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    edit your boot.ini file to include the second hard drive
  2. Hi Guys I have create a new website with fourms too. What do you think and what improvement would make you want to become part of a community on taht website. Many Thanks My Webpage
  3. i have made some changes apart from the colour like you said. wats do you think now.
  4. I will be changing the theme soon anyway. but for now it does. i have complete the site it now has some stock on it
  5. Hi all i am going to start adding products soon. the reason i have left it as the defualt template is becuase people keep telling me about how to much graphics and text pushed together makes it diffcult to read and nav on the site. Do you think that the site looks better with the Categories split up or not
  6. Hey Guys not been around in a long time been working on different things of late. wat do you think of this site. i would like some feedback on it please. Thanks CompoCentre
  7. next i would try a fresh install of MCE 2004 use the toshiba restore disks to put it back then use the upgrade cd to upgrade to MCE 2005. then install your codecs etc. if that fails then i would say that its your software your using. i used nvdia dvd decoder with klite codec pack and that workers great.
  8. try removing one of the decoders as two many conflict on your system. and you many need to re-install your codecs packs as well in order for it to play video corrclty.
  9. if you have two cds then its windows media center 2005 not 2004. you can add the second cd to the first cd by editing the txtsetup.sif file removing the enterys that say %cd2name% chnage to %cdname% then copy the files and folders to the root directory of the windows cd and it will not ask for the second cd anymore.
  10. Hey, can anyone tell me wat the code is to make a button which can copy files from one place to another Thanks
  11. Windows XP Media center is windows xp pro with media centre componets also winodows xp media centre cannot be bought off the self or thought oem's. having media centre is ok but you will not be able to get drivers for tv cards etc.
  12. yer the laptop is fast the only game it hates is Far Cry which i like alot but other than that its great
  13. i just bought a new laptop it cost £999.99 what do you all think did i get my moneys worth Pentium 4 3.06GHz HT 512MB DDR PC2700 60GB HDD GeForce Fx5300GO 64MB with T&L DVD +/- RW Wireless on 802.11g on bored 56k Modem 15" TFT Screen Infrared On Bored SD, Memory Stick and Mutlimedia Card Reader 5.1 Sound Windows XP Home SP1 4 USB 2.0 TV-OUT
  14. lol make sure that it is selected as a option on the toolbar
  15. i just got water cooling but i got air in the system i can't get it out any ideas on this Thanks
  16. 1026.mst and 2057.mst are quite small but Data21.cab is 50MB You can download Data21.cab from my ftp site. FTP 1036_2057.rar
  17. you need to change the boot.ini file for it to work so you can swicth between drives [boot loader] timeout=30 default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS [operating systems] multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Home" /fastdetect should look something like that.
  18. Thanks it nice to be back alot has changed around here....i guess i got a lot of readed to do on the Unattended Front...lol
  19. No your right i have not visited that site in so long thats a great gudie on it as well
  20. @MAVERICKS CHOICE; yes i do it is Winzone Username:MSFN Password:password but it is still a blank page @Alanoll; this method users the RunOnce key in the registry by using a bacth file @ the T-13 mark of setup which then upon next restart end of setup causes windows to display the Windows Update box installing your programs and hotfixes.
  21. Hello Guys long time since i posted in the forum.... Just wanted to know if anyone is still using this method as i never did finsh that gudie of mind......reason being now i have my own web server which is connected all the time which i could put the guide on.
  22. just make your web page and save it to C:\ and call it Default tell IE C:\Default.html that will work just find.
  23. Can anyone plz tell me a tweak to change the path of my videos. Thanks by the way its for Windows XP Media Center 2004. Thanks

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