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How often do you reinstall?


Reinstall Frequency  

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  1. 1. How often do you reinstall your OS on your personal computer?

    • More than once per day - for testing installations
    • Once a week
    • Once a month
    • Once a year
    • Never - that's what imaging software is for
    • Never done it - mine is littered with spyware but keeps on ticking

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I was curious as to how often members reinstall their OS, Windows XP in particularly.

I myself reinstall probably twice a year but this year, I started playing around with unattended installs and automating drivers installation. Therefore, I reinstalled quite a few times to test, but I'm not counting that.

I roll back my ghost image moreso than do a complete reinstall.

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twice a year, but this month alone i probably did 100 vmware installs. windows is a hard beast to tame.

i'm proud to say that i haven't been infected with any spyware in years, and not infected with a virus/trojan in probably 8 or 9 years.

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It is really very often, even more than thrice a day at time. My installations span over three different hdds. I use more of standalone programmes and this helps me to get the os rolling in almost 14-17 min. with all unattended installs.

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Not often enough (my main system that is)...

Usually a few times a year.

I like to have a clean and fresh system, but I just hate reinstalling!

I think I once used the same installation (XP) for almost 1,5 years without reinstalling, I didn't have a single spyware/malware/virus (since I know what I do). The system was as fresh (almost) and clean as the day it was installed.

I reinstall when I feel like it's been quite a while since last time or when some program/driver/whatever has screwed something up badly (which happens sometimes, but not very often).

Even though I use my own very customized (constantly improved and updated) unattended installation, there are lots of progs and drivers that I for various reasons don't want to add to the DVD.

For testing installations I use VMWare and I sometimes use real hardware too, but not very often my main system.

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I reinstall as an when i need it. for example my main computer had a very good fast and stable xp install that i put on in 2004. worked better than any install i have had before running 24 hours a day untill the hdd crashed :( but on other computers i reinstall 2 or 3 times a year and when i reisntall i can do it up to 10 or 20 times, basicly untill i am happy with the way it is all working. if microsoft can ever fix the strange way you can get good and bad installs from the same cd i would be very happy. but then again that is as realistic a hope as there launch dates!

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XP, about every 5 or 6 months. my XP installs seem to get buggy around that time. 98 i have never had to reinstall on any of my PCs. (except once when i was messing around in dos mode with some german file manager (dont ask) and i accidently deleted the /windows/ folder ^_^;; oops)

also i have not got a virus or infection of any kind for years. :)

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