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  1. I've been fiddling with converting an XP theme (Black Mesa v2 by Valkyre) which I'd been using for a long time to work under Vista. So far so good in the elements of it I actually use at all save for one or two things thus far. The header bar for sorting is in all views... not just the details view as it used to be. It not only looks but feels rather out of place. Is there any way to simply remove/hide it from all but the details view? I figured out how to hide it completely thus far via a negative padding but it hides it in details view too.
  2. Greetings everyone, I'm wondering if it is possible to remove [as much as possible] the default search function of Windows XP and replace it with an alternative search program. I've been successful in changing the 'Search...' context menu entries for both drives and directories so far. However, I cannot figure out for the life of me how to replace the Search -> 'for Files and Folders...' entry in the windows Classic Start Menu or at least point it to a different program/location. I found something that could do the such for the StartMenu but that does not work for the classic start menu. If possible, is there anyway to also remove the In-Pane Search feature in favour of the alternative search program of choice? Such as hooking/replacing the Winkey+F (on desktop) and CTRL+F (in folder views) to load it instead of the In-Pane Search (which I find incredibly annoying and lackluster). Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Just like with RetroOS, I'm having a similar issue with internet Explorer with this version. Disabling Kernel Extensions and it is fine but will then report that shockwave 10 is not installed. However, enabling them will cause my ability to POST information to be lost (no data transfer or any indication of a file POST occuring) such as a file upload via imagecross.com for example. Oddly enough, it's fine under my laptop but that one doesnt have shockwave installed. .. will have to do more fiddling around and see what happens from there.
  4. Pity, there doesn't seem to be a DOS version of the EXT2 driver unless I'm missing something. Would anyone know of such a solution for read/write use via DOS? Since all the other questions have been answered, just thought I'd share my experiences with using flashdrive based setups. While being good for access, just be wary of the ones you get as alot of budget line ones will in fact suffer greatly with impaired performance due to the controller. It's best to check reviews for flash drives to determine which would be best for the needs (read/write limitations, speed, etc). I've been using an /Optima-Pro Attache' 4gb/ (got for $7) for nearly 2 years on my laptop as the primary drive (no HD inside anymore) to run Win98se off of for web development, games, and running as a web server 24/7. However, even though it runs fine and hasn't had any read/write issues (yet... knock on wood); the speed is severely lacking. With the use of SmartDrive and the USB2 DOS drivers loaded off a boot cd for example, the max attainable speeds seem to be ~680kb/write + ~7.8mb/read (tested using rawspeed with a 50mb test file) for this model. It gets incredibly sluggish on write speeds thus requiring all temporary file locations, caches, etc be thrown into a ramdrive for performance reasons. So, they do take some time to wear out even with excessive amounts of accesses under a FAT32 filesystem. You should be pretty safe at least for 2 years from experiences here if you consistantly use it on a daily basis for heavy amounts of transfer.
  5. Hmm, for references sakes (and likely moot) - Firefox 3.7a1 hasn't come far yet from 3.5 as far as passing the Acid 3 tests it would seem. Like the slightly older versions, it is still pushing 96/100 (fails the linktest) in Acid3 under Win98 (although VIA KernelEx).
  6. I'm beginning to rip my hair out over this issue with desktop panning/scrolling. I'd just gotten ahold of an ATI 9550se / 128mb (using last catalyst drivers available from ATI) from a friend of mine only to get reminded of why I stopped liking ATI cards. The issue is that my monitor and windows normally only reports support up to 1600x1200 resolution. Now when I used the Nvidia cards, I could use a simply registry tweak (or powerstrip) to force and enable resolutions up to 2048x1536 which work natively without issues with the monitor (though MODE3 of the monitors EDID only report 1600x1200 while MODE1 reports 2048x1536). Now with the ATI card, if I enable/use any resolution beyond 1600x1200 res, it forces the desktop into virtual mode which is panning/scrolling of a 'larger' desktop space. The question is, is there anyone who knows how this panning/scrolling mode can be disabled and 2048x1536 forced normally without the driver tossing it in this 'virtual' desktop size? If needed, is there any way to override the EDID which could be hard-capping this limitation for ATI cards?
