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  1. Vista (forced to), XP, Slackware Linux, slamd64, freebsd and several in virtual machines or less often : Plan9 (yes !), Haiku (though not lately), ReactOS to check the progress.
  2. Get a build of mplayer from there : http://esby.free.fr/CelticDruid/mirror/mplayer/ Drag-and-drop your video on mplayer.exe. How does it perform ? (don't be surprised if vista goes back to non-Aero)
  3. Actually avi is just a container. It's not a video compression format. You can certainly find which compression format is used in the file properties (properties inside your media player, not properties as in "windows explorer" !).
  4. Well, try nlite. http://nliteos.com (it may be an "advanced" removal)
  5. You should have seen all the endless fights we had on long blocked or trashed threads here. On only on this forum but anywhere you went tere was always someone telling us "upgrade to XP and get a life." I was maybe not there when XP was released but I've since seen several similar threads. I simply did not take part in the trashing. I guess that people who where simply not pro XP and against 9x did not take part in the trolling. You don't usually see the point of take the time to write a balanced post in such situations. Well, Vista is not only much heavier than XP (especially since ther
  6. Not all XP users called you idiots. I guess most (at least here) were rather wondering how you could stay on such an unstable OS but now that you don't have to install crap on windows (remember when we _had_ to install quicktime and realplayer [G2] ?), it is clear the OS was not unstable only a bit less tolerant to problems but that's it. In fact, most people prefering xp over 9x could as well use 2000. For example, I need an NT-based system to run some software which has existed for years but never ran correctly under 9x (ocaml). And I don't think the kernel patches here would suffice as this
  7. no it doesn't, 7zip is far better, and it's faster at extracting why the hell was this thread brought back up again, it's from 2003 for god's sake It's because of the thing giving "related" topics at the end of the page : it doesn't take the date into account.
  8. You can do the translation. No. french.zip Thanks for the translation. OK, I'll check it. EDIT: There is no problem with program. I merged some lines. L67 and L68 and now only L67 and L86 and L87 are now L86. I done this change recently and I forgot to update English file. I'll just adapt your translation. Nice. Thanks. That would be great. Maybe you could PM me, to give me details about hosting. Thanks. Of course but I first needed you to decide of a subdomain name (<whatyouwant>.yaxm.org).
  9. You can do the translation. No. french.zip There's a problem though. Multi-lines texts are not displayed correctly. It happens with several languages and at two different places. I think you should try increasing by one or two pixels the height of the corresponding lines of text. Use second mirror. Cheers I can also give you some hosting space with a subdomain. (and rapidshare guys must have been high when they decided to put kittens in their captchas...)
  10. Don't begin with C++. There are a lot of better full-fledged programming languages to start with. C is not that bad for a beginner as it's quite close to the machine and therefore teaches how programming works quite well. In this respect, asm is nice too. It's a matter of personnal preference but you should avoid Python, Perl and such dynamically typed languages until you have a real sense of the different data structures (floats, ints, chars, strings, arrays, lists, hashtables, everything). And if you have a mathematical background you should definitely take a look at the functionnal programm
  11. Which programming language depends on what you intend to do with it. Web, general-purpose, interaction with windows (not Windows), scripting. As a general introduction, AutoHotKey/AutoIt are nice. They're quite simple but forget about them for number crunching.
  12. Yes but it seems to be in fashion to revive old threads on msfn recently so let's be fashon-victims. B)
  13. You must be mad to compress using PAQ and others.
  14. 7zip's LZMA compression is better than WinRAR's RAR compression. However WinRAR can achieve better compression on multimedia files because it has some "filters". Some filters are developped for 7-zip too but not yet included in the official 7-zip.
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