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    Hey XPero, I've been in your shoes before. It's always good to take a break, but don't be shocked if you eventually start getting the itch to work on it again
  2. Link is dead. Anyone got a mirror?
  3. Either try back later or use the tracker.
  4. Personally, I'd just disable the Webclient service. It serves no real purpose anyway for 99% of users out there.
  5. nuhi said it well. If you're going to use nLite on your CD anyway, just integrate the pack with it too (honestly, I don't know why even MaximumPC thinks otherwise). Just be advised that you're not likely to get much help from me or my forum if something doesn't work right since component removal adds another layer of complexity that I'm not qualified to troubleshoot.
  6. You're wrong because my pack contains IE6 updates which could in theory overwrite those updated IE7 files . As for the ordering, nLite by default doesn't allow overwriting of newer files with older ones, which is probably why things went OK. Or I could be wrong about the reason. nuhi, feel free to correct me if I am
  7. Yes, nLite does know better than you do. You should never, EVER integrate IE7 before my pack. That's a recipe for disaster. EDIT: Same for the MU addon.
  8. Addons exist for integrating both IE7 and WMP11.
  9. FYI, .NET 3.0 includes .NET 2.0 with it, so don't feel compelled to install both individually.
  10. The error you're getting is a known one with WMP10 integration, and it appears to be safe to ignore (it's been known for a long time and doesn't seem to have ever caused any problems). And like boooggy said, there's really no point in integrating WMP10 if you're slipstreaming WMP11 over it anyway. Finally, yes, removing CAT files would break driver signing. That should be rather obvious...
  11. My installer would be kinda pointless if Windows Update didn't detect it... Oh, and VirtualPC = your friend. Instead of waiting for an answer, you could have found out yourself in way less time.
  12. 1.) .NET 2.0 isn't needed if you're installing 3.0. 3.0 includes 2.0. 2.) Try installing 3.0 before 1.1.
  13. ...what does this thread have to do with Unattended Windows installs?
  14. Just by looking at them, Type II fixes appear to be made with IExpress and a custom INF to do the install work. Technically, Type I fixes require a specific program (see the Hotstream forum for more info), but the few that have it don't want to share because they promised gurgelmeyer they wouldn't (as if that really matters anymore ). Depending on what you're aiming to do, you can simulate a Type I fix with a 7zip SFX installer, though. I've done that with my .NET 3.0 installer. Catch me on IM and we can discuss it more.
  15. My bet is that he's referring to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Updates
  16. SP2 is working well here so far. Regarding R2 - SP2 can be integrated into that CD just like it can be integrated into the 2K3 CD using the /integrate switch. Doing so will avoid any version conflicts.
  17. I'm pretty sure you're going to get nowhere in a hurry asking that here. Doing such a conversation would almost certainly be breaking the license terms of the software, meaning your customer could be in a world of trouble should they ever get audited. Just bite the bullet and do the two builds. I'm betting most of the stuff for one build will overlap with the other one too, so you can just copy a bunch of files and change the few things that need changing (like the product key, computer ID, etc).
  18. The only side effect you'll see from hacking tcpip.sys is that Windows File Protection will see it as unsigned and will therefore not protect it.
  19. Yipes, seems a heckuva lot easier to just extract the MSI file using WinRAR and install it with that directly.
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