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  1. So I have 2 folders set up: G:\sandbox\WUD\x86 G:\sandbox\WUD\x64 I have been planning on using WUD to slipstream updates into my Win7 All-In-One ISO for my new ISOSTICK! , and repeat for laughs on 8, Vista, and XP since I will occasionally use them as well. WUD seems to enjoy crashing at inopportune times, and if I open it back up, it will make me either manually select updates (I'm guessing green = already exists), or re-download all of them! This means, as the months go on, and a couple of updates are added, I will have to figure out what is/isn't already there. If I'm missing something, please enlighten/tease/harass me as you wish =) otherwise, think about adding this in? > Define function to check if update exists, and compare file sizes to see if they match > check if local file exists where update will be saved > if false, then exit function and perform update > else, check to see if file sizes match > if true, exit function and skip update > else, delete local file and perform update > close function
  2. Here's how I am going to do the setup: Originals: D:\Drivers\BIN\NVIIDA\GT8600\Forceware (X).exe D:\Drivers\BIN\NVIDIA\GT8600\Forceware (V7x64).exe D:\Drivers\BIN\NVIDIA\GT8600\Forceware (V7x86).exe Hard Links: D:\Drivers\XP\NVIDIA\GT8600\Forceware.exe D:\Drivers\Vx64\...\Forceware.exe D:\Drivers\7x64\...\Forceware.exe etc If I update the file at the original path, will the hard link automatically be refreshed or do I have to re-link (IE: does the link point to the original path or to the block of data itself?)
  3. Thanks Glenn, that's what I was looking for. It's been a while since I had to do this and totally forgot what they were called. mklink was what I needed!
  4. I'm looking for a way to create two paths on the file system (NTFS, if you were wondering) that reference the same block of data. Example: D:\Drivers\Windows 7 x64\NVIDIA\Forceware.exe D:\Drivers\Windows Vista x64\NVIDIA\Forceware.exe Both are seen and run as executables, so that they don't effect permissions for network users and the like, but only 130MB is taken up on the drive instead of 260MB. I could probably get away with the following but it will make things longer for the scripts I'm going to write to make everything nice and cohesive D:\Drivers\BIN\NVIDIA\FW266.58.exe D:\Drivers\Windows 7 x64\NVIDIA\ForceWare.lnk --> D:\Drivers\BIN\NVIDIA\FW266.58.exe D:\Drivers\Windows 7 x64\NVIDIA\ForceWare.lnk --> D:\Drivers\BIN\NVIDIA\FW266.58.exe Suggestions? Links? Solutions? Thanks, Overkill
  5. I'm going from XP to 7 tonight when I get my 1100T and Crosshair IV Extreme , this UL is going to save me TONS of time! Thanks! One thing though - I'm not a fan of M$$E but when trying to download the file: "mssefullinstall-amd64fre-en-us-win7.exe" was not found on the remote server. This file will be skipped. same for: "mseinstall-en-us-amd64.exe" I'm sure some people are affected by this.
  6. heh...nevermind HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment problem solved
  7. echo %path% C:\SYS\WINDOWS\system32;C:\SYS\WINDOWS;C:\SYS\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem path=%path%;C:\SYS\APPS\Team OvK echo %path% C:\SYS\WINDOWS\system32;C:\SYS\WINDOWS;C:\SYS\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem;C:\SYS\APPS\Team OvK<exit CMD> echo %path% C:\SYS\WINDOWS\system32;C:\SYS\WINDOWS;C:\SYS\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem I have several in-house utilities I run and for ease of use, etc. I want to be able to run them from the run dialog. Is there a way to add my custom directory to the PATH variable **FROM A SCRIPT**? Because I manage systems on several networks, I want to be able to copy my apps from a flash/external drive and add the copied directory via a script, instead of doing it manually for each install. Is this possible, or should I try and find a way to get AutoIt to do the work for me?
  8. Nice...problem solved =) Thanks!
  9. does not exist after updating to SP3. > Windows Components > Windows Media Player and > Windows Components > Windows Update are the only two there.
  10. So I reinstalled Windows after a horrible, disgusting, mind-bending experience with the USB sound driver. Long story short, problem was solved by adding a USB PCI card to the machine, booting, waiting for it to install the drivers, shutting down & removing the PCI card, then booting back up...but that's another story. Along the way, I removed that annoying "Open File - Security Warning" dialog via gpedit.msc, then installed SP3 and started getting them again. I went to the GPE and the policy (several of them, in fact) are no longer there. Is there another way to disable the warning?
  11. This thread had been a tremendous help, however it's missing two things, and I was unable to discover how to add them using orca 1) Which profile to use (I have several, for different companies that I consult for) 2) How to define a custom computer name (or at least use the windows PC name) Any suggestions?
  12. Over.Kill


    A visit to wowwiki, and several searches on google, yielded no command line switches for installing WoW. I'm able to produce an effect using /S that does not occur with other switches, i will look into it more...seems to have some promise over the other switches I have tried. There may be an ability to use an "answer file" using -filename.ext as well. [EDIT: 1/13/08 10:45PM GMT] found an app that extracts the torrents from blizzard's downloader...very handy =) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blizzard_Down...#External_links first link is the one i'm using.
  13. Over.Kill


    Here's something Blizzard has kept well-hidden: There is an online copy of the install files for users that purchased the game online (an option later removed for unknown reasons). It is distributed in the same method as patches, so unless you happen to own a copy of NetLimiter 2 Pro*, you're going to have to deal with a bit of lag. Anyway, you can get the files easily this way and it works flawlessly. As of the date of this post, you will only need two patches after installing BC to get it running. *NOTE* It may be possible to skip step one; seems like it may include both BC and WoW, but I'm not sure. If so, then we have an easy project here Here are the download links (in order of installation): 1. WoW Downloader 2. BC Downloader 3. 2.x to 2.3 4. 2.3 to 2.3.2 If you get your AutoIt script working, let me know...I'm in need of the same thing and I'm sad that Blizz doesn't give us an easy way to do this. The blizzard downloaders required a login to download them, so I reposted on my site (currently under construction, and will be for a while ) Enjoy, and good luck! * NetLimiter 2 Pro has a free trial version available for download on their site. However, the functionality is limited. You will have to register the program in order to gain the functionality mentioned in this article, although free registration info isn't hard to come by for anything nowadays...I blame Anakata...
  14. if all else fails i can RAR 'em and put em on my site 250GB disk/2500 band + domain + ultd subdomain, email, etc + good support >>> $120 for 2 years ($4.95/mo) = teh winz
  15. Over.Kill

    A feature Request

    agreed! I'm trying to keep a few AIO discs up to date and I keep having to restart nlite for each distro i update. Would be nice to have this feature added. I don't think it'd be difficult to code either, but I don't know a whole lot about programming. My first instinct, though, is to think that i'd be extremely easy to code.
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