  7. Found one of those rarities that need another API in userenv.dll to function. The theme configurators for the latest RainMeter v1.1 call for the following API and will not run as a result: USERENV.DLL LoadUserProfileW It's just the themes configurators that seem to require it and doesn't affect the normal skin/plugin portion of the program as those don't call for it.
  8. Thought I would gives a headsup on this as the project seems to have been renewed just recently after the last few years of being dead. Current release as of posting is v1.1r302 http://rainmeter.net As with the older versions, KernelEx will be required to run it. Additionally however, this one now requires the use of the VCRedist files 'msvcp90.dll' and 'msvcr90.dll'. While it is included with the installation, the installer will not run for the redistributable. Would need to get the 2 DLL's either by unpacking it (the vcredist installer) or getting them individually from alternative sources such as other programs (got mine from the Trillian Astra install) or dll-hosting sites. For references sakes, the previous release during the initial posting of this topic was v0.14 back from I *think* 2006. hich can be found at the following file version repository along with current SVN releases: http://code.google.com/p/rainmeter/downloads/list Edit: TYPO in url.
  9. I cannot find this version on the Internet. Only the new win2k+ version is available. Can you tell me where to find it or upload it somewhere? http://rwinds.no-ip.org/file/G.rar
  10. Have you tried it before installing RP and then GDI Extender? Have you tried removing RP9 and the extender and seeing if the issue still continues? If it still continues after removing the such, then it's not related to the extender nor RP9 but rather the drivers, a setting in relation to the drivers, or something else in its' entirity. If it occurs when you install RP9, try setting the debug options from RPConfig.exe under 'Misc' and then see if that helps with anything at all. Disabling the GDI resource salvation option within MISC also disables the GDI Extender (if installed) as a result.
  11. Ah, I didn't know of that one at all. I'd been using your older 'G.EXE' (GDIView) for listing the GDI usage.
  12. There technically isn't any use. Patchworks is posting this stuff as a way to continue pushing the 'open source windows' idea of theirs since the past couple years if I'm correct. Which if I recall was saying to replace everything (or as much as possible) in windows with open source equivalents/replacements.
  13. I think I stumbled upon a potential limitation in the extender (or just misrepresentation of the resource meter perhaps?). When the bitmap count is pushed beyond 600 (611) in this case, certain applications may start to lose their GDI elements (will become blank or corrupt) or will not properly refresh GDI elements. After around 800-1000 or more bitmap entries, some noted symptoms have occured: 1) Internet explorer will only load a page in one explorer instance. All others stay blank and/or not loaded 2) Some programs may not load at all, such as Mozilla Thunderbird 3) Programs may crash with an error containing no error data (no data in the dump info, etc) 4) Trying to save data from the clipboard in MSPaint would result in the following messages: "error getting the clipboard data" followed by "There is not enough memory or resources to complete operation. Close some programs, and then try again." 5) Programs beginnignt o become affected may exhibit pink corners frm the skinning engine 6) Explorer may crash with an illegal operation error in rp8.dll (only noted once) During all this, resource meter may report that resources are still plenty with around 60-75% GDI resources available. .. as a side curiosity.. does the GDI extender also go as far as Brushes/Pens? Some programs such as 3mle, a MIDI->MML composer/editor for example basically overflow the brush/pen count with useless entries (but still clean most of them up on close) after a while of use and need to be closed down and restarted to actually use again before it brings down the system due to a lack of resources as a result.
  14. I wish i knew exactly.GDI Heap Extender works this way: [**** i suck at diagrams] Ah, that explains things well for me, thanks! You say you suck at explaining but quite frankly, you did well as I'd understood it no problem. Just have to love how sometimes it's the smallest most obscure thing that can cause the biggest upheaval in a program,script, etc. Been there myself in other programming languages (though, web based involving user and session databases with efforts to minimize them as much as possible) so can somewhat relate. .. thanks again for your efforts and unwavering patience in having solved this issue.
  15. Worst case scenario, could always put this into a link to open the Hotplug DLL directly. C:\WINDOWS\RUNDLL32.EXE shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dllGood to have handy anyway as a 'just in case' measure in the event explorer were to error out and so-forth.

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