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  1. i recently changed my required soft list to the following: opera 8 (NOT 9) dBpowerAmp mozilla thunderbird raxco perfectdisk ted notepad 010 professional hex editor utorrent mpui + mplayer kaspersky 6 isobuster emule
  2. for some reason this is the thing that cracked me up most about it: in the requirements section: Display Minimum: 800 x 600, 256 colors Recommended: 1024 x 768 high color, 32-bit lol, why on earth would any kind of framework have a minimum resolution requirement? that doesn't make any kind of sense. not that i use anything under 1024x768, but still....
  3. i doubt the window could be disabled because of it's cross-platform origins. however, you can use cmdow to run mplayer like so, which will hide the window for you: cmdow /run /hid mplayer.exe song.mp3
  4. i'm not familiar with that particular chip, but i have done a bit of chip programming in my day. i think if you open up the case and locate the chip, making a connection between a couple of pins on the chip should erase it. you'll have to locate documentation on the chip before you do so and consider it only as a last resort. well, i can't find documentation on any sigmatel chip, so that might not be a viable solution.
  5. if he removes wga because of you i'm gonna kick your a**
  6. i don't know if you're serious or sarcastic, but you notice the part in your window where it says "false positives"? false positives are an everyday reality for ANY antivirus.
  7. back in the day when i did journalism crap i was a huge fan of microsoft works, it kind of reminded me of wordperfect. i'm sure they've mussed it up by now though.
  8. the one and only factor that determines if you can safely remove a drive without 'ejecting' it first is whether or not windows has 'write-behind caching' enabled for that device. luckily i -think- windows disables it by default for removable drives, though i could be wrong.
  9. brilliant, just tried the new micro and multisession disks are working again. on the down side, nero doesn't seem to accept valid serials anymore from it's dialog which forces you to use a reg key
  10. in the last micro version, nero couldn't properly handle multi-session cds. it gave this error --------------------------- Nero Burning ROM --------------------------- Error while reading. Disc may be corrupt. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- is this still a problem? and no, this isn't a problem with my cd, i've already verified that this happens with ALL multi-session cds and does not occur in retail nero
  11. I don't think so... I cannot install MAC OS X directly on my PC since it require special hardware. I know it can be done under simulation but you still need a Windows or Linux system underneath... And the whole debate stays, yes Photoshop will work but not my games and GigaStudio. mac os x doesn't require any special hardware at all. as far as i know it does require a SSE2 cpu, but if your computer has been manufactured in the past few years you likely fall into that category. i have out of the box support in osx for SATA, ethernet, sound & video on my intel box. i didn't buy anything special to be compatible with it, and more drivers are emerging every day. the only thing required 'underneath' is a mac formatted partition as the first partition on your drive. and of course you don't need an existing operating system to create that partition, a bootdisk will suffice. i even run linux + xp alongside my mac osx 10.4.3 mac ran on intel -long- before windows ran on mac now to answer the question posed by our thread starter: yes i dig microsoft (a f***ing grave!)
  12. i didn't believe it at first either, but the secret lies within the hardware.
  13. i'm not the biggest m$ fan in the world, but i do kinda like office. i managed to cram the whole 2003 suite onto a single cd with space left over. i likey. you can always go on ebay and get a legit copy of office 97 for dirt cheap (that's what my dad did, he's insane)
  14. twice a year, but this month alone i probably did 100 vmware installs. windows is a hard beast to tame. i'm proud to say that i haven't been infected with any spyware in years, and not infected with a virus/trojan in probably 8 or 9 years.
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