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  1. How about a software failure??? When I started this project/ f3 ring circus, the S/W version was 1.4.4 which came out last June '22. That was the 1st one I used w/ the 1DVR. When I talked with them, they told me there was a current version out June of '23 which I d/l'ed and loaded when I exchanged the 1st unit for a replacement. Then things got worst, but it wasn't a complete loss of data transfer until the 2nd replacement. It wasn't until I received that and tried the new s/w that this new problem showed up continuously. Due to all the issues and the other unrelated device problem I kinda forgot the s/w switch and wasted another week troublshooting the newest problem. Until, I decided to clean some old M$ add-ons (which turned out not the problem) and look for that older s/w version. Wamho, success! All appears to be mostly ok except for the 'quirks' which are minor compared to before.
  2. My local xfer speed is fine, both ways including large files (.mp4's). 115MB/sec xfering a 9GB file. This is from/to a Media Player (Xidoo X10) w/ a 4TB HDD.. I will add, I have a Laptop also running W7 Pro x64, it was loaded from image with a similar build as the Tower. I loaded the program and for some even stranger reason(s) it seems to work with initial tests. Both of these PC's are AMD based, the Laptop is older than the Tower. My next step is to load the 1st image (from 2016 when the PC was built) of the Tower with only drivers loaded, no video driver and see what happens.
  3. Thanks for those links Ok, I restored a previous image made before all of this and to my surprise, that still didn't work, same issues. I even tried my backup O/S on a separate HDD that I rarely use and with the same program that fails, same thing. I'm going to try another port on the Router, but I doubt that's it. Lastly, I have a image from when I assembled this Tower with only basic drivers including the 2 printers I have, but NO video driver and see what happens then.
  4. Negative, this happens with their 'Live View' and with 'Playback (HDD). It's clearly some corruption within the O/S probably due to their outdated programs they didn't update the documentation to the customer properly.
  5. The situation has changed, it's not a Network issue anymore which is why I created a separate thread in the appropriate sub forum and since I received no replies where it was.
  6. I thought this was a Router issue, it's not. I have a laptop that is running W7 Pro x64, the same as my desktop tower and the program seems to work fine. But not on the desktop. Something is corrupted somewhere. I do have a older 'image' of the O/S, but I would like to try to find the problem w/o having to use it (assuming that image doesn't have the problem) AFA recent changes, most have been installing and uninstalling the programs for this CCTV DVR. They had older versions, one that needed IE and one that was a stand alone program. The IE web program needed a active X to run. I then discovered they had a newer program that initially worked better, but various problems developed which I thought were the DVR itself. It now is apparent it wasn't. I'm assuming the communications issues are related to these other programs. But since the same current program version works on the laptop, that narrows things down. What's happening, or more like not happening is the 'streaming' from the DVR to the PC dies after a few seconds after the program loads. If I don't touch anything the 'Quad View' (four cameras) seems fine, but when I choose a single camera, then return to all four it usually starts to breakup and the images either freeze or go blank. Restarting the program doesn't solve the problem. Again , it's NOT the Router, this is a wired connection on a gigabyte local network! I even tried a 2nd network card. So anyone have any ideas what/where I should/could look for issues?
  7. Here is the DVR; https://www.specotech.com/product/d4vx3tb-2/ The software is here (but you have to register to d/l); https://www.specotech.com/secureguard-cms-digital-download/
  8. I have a CCTV DVR (Speco Tech if that matters) that uses a software program to connect to a PC. There are two basic modes; Live TV and Playback. Both functions are pretty much self explanatory. I was having issues with the 1st unit I received (new) but that one did NOT have this issue. The 2nd one did. No changes on my end, thou I did update the F/W in my Router (running DD-WRT). I reverted back to the F/W version that was in the Router, but NO change. Problem remained. I uninstalled the software and re-installed it, but no change. Rebooting the DVR makes no difference. I contacted the manufacture (US based support for a change), but they claim none of their units do this (of course), but they did point a finger to the PC (of course, it couldn't possibly be their fault) which I was waiting for them to do that. Except for the fact the 1st unit did NOT have this issue, it had numerous others not related. If I just open and run the program without changing the 4 camera view, all is fine, data continues to be sent, but when I choose any specific camera, then return to the 2x2 (Quad) view the data stream just dies out and the images are frozen. If I click back to any single camera the data may return, but it usually dies out after a minute or so. Closing the program and re-opening it brings it back to square one. I use a program called 'Bit Meter' (similar to DU Meter) to continuously monitor LAN & WAN status as to data flow in and out. This is how I determined it was a data flow issue. (I have used one or the other of these for well over a decade, great troubleshooting tool !!). The max data xfer rate is 10Mb/sec. thou it's usually around 5-6 Mb/sec. Now, to add to the mystery; if I change to 'Playback', the problem seems to go away (AFAIK). Data flow is back and it doesn't seem to be affected my any actions I do. I don't know if the software used a different port between Live View and Playback, I believe it's the same. That was the only area that may explain this that I could think of. Details; Static IP addresses, AMD based Gigabyte MB, FX8350 processor, 8GB of memory, wired Ethernet, NO A/V or local Firewall programs running, no suspicious processes or services running. I use ProcessHacker (poor name choice), it's a superior substitute for Task Manager). This does install MS C++ 2010 Any ideas out there??
