown out there publicly on the street, fully open to every passing id*** to do and abuse whatever he wants with it, I'd absolutely hate that. Would find it much better if instead just a few selected, trustworthy people would get the unsorted stuff to manage it responsibly.
  8. Not in LTSC myself, rather older version LTSB. I only have use for it for compatibility reasons. I'm not looking to be runnings "apps" rather "programs" and outside of using something like Server 2019, an LTSB/C edition of Windows 10 does just nicely.
  9. Ask @heinoganda to send you proxHTTPS and your problems with HTTPS will be gone. I've been using it for years now and it works like a charm.
  10. > KexBases23 has introduced an error in the LAVFilters-0.70.2-16.exe install (see image). OK with KexBases22. Profile it and check the debug logs to see what changed that might have caused the problem. I can't do much without details. Remember to try alternate compat. modes. > There is an alternative to Msvcr80 31113 or 40209 as msvcrt. Msvcrt.dll is a known problem. Do not use Msvcrt80.dll as Msvcrt.dll ! Use 6.10.9848.0, 7.00.9981.0 or 7.10.7031.4 instead. Then KernelEx can provide the additional API's needed. > if Ntdll > NtClose is linked to Gdi32 > DeleteObject NtClose currently calls CloseHandle: "NtClose function...Deprecated. Closes the specified handle. NtClose is superseded by CloseHandle." DeleteObject is not the same thing. > Also Riched20 vs 14.0.7155.5000 is working on all applications using it. Some of my other builds require vs to work. (Certain menus & save options are corrupted with later Riched20 versions where GetGlyphIndicesW function appeared, & KEX is not to blame, I believe it is in the registry) I currently use More research on Riched20 and Riched32 is needed.
  11. Rloew, I think, it will better, if u grab all source folders ur dad's and upload it as one full archive, instead greping file by file... Also, more better if someone with programming knowledge from msfn can go to ur house and make good public repository on github, for example... Just uploading sources by file is not very good idea, as for compiling needed not only c files, but many other files, and as I know from private, ur dad even use own debugger... Between, me also want know, who was ur dad in real life, where work... Maybe he work in big hardware company for drivers?
  12. Check from here: to here: jaclaz
  13. Skype is now forcing version 8, which doesnt work in xp anymore. The only way around is webskype on browser (I use roytam1's New Moon basilisk52), adding to about:config a new string with: general.useragent.override.skype.com; Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/73.0.3683.103 Safari/537.36 For more info (and browser alternatives) check http://www.skaip.org/skype-for-web-on-windows-xp-and-windows-vista
  14. @JFX I have BOOTICE v1.3.4 Portable. You can use it if necessary. I'm adding link here because it might be useful. https://yadi.sk/d/1sG-x58J0iTaTw
  15. Hi, @JFX. Updated Turkish language file for WinNTSetup v4.0 RC1 is ready. I'd appreciate it if you included it. Kind Regards. Turkish language file for WinNTSetup v4.0 RC1.zip
  16. If I want to get another MB I'd pick MSI X470 GAMING PLUS instead.
  17. You're progressing towards covering what i wanted to do, so: I've set his previous site (rloew1.x10host.com) to redirect to yours. Hopefully that should catch any stragglers. Thanks again for setting yours up.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Yet another update to the UOC Patch for all the versions. Mostly optimizations in the way it manages the connections, as well as disabling some other datareporting features. Please update! Two of the new changes have been borrowed from the custom prefs.js file made by the user Dronecatcher at the Macrumors forum, which I kindly thank for letting me delve into his configuration file in order to study the potential improvements for the UOC Patch.
  20. However on May 30, 2018, a thread was started at Apple Support Community by someone running Vista: Can't Sign Into iTunes Account (Error Code: 0x80090302). The issue at that time seemed to affect any iTunes version that wasn't up to date, regardless of OS - but the issue mysteriously went away later that day.
  21. @schreiberstein +1: Thanks a lot! And, BTW, welcome to MSFN! It's great to have you around!
  22. Thanks a lot! BTW, you're right: it's not it. I guess the best way would be to serch by date 1st, starting not earlier than July the 1st... he sure edited that source along the way, so probably the last version was modified and compiled after July the 17th or around it... I have no hurry at all, do take your time, and thanks for your help! You do rock!
  23. Just buy him a license. It is not tied to an email address.
  24. Haven't had this issue. Are you using an up-to-date version of SiB++?
  25. I just realized this thread has over million views!
  26. I have a sticky here somewhere backwards. But its not yet updated/maybe a bit confusive. and in my own i have german remarks. But maybe this is enough to make YT running again. Downloading is another thing. UPDATE means must be adjusted after new PM-version installed/running. i cannot run the installer. see old message. From my detailed Sticky 2 6.a) media.av1.enabled true UPDATE b) media.mediasource.webm.enabled true ONLY CHANGE(from false) AFTER A RESET /UPDATE(NEW) https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=9329306 Q: VP9 Support? (for PM27) NOT IN FIREFOX SEE 6. a) VP9 works if async MSE option is unchecked UPDATE Extras/Tools, Einstellungen/Preferences, Inhalt/Content b) and "Enable MSE for WebM Video" checked in options. Youtube only used VP9 with MSE but even then not all content is available as VP9, some is only available as H.264/MSE. You can check https://www.youtube.com/html5 to see what your browser supports. maybe the lav-files and ffmpeg-workaround is also needed. pls let us know if YT is working now.
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