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  1. Please nrever spread bad or incorrect information... nLite does a better job at everything than MS could ever even imagine doing. Don't hate. In fact, the slipstream method MS recommends isn't even used for making a CD (since, obviously, MS never wants people to burn a Windows CD), it's used to "update" an "installation share". nLite does a better job at actually making it a CD. edit: That KB article you linked ISN'T EVEN RELATED to the post you wrote... but it's probably the solution to this problem... could you at least have said that instead of dissing nLite? OK, so to update this even more, I just looked on the nLite website, and as long as you are using at least v.1.4.5 you should be OK, as nLite claims the problem was fixed. Note that it says that if your using Vista as your host and your using an RTM version (aka "gold"/aka no service packs), you must slipstream SP2 first before slipstreaming SP3. If you've done all that and still have issues, you may want to check the nLite forum, or try to make the CD using an XP host. Well with 20 years experience in this field and a computer programmer at degree level. I have integrated SP3 into all XP discs with command line switches
  2. Please nrever use any other software because this makes a mess during installation of xp. Even MS confirmed this. Use integrated switches to slipstream SP3. Here it is http://support.microsoft.com/kb/950722
  3. This is false. As a programmer, The code behind the file can be changed and allow the user to copy CD2 contents into CD1 Futhermore CD 1 uses XP Pro Service Pack 2 to install onto the Hard Drive You have got a max of 1.7GB of network connectivity to download updates and enhancements for MC2005
  4. Here is the direct Download link from MS server Click Here
  5. If you bought the computer from a shop or on-line from a respectable company then you can install MS Vista service pack 1 on top of orginal operatiing system, without any problems at all. Only because they use there their key to install it and it activate it. In response to nuhi comment you have to go through MS activation procedure before updating your system
  6. Walchinc

    winxp sp3 ?

    SP3 for XP will arrive in Jan 2008 http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=54
  7. Check the monitor with another computer. If this works great . Then we know it could be the VGA card chip on the motherboard that has died on you. Not giving any output to the screen.
  8. Have you carried out full blown update from MS site and you may need codecs or WinDVD to make the TV work
  9. locate a folder called software distribution and inside that that one called download. All the files relating to your drivers will be that folder for your system . Then copy all the files to your external system hard drive for a clean install
  10. Yeh, by defaut the domain name management (joining it a network area) has been removed from MCE 2005, but available in xp pro. All you really need is MS Plus to look like MCE 2005 on XP Pro.
  11. you can locate a file called setupp.ini and validate the code. Once you validate the code you can install MCE off a DVD/CD with a unattended script so it looks like XP Pro system . The script will not locate disk 2 (refers to MCE components) B)
  12. A bit out of date that represent the year of the program. No mention of xp compatibility on their site. But still works
  13. Well looking at the specs of your your router your can have 4 ports and this means 1 for WAN and the rest for LAN connections, try to upgrade the firmwire on the router and see if that fixes the problem because of the majority of problems are software related. The new netgear software for wireless hardware devices causes windows xp log on/off problems If you buy an wireless card you could buy an router and change your existing router as an access point to interact with it. Configure the mac address to interact as a wireless network connectivity http://kbserver.netgear.com/kb_web_files/n101496.asp Like with me I have 2 routers in the house. because of the bottom room was block from all network access.
  14. Take off the network cable from the adsl modem and then plug it into one of ports on the wireless router. This is because of the ip addressing that different from the adsl modem and the router. Both your adsl modem and router have no map addressing which cannot communicate with other devices on the network except comms with the internet. ip address which is dhcp addressing for the internet side from your adsl modem. It will change to which represents as the next available ip address on the network on your wireless router . Remember to turn off the firewall from both systems . Allocate a shared folder on each system. If there is only one ethernet port on the wireless router just buy a wireless card Make sure the settings for the connection (IP and DNS) are set obtained automatically , so the system can allocate B)
  15. Hi Guys You need WinDVD 8 to interact TV channels. B) http://www.intervideo.com/WinDVD/WinDVD_Download.jsp
  16. Win XP Pro 32 bit has a better support for all types of software. Win XP Pro x64 has better support for more than 4 GB ram, like mine but not all hardware are suppported by the operating system. HP deskjet 1220c usb , networked jet direct 175x . HP Laserjet 1022n
  17. No re-installation on a monthly basis B) . I ghosted my pc to external media . Futhermore I have imaging software on a startup that recovers the system to a previous state (True Image) I have 5 stage ghost images for activation, updates, drivers, utilities and applications I reghost updates and install new updates and then reghost it back to external media. Always wait for the new service pack to re-install the operating system from scratch Do npt forget the xp regiistry patch (status bar and user Windows 200 style accounts) On a monthly basis i do a full blown udpate to see which KB's has changed from the previous months Re-installation procedures takes 35 mins but ghosting 7 mins same configuration
  18. Well I am on this type configuration as i have this of board that ony interacts wioth 1 set for DDR and DDR2 ram slots. I will just have to ditch my present board and buy ASUS P5B Deluxe/WiFi-AP at http://uk.asus.com/products4.aspx?l1=3&amp...amp;modelmenu=1. So I can buy another set of DDR2 ram 2 x 1GB
  19. Remove your Product Code as other users will use it for their systems
  20. I would be nice to have the Windows 2000 Professional and Windows 2003 Server in english version download option in the drop down menu
  21. Beware that all the hotfixes will not be included in the SP3 because they will a few months behind developing/finalising the new service pack. Therefore, more update will be needed after intergrating SP3 installing it from the CD. It would be nice to include all the the software from MS site into SP3. Never install SP3 after installing Windows because of the registry and conflction of file version . Just intergrade into the CD reformat the system and re-install it again. I will waiting for admin SP3 version of Windows XP Here are my August 2006 Updates Logs from MS site 3 hours of downloading with my laptop
  22. Nice One need the downloads to be stored to my area and slipstream the updates in the august pack regedit files on application file
  23. Have you tried to install WinDVD 7 because some of them do not include decoder software. I have ATI Radeon Viodeo X550XT card and Terratec 2400i TV card with the same problem But using WinDVD is great. All you need to do, is to activate the software remove the 30 daily trial
  24. Do not forget 10.02 is out as a second update from their site. I use installshield checker to check for updates PaintShopPro1002_EN_Patch.exe 20.4 MB
  25. Version 2k2 edition refers to the version release of xp (SP2), But media centre 2k5 has 2 disks and 2k4 only has one CD Media Player is already intergrated into Media Centre version of XP Pro 2005 Have you use a script to install MCE 2005. I had no problems straight from the CDs but the script made a mess of it.

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