  9. No integrated graphics nor NVMe. Explain, I don't understand.
  10. I'm thinking of a new build and have come across a couple of boards that mention Win 7 and compatibility. I'm running Win 7 Pro x64 and is there a issue with new AMD based MB's and W7? I've been building PC's for almost 25 years and never ran into this before.
  11. I won't ask why not cc. (The link in that link on that question was dead.)
  12. Does it matter if it's ones or zeros? "dd-like image" ??
  13. Other then the probably most common reason to 'wipe' a drive of old data, are there any technical reasons to 'zero' a HDD?
  14. To update the above post, it wasn't that one driver. No idea what or how many, but the 'fix' was to keep the entire modem folder.
  15. "all programs auto expander" solves the problem, but there is a conflict between that and Classic Shell Start Menu, breaking APAE.
  16. Windows Firewall was never installed (by design since I have NEVER used it inn20 or so years and had it disabled) and I need to install it w/o re-installing the O/S. Everything I have read about re-installing doesn't work since I believe those procedures go under the assumption it was originally there in the 1st place; https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/how-to-reinstall-windows-firewall-service/d5bf7d36-cca6-4767-9e67-0e2a1bb28042 https://superuser.com/questions/385662/how-to-restore-windows-firewall-after-some-malware-deleted-its-service Is the "service' available as a download, or does someone have a working solution? (Please no comments on removing the service in the 1st place. Had I know that prevents file/folder sharing I wouldn't of).
  17. NO, hard to f'up a f'ed up O/S in the 1st place. It was a setting that was a stupid M$ idea that got enabled. Now, what registry setting needs to be changed to 'fix' M$'s f'up?
  18. On my 2nd bootable backup drive (W7 freshly compiled from NTLite), when I click on a drive letter in the navigation pane, it keeps on opening folders there and the center pane. That makes it really hard it use the left pane w/o manually condensing it back down to just the single 'Computer' entry. I have multiple drives with a total of seven partitions, I don't want to have it open both listings of the partition I'm interested in. I realize I can click on the "-" before the drive or Computer entry to collapse the directory everytime, but that is a real pain and doesn't solve the problem. My main bootable drive (loaded with W7 from RT7 Lite) does not have this problem. Neither does opening up 'save as' or 'open' when in a program. (below; "doesn't" should of been worded "won't".)
  19. Ok, lets try this route; actually replacing the missing "Standard Modem Driver" from the installed O/S. This is NOT vendor specific! The "Modem" group of drivers was intentionally not added (who needs a modem anymore) when compiling a Win 7 Pro O/S thru RT7 Lite that up to this point (5 years later) was not missed. Without completely re-complying a new O/S (which is a huge project), there must be a way to selectively re-add this single item (drivers and/or protocols). This without the actual DVD, just the ISO or the separate original files are available.
  20. After additional research, I believe this has to do with missing modem files; either drivers and/or protocols. When I compiled my version of Win7 Pro, I removed the modem drivers (not needed) and to get rid of the bloat. Until a couple of years ago when another device had a communication problem using a similar communications protocol (USB serial port) now this, I put 2 & 2 together and come up with this modem assumption. I have read that there is a connection to modems somehow (still no idea why) that this may be the missing file. I have no other explanation. My older XP Laptop (that has a actual modem), those drivers were not removed and that hasn't been a problem with this or the other device. Maybe not the best example, but see here; https://tldp.org/HOWTO/Modem-HOWTO-4.html
  21. I re-copied the text and compared it to your post & the 1st copy and they are identical! I used 'Notepad2' instead of M$'s 'Notepad', would that matter? What and who is Microchip and where does that fit into this?? Other than that other guy with the same problem, one else reports issues, I find it hard to believe whatever this 'bug' issue is it works ok in XP. But I will see if I can try some of the above.
  22. Well, I tried it as is, normal install, but the error was "A service installation section in this INF is invalid". And now DM shows COM7 instead of the original device name.

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