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  1. Hi,thumpanewbie, I would check each fan for the direction of airflow.Cooling fans have arrows on the bezel side that indicate the way the wind will blow.Now if you have one on the side of the case over the cpu then the arrow should be pointing inward.The one in the front of the case should be pointing towards the back.the one in the back blowing out the back.If any of these are opposite then you create a vaacum with less air flow.And as suggested by Bonkers a good application of thermal paste is a must.Your correct in assuming that your temps are high especially at bootup,which is suspect to either a false reading or thermal paste not being applied correctly.You can check for a false reading by booting into your Bios and checking from there.I do believe that Gigabyte has this feature in bios.If your temps are different both at bootup and after idling for a while then your temp probe is faulty or in some cases there is a patch on the motherboad website to fix the problem.
  2. I use em all.MSN explorer,IE 6.0,Firefox,Phoenix,Opera 7.5.New to Opera and so far so good.It seems quicker than IE.
  3. Right click on the start button choose properties,start menu,classic start menu and unselect as many enhancements as it takes to run the smoothest.Also right click on desktop and select properties,appearance,effects,and uncheck"use the following transition effect for menus and tooltips and beside the check for "Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts",have standard selected.There are the shadow under menus which can be deselected also.
  4. Why not put your thoughts on the Wall instead of here.Purge yourselves.
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY....................YOUR FRIEND,ZIPP
  6. I'm with Doggie and Drewatrip with the Xaser 3 Blue. The seven fans may or may not be noisey.My Lian Li has 5 and is actually pretty quiet coupled with a Zalman flower cpu cooler.
  7. HPS is a polymorphic Windows 95 virus which contains this text: < Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) Virus BioCoded by GriYo / 29A > HPS stays active in memory and infects Win32 EXE files as they are accessed, encrypting its own code with variable polymorphic encryption layer. HPS activates on Saturdays. If a non-compressed Windows bitmap (BMP) file has been opened, the virus horizontally flips the picture. HPS patches the value DEADBABE (in hex) to the end of the bitmap header area to avoid flipping the same image again. Since non-compressed bitmap files are frequently used by Windows 95 and 98, this causes all kinds of weird effects - such as the start-up and power-down screen of Windows being "mirrorized". Doesn't sound like you are infected with the hanta virus.Sounds to me like an incompatible or damaged mouse or serial or ps2 port.As previously stated a good measure would be to try another mouse.Check for bent contacts on the connection end.Also boot sector viruses could show up as bad sectors. Some symptoms of a boot-sector virus include: You can't launch Windows Your computer can't perform a disk-based setup You get diskette errors You get hard drive errors You get non-system disk errors You have memory or program lockup problems If you have been hacked and are online a hacker could control your mouse through a compromised port,but as you stated it happend after a fresh install of your opsys.I'll go with the bad mouse on this one so you may have to take Pia's advise and get a cat instead. Let us know roger04.Good luck.
  8. Sorry it's so belated but happy birthday and many more
  9. First of all before you begin unplug the power supply and get yourself an antistatic wrist band and ground it on the chassis,then touch the power supply to discharge it..After you take the fan off of the cpu wipe off the fan contact and the top of the cpu with rubbing alcohol.Oh and wait till your chip cools down before you work on it.Then reapply thermal compound using a plastic baggy to spread a thin coat over each surface.
  10. Hi Pia,since I'm still one of your boy toys,I wish you well and have missed you.
  11. Happy B'Day to you The John.Many more dude.
  12. That particular Abit board was second to Asus'sP4C800 in CPU mag's motherboard rounup..Great features and solid performance.9 mobo's were entered.You got a winner.
  13. Very attractive,but I wood think that you wood be retaining more heat by laminating it to your already cool aluminum case.I woodn't by one.
  14. Happy Birthday Sed.Keep your great sense of humor for at least another year.
  15. Here's a terrorist country(N.Korea) that actually and blatently uses it's nuclear weapons to threaten and manipulate the world.Believe me others are trying to do the same thing.Scares the hell out of me.Will work for them as their arsenal gets bigger.
  16. Try running regedit from the run command. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office.Right click on the office entry if it's there and choose permissions.Check the allow sections for Administrator and user.After you set the permissions then try and install. ClickToSeeExample
  17. Happy Birthday Crispy,and many more. Your a great mod!
  18. I'm not surprised because insects are the most successful creatures on earth.The planet is their host and alive or dead if your on the planet they will find a way to make you a host also.Sounds sci fi but it's natural. :)Entomology 101
  19. Very nice Crispy,I have a hunch that you will be overclocking that P4 aggressively.What brand case are you using?
  20. Nice wallpaper collection.

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