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happy b'day fthrjack


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lol i thought mum put my name on your card bro but she didnt soz not been about lately been with the missus. Hope you enjoyed it.

Got some good news for ya, in 4-6 weeks ill be moving into daves and starting a job any job if i dont have a professional logo design one by then but then a month or two later hopefully should be gettin my own place and the missus move down and in with me, w00t w00t Jay's coming back home :rolleyes:

oh btw mums knitting a baby jacket heh :)

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Well Happy Birthday, sorry I missed it!

Your horoscope was:

You will be conducting naval maneuvers in the bathtub today,

when you will have an unfortunate accident involving your toy

submarine. The visit to the emergency room will be most embarrassing.

Hope you made out alright :)

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