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  1. put systeminfo.exe in the keep box
  2. read this earlier.. load of rubbish... im still on a 127MB install from feb 06
  3. booo no new beta with more removals
  4. minigun

    nhelper error

    off topic: thats a great software beats MS virtual PC, vmware and its FREE!!
  5. try setting it manually... if it then works you know its a DHCP problem...
  6. have you set the default gateway and DNS servers???
  7. nice work nuhi nice new website too
  8. This is only tested in vmware but everything appeared to work correctly
  9. this is what i meant unless the guy plans on giving nuhi a large sum of money
  10. nuhi you should start suing people that break the licensing agreement you would be a millionaire in minutes
  11. is vlite available to the public?? i would like top get my sticky fingers on it
  12. im sure people dont read what they are clicking
  13. well nlite isnt meant to be used in that sort of enviromnet so nuhi isnt going to help

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