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  1. it should be fine it may slow down at times when its gets a tab low on memory : when the workload gets up there than it will sort itself out after the work load dies downs but really its wait and see a blog shouldn't be that hard on it if you running something is more database use .. you may know about it
  2. dam ... what is in it i think mine was like 4 GB with SP1 for vista ... in there i got mine to like 3.5 GB arr the only thing i can think of to make it fit onto a DVD is to remove like Windows Speech Recognition support out of it that should free up like 800 mb or so
  3. if you meaning like c:\ in the windows OS r0b0tc0rpse ?? not really ... i guess it could be done .. but hell i hate to be the one to do that and the amount of time it takes
  4. i think it want 16 GB as an min / base line free space to install on
  5. if you are talking about that video i did about an year ago where i did look here for the info i used in notepad http://www.msfn.org/board/How-To-Create-Yo...wor-t63596.html and @ http://www.msfn.org/board/How-To-Create-Yo...317#entry529317 and i used the folder called c:\test it was quick and easy to get to via Command line window ... quick qus where did you find the video to here on the forum or somewhere else ??
  6. ZcWorld

    ghost task?

    i dont think that has anything to do with Vlite but it one of them things that happens time to time where a program dose not fully exit
  7. Caps mate dont USE CAP lock or SHIFT key no one likes it in caps
  8. if your webhosting only gave / lets you have one database than use the prefix but if you got more than one database than use a database for each one so its quicker to backup / restore / to use
  9. does it have a firewall blocking some ports on the NAS itself if so check that if not arrr sorry ,..... PS .. does the unit have an website for the box
  10. hi i wil look at the Mirc when i get time to do so and dam about NN ... thats suxs < as all / most can tell this is my first post in over 6 months and second login in > < but im still MIA ATM .. but im almost ready to come back .... >
  11. arr ***** arr good luck vista runs to slow for me to play with it in VMwre : so only thing i can say is try to add an network to it .. or ... arrr is there like an share folder setting if so try that see if that does something for you
  12. never used that setting before the way i do it was via the network .... \\<pc name\path\to\folder or \\ip\path\to\folder is the way i do things if i cant get access to my network that way i ftp it over ... -sorry for not much help -
  13. its nice i did an howto to get it install on linux the one they got is nice but i found it was a tab eeek but its looks and feels like VMware to me about 10 mins quicker to install than VMware workstation on windows n linux and a heap quicker to download running speed : i found was about the same : but im not sure on the network speed yet i haven't had time to test it due to my linux box is without an monitor at the time .. but its an nice program link to my howto for linux install of it on centos / fc / suse about 4 pages about 1.2 mb of pics in total of them pages
  14. i like opensuse its nice but the installing part can be an hard with all of the settings up there is to like Fedora ... but i like fedora / opensuse both are nice and easy to use ( opensuse i found picked up most of my hardware with easy )
  15. didn't i say that you needed to have the hard drivers for pre-formated so they are listed c: d: than e: is the CD-rom / dvd you installing from .... but i think i said you could do it via the text install part but its a lot of assing around to get it done its being a long time .. over a month .. cant remember what i did 48 hrs ago
  16. some of them cant not be put into the installation at the t-13 min part of windows you can install them via the runonce part of the windows first boot up have a look at the unattended Guide have a look at http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/32/
  17. i did a firefox addon pack a while ago have a look at that .. i think i did it in winrar all i did was a pre install extract all the files to the \doc n setting\allusers\appz data\mozilla\profile\<name>\extanions BUT you gotta have in the profile folder a setting file to tell it to use that profile folder or it will not work
  18. If you done a Nlite and make it to a CD or dvd from the Nlite program i found it myself that the cd / dvd ist bootable or i f**ked up something in a setting so i make an ISO than test it in Vmware than i burn it to cd / dvd afters i know its boots and it does the text install part without a problem
  19. you can NOT make office 2003 install at the t-13 part of windows installation you can only do it via the runonce part of windows you would have it copy a compressed file over to the hard drive than extract itself than run the setup line from Office 2003 Resource Kit if you want it to be totally indie install no input from you
  20. yep check the WPI ver 5.6 or what it is they should have a link in there to get the $OEM$ folder download : http://www.wpiw.net/downloads/$OEM$.rar from the http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=86999 post
  21. you need the OEM file as well unzip n put into the root of the XPCD or the CD folder like $OEM$ docs I386 WPI folders and other stuff
  22. step 1 PM the person who started the topice if they got the addon step 2 ask them to reupload it step 3. PM me when its being uploaded with new link and i will fix the topice to than its closed
  23. step one go over to that part of the forum step 2 search step 3.... see if its there step 4. if not there than google <program name> + silent install switch or + silent install
  24. wrong area saying that you need list nice saying i like ... is better
  25. i try but it .... stuff up at the end of the text install and thats about as far as i got

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