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How often do you reinstall?


Reinstall Frequency  

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  1. 1. How often do you reinstall your OS on your personal computer?

    • More than once per day - for testing installations
    • Once a week
    • Once a month
    • Once a year
    • Never - that's what imaging software is for
    • Never done it - mine is littered with spyware but keeps on ticking

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The result is a C: drive that's perfectly ordered with NO spaces and NO fragmentation.

As soon as XP boots again, it remakes the pagefile and a new restore point.

My freshly Restored HD looks like this:


Err.. How is that image possible?, There needs to be atleast some form of non-moveable files in there.

On closer inspection, it looks like jipped.

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No re-installation on a monthly basis B) . I ghosted my pc to external media :D . Futhermore I have imaging software on a startup that recovers the system to a previous state (True Image) :thumbup

I have 5 stage ghost images for activation, updates, drivers, utilities and applications :thumbup

I reghost updates and install new updates and then reghost it back to external media.

Always wait for the new service pack to re-install the operating system from scratch

Do npt forget the xp regiistry patch (status bar and user Windows 200 style accounts)

On a monthly basis i do a full blown udpate to see which KB's has changed from the previous months

Re-installation procedures takes 35 mins but ghosting 7 mins same configuration :thumbup

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Must be using 98SE................... :whistle:

I dunno... I've never had problems with it >_>

This PC is using 98se and hasn't been reinstalled since I set it up over a year ago.

My other PC is also using 98se and not been reinstalled since '99.. 7 years ago.

*shrugs* Your milage may vary >_>

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Once a month or so. XP is about that (because it is the worst OS ever) and Vista is usually just when a new build comes out that I can legally get (once a month or so, although no new builds are coming out besides 6000). I can easily get away with 3-6 on Ubuntu.

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Reinstalled the my previous Win98 system 5 years ago. My current WinXP system has worked for a year now and I'm not going to reinstall it anytime soon.

It's a completely different case with other peoples computers. Thank god none of them happened to have RAID on board.

Voted for 1 year because I do not use imaging software, only backup individual files on DVDs. I feel there is no need to restore an entire partition. My backup also allows to restore the OS on another machine which happen to have the same motherboard.

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I have only had to reinstall Windows twice ever. One was for a motherboard replacement, one was because I installed MS DOS 5.0 on top of Windows 95. The only other time was when a hard drive died and that is a no-brainer. My current PC has not had Windows reinstalled since its first time in 2001.

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none of the above?

I use a program called deepfreeze to keep my computer clean. I have a few folders that I can still write to, so that if I come across something I want to keep, I put it in one of those folders (normally something besides program files, windows, docs/settings, or other sys folders). Also, this way, I only have my AV monitoring those folders and the temp directory for my browser instead of the whole PC. MUCH more efficient :D It was worth the...ummm what's that word...oh yeah, purchase!

On systems with more than one HDD or partition I keep the boot drive frozen and then everything else is thawed.

I haven't had to reinstall for quite some time...

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