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  1. After a long time with win98SE i moved to a newer pc (an "all in one" via based board) with winXP SP3. all works good except video playback (unichrome drivers for wind*ws doesn't support MPEG-4 acceleration via hardware) and some apps like mplayer, ffmpeg (all apps based an them doesn't run) and flash player. I received errors like "Failed to open flash player, please restart opera", or the "sad lego block" in Firefox (I'm using opera 10.60 anf FF 3.6.8) with flash player 10.1 or later 8 (or any version of flash player 9). Only 10.0 r45 runs partially. Looking for clues, i read that some via C3 processors doesn't have the cmov instructions, used for i686 apps and seems to be the reason about why mplayer and flash doesn't run. Any way for report this to adobe? Linux side of my pc are almost out of these problems, only direct rendering (DRI)doesn't work and i have the same problem with flash player.
  2. oops I installed rp9 over the old uberskin 8.3.6. Nothing older EDIT: KernelEX 0.36 was the problem. I uninstalled it and reinstalled RP9. voyetra and affected parts from aureal vortex driver are working again(and the two files related are back).
  3. RP9 has the first conflict in my pc. I have a Dell Dimension XPS B733 (an old PC World Best Buy) with a classic Turtle Beach Montego II Sound Card(Based on Aureal Vortex chip). Voyetra(it's software) and some parts of the driver cannot start(see screenshot). Also two .dll files are missing after installation: Comctrl32.dll and logonsrv.dll. Other note: i have the old kernelex 0.36a installed (and rp9 has been installed over it). Forceware over TNT/Geforce256/Geforce2 is the worst thing that you did. The driver is useless. Look for a detonator below 29.xx version (i recommend 23.11 is available on some public FTP).
  4. That's correct. Using icab and an old flash plugin for netscape(flash 7) i saw you/redtube videos from my powerbook 3400(R.I.P).
  5. O_o I remember it. good: image conversion "on the fly"(like acdsee), faster than irfanview, better zoom effect than irfanview. bad: Avoid it if you have a intel celeron, some features takes a lot of time to load(and brings me ugly icons/thumbs in RP6/7), takes more resources than irfanview. I take irfanview as reference because i used both programs.
  6. ? I have the 3.45 version working well(last official version)
  7. Thanks for the driver. I will test it in a few days.
  8. A geforce 5 or 6 with a pci slot(not pci-e)!!! XIIIIT!!! Who and where sells those cards? I'm using an ati radeon 7500(32MB) AGP 4x. this card is good, but the f****** drivers that i need isn't exists on internet(i need catalyst 4.3, last versions sux and ati doesn't offer other). http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=124673
  9. ! The download only is allowed with IE5 or higher(i'm using mozilla instead, IE deals a corrupt file).
  10. I'm looking for 4.3 version of catalyst because nearby versions used by omega driver does ugly effects using my ati radeon 7500 and most driver sites only offers too old(or too new)versions. PD: This question has a reasonable answer? http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=123965
  11. In the past i downloaded P2ktools to sync/explore the content from a motorola V195(specially for java games or mp3) via windows 2000. Now i´m using only win98SE/PuppyOS in my current PC and i need to connect it for install some apps. Unfortunately win98 drivers for motorola(usb modem driver) are too old and asking for a developer toolkit(yes, to build my own driver) i just banned from motodev site. P2ktools works well over win98(even without kernelex) but no useful driver exists for it. PD:motorola phones(like phones) are cool, but they sux when needs a PC to sync.
  12. i'm emulating win95 from a powerbook 3400(very old like win95) and this computer is using an external SCSI CD recorder, unrecognized for virtualpc. Instead i will create via disk copy some disk images(i upgraded the powerbook HD from 2GB to 20, i can do it ). The problem is in my resources(ram and cpu emulated). for stability reasons i just put 12MB of RAM for win95 emulation(cpu test is ok, emulates a 133 Mhz pentium MMX sucessfully).
  13. WOW, this sidebar rocks, but has low functionality(clock, time and miniWMP).
  14. WMP is good, but i'm looking for alternatives. I have Media Player Classic but is very simple.
  15. A 1994 notebook using wind*ws 98? XXXXXXXIT!!!! Bad news brother, your notebook doesn't supports CardBus. Then, you cannot use wi-fi cards(well, most of 1996 and early 1997 notebooks doesn't support it. If you hear the odissey that i lived with my powerbook 3400 trying to force a usb card to work with it-and i did it-.) But you can try it. Connect a pcmcia ethernet card to a wi-fi router(belkin offers small adapters).
  16. This version is too much clean than 1.x versions that i tested on my win2000 machine, but i have a little problem with it. In my root account i don't have almost any issue now even under 16 bit color mode(incorrect colors appears on save/open windows) but another account that i created for my brother has "invisible icons" in desktop since 1.6 version(now some icons can be "viewed" with a disturbing transparency).
  17. LOL I heared about a USB based freezer(and works!) but i doin't remember the source and a nice speaker set based on "Mario Bros" game. I'm searching it on sales but no results.
  18. This codec is not present on win98/2000 and k-lite codec pack doesn't bring an alternative. I need it for listen voice recordings from my phone.
  19. Primero y antes que nada, un poco de limpieza. Es decir, quita los drivers de ese disco duro(seguro que tendrán un signo de admiracion para estos momentos) y reinstala el NUSB. Ahora, ¿Ese disco tiene información? Porque si está vacio mejor formatealo a FAT32(revisa este articulo y para formatearlo usa esto en lugar del "formatear" del windows)porque de otra manera vas a seguir teniendo conflictos. PD: Speak in english please
  20. Exists a driver called "Usb Data Cable", that emulates a serial port with this kind of data cables. I used it with my siemens MC60(and works with other phones that allows serial communication) but i'm not sure if it works with your blackberry. If google doesn't show me any result about the file i will send u via PM the installer that comes with my MC60. EDIT: Maybe this helps(sorry for the other link, copy-paste issue): http://www.tangshop.com/usbhelp.html
  21. I have a 440bx based pc(siemens scenic 620) and over win98 and nusb i can use even usb 2.0 based devices that my win2000 partition cannot detect. And i'm using only the two legacy usb ports that comes with my pc.
  22. finally i found a driver for xp(but it was very hard to install because isn't certified). ACPI/IRQ problem discarded(The sound card uses irq 11, acpi uses irq 9). Problem solved.Thanks anyway
  23. thanks for info but i don't think to change the card because over win98 partition(i have dual boot on this machine too) this rocks. But i have a little problem, WinXP is already installed. Do you suggest me to reinstall it? how i can get that options without a reinstall?

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