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  1. To update the above post, it wasn't that one driver. No idea what or how many, but the 'fix' was to keep the entire modem folder.
  2. "all programs auto expander" solves the problem, but there is a conflict between that and Classic Shell Start Menu, breaking APAE.
  3. Windows Firewall was never installed (by design since I have NEVER used it inn20 or so years and had it disabled) and I need to install it w/o re-installing the O/S. Everything I have read about re-installing doesn't work since I believe those procedures go under the assumption it was originally there in the 1st place; https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/how-to-reinstall-windows-firewall-service/d5bf7d36-cca6-4767-9e67-0e2a1bb28042 https://superuser.com/questions/385662/how-to-restore-windows-firewall-after-some-malware-deleted-its-service Is the "service' available as a download, or does someone have a working solution? (Please no comments on removing the service in the 1st place. Had I know that prevents file/folder sharing I wouldn't of).
  4. NO, hard to f'up a f'ed up O/S in the 1st place. It was a setting that was a stupid M$ idea that got enabled. Now, what registry setting needs to be changed to 'fix' M$'s f'up?
  5. On my 2nd bootable backup drive (W7 freshly compiled from NTLite), when I click on a drive letter in the navigation pane, it keeps on opening folders there and the center pane. That makes it really hard it use the left pane w/o manually condensing it back down to just the single 'Computer' entry. I have multiple drives with a total of seven partitions, I don't want to have it open both listings of the partition I'm interested in. I realize I can click on the "-" before the drive or Computer entry to collapse the directory everytime, but that is a real pain and doesn't solve the problem. My main bootable drive (loaded with W7 from RT7 Lite) does not have this problem. Neither does opening up 'save as' or 'open' when in a program. (below; "doesn't" should of been worded "won't".)
  6. Ok, lets try this route; actually replacing the missing "Standard Modem Driver" from the installed O/S. This is NOT vendor specific! The "Modem" group of drivers was intentionally not added (who needs a modem anymore) when compiling a Win 7 Pro O/S thru RT7 Lite that up to this point (5 years later) was not missed. Without completely re-complying a new O/S (which is a huge project), there must be a way to selectively re-add this single item (drivers and/or protocols). This without the actual DVD, just the ISO or the separate original files are available.
  7. After additional research, I believe this has to do with missing modem files; either drivers and/or protocols. When I compiled my version of Win7 Pro, I removed the modem drivers (not needed) and to get rid of the bloat. Until a couple of years ago when another device had a communication problem using a similar communications protocol (USB serial port) now this, I put 2 & 2 together and come up with this modem assumption. I have read that there is a connection to modems somehow (still no idea why) that this may be the missing file. I have no other explanation. My older XP Laptop (that has a actual modem), those drivers were not removed and that hasn't been a problem with this or the other device. Maybe not the best example, but see here; https://tldp.org/HOWTO/Modem-HOWTO-4.html
  8. I re-copied the text and compared it to your post & the 1st copy and they are identical! I used 'Notepad2' instead of M$'s 'Notepad', would that matter? What and who is Microchip and where does that fit into this?? Other than that other guy with the same problem, one else reports issues, I find it hard to believe whatever this 'bug' issue is it works ok in XP. But I will see if I can try some of the above.
  9. Well, I tried it as is, normal install, but the error was "A service installation section in this INF is invalid". And now DM shows COM7 instead of the original device name.
  10. "a pre-requisite is missing or Windows does not have access to a particular path" Seems to be the reason. I successfully loaded the same driver in my XP Pro laptop with no issue as I did for that meter (again, not the same driver). Another scanner owner (6 years back in a thread) had the identical problem, ironically his solution was to use his Laptop (but no details to the O/S or MB chipsets were given). The driver is here; http://info.uniden.com/twiki/pub/UnidenMan4/BCD996P2/uniden_usbser.zip uniden_usbser.zip
  11. Win 7 Pro, AMD based MB; I have two devices; TV SLM (Signal Level Meter) & 2 Uniden radio Scanners that use a USB connection for programming & F/W updates etc. When I try to loads the drivers for either I get errors or the driver just doesn't load. The current problem are these radio scanners where the Uniden driver is a small file that should be loaded thru DM. The error I get is that it found the software but couldn't find the file (typical M$ lamo error message). The interesting part is I can access the Micro SD interior data card on the scanner, but I can't 'see' the radios O/S itself for control or programming. My assumption is I'm missing some related missing core O/S file of some unknown type. Now i have other devices that use to communicated functions (programming remote controls) that have no issue. My question is; the scanners have a ';serial' type of communication (virtual serial port via USB), I'm not sure of the SLM, but I'm guessing it's the same or similar deal. The drivers are different for the two companies. What type of names of associated O/S files or even services (thou I doubt that) might be missing here? Any more info please ask.
  12. Which meant, I probably could of extracted the reg entry in the Laptop myself. I did have to re-name the 2 folders JRE was placed in slightly. I'm still leaning to the fact the Laptop already had a JRE folder (another version) which in itself 'helped' the 'update 8' version to find it's way.
  13. Never thought about Safe Mode, I haven't had to use that for probably a decade or so. No security software, virus or otherwise running there, since it's rarely used. The reason was it would be far more convenient to use that then the larger Laptop. (Now, this is why the post in more than 1 forum ) BTW; did you compile that reg file yourself or copy that from your test install registry?
  14. Yes , it did, at least the program 'sees' Java. Ok, question; What (in the o/s) would of stopped JRE from installing properly, specifically, unpacking the entire package which apparently included the missing registry file entry? I went to the laptop that didn't have the problem and found 2 other Java versions listed in the Registry, if that may of been a reason it worked there. There were no Java entries in the Notebook.
  15. That's what I've been saying, either that and/or some dll's or similar that need to be spread around the O'S (as usual) so they can work with the java, the program and M$'s C++ 2008 the other bloated wonder this poorly written Televes program needs to work. I'm a firm believer for more than than just a '2nd opinion'. Ill see if any of this works.
  16. There is only one copy in the active partition and it's in the ASuite program folder.
  17. I extracted the Java 7 file twice, placed it in "Program Folders", then re-installed 'ASuite', moved the 'renamed 'JRE' folder inside that program folder. All I get now is ASuite needs JRE 1.7.0 as opposed to the error message that JRE couldn't be found or something about registry corruption (I don't recall the exact wording).
  18. Neither of those worked. Let me ask this, what in the O/S would cause a non M$ program not to install properly as in not fully extracting? That basically seems to be the problem.
  19. I try not to do that. Sorry about that, I don't know why/how that happened, I didn't realize I had a thread here. My bad.
  20. I updated my OP to reflect the current situation arrived by additional testing.
  21. FWIW, none of those versions I tried worked. They 'install' but the installation is corrupt with a single .exe file & a "core.zip" folder that doesn't get extracted. Even after I manually extract it, the program still complaints about a corrupted install. I tried 4 or 5 different versions, they basically all do the same thing. If you want all the (unnecessary) details of the situation (that shouldn't of mattered in the 1st place); That was a Wintell 'Atom" Gateway Notebook. I'll try my AMD HP 'Laptop' and see if that is any different (still XP Pro) that I've had form years with NO need for JRE. I also have a much larger AMD Toshiba Laptop that has Win7 and the program w/ JRE v1.7 working fine, but it's large for the space where it would have to sit to connect to the device intended which is why I wanted to use a smaller solution in the first place.

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