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nLite 1.0 Final - RC not


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Thank you very much Nuhi!

Excellent piece of software!


What about more performance related tweaks (all kind) in future? Just a sugestion...

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OK folks, settle down now! Quiet down.

You in the back, quiet down!

OK, i'd like to make a toast in honer of nuhi and the rest of his team, the beta testers, those who contributed to the project, Ryan, the nLite forum members, the many people who use nLite and whom ever it is that i forgot. It's been a long road, but one well worth traveling. Here's to the continued success of nLite!



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I don't get it, why post here about the rvm pack so often?

No pun intended but people...

I wouldn't say anything if I don't get insulted every time I visit the RVM forum and see how they talk about nLite.

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