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  1. Hi, It is ok. No problem. Welcome to MSFN MSNwar
  2. Agreed. Though SP2 security features are not perfect and no OS will ever be perfect it is enough to justify the upgrade.
  3. Hi BoSZ, Had a look at your question. Are you ok with "your own solution", lol. Welcome to MSFN
  4. That looks perfect! Much appreciated!
  5. Need some recommendations please. I would like to have a business card size memory stick to give-away to friends and associates who would add to their wallets just like a regular business card. One meg of memory is enough for my purpose. Since smart cards are not popular because they require a card reader/writer I need to find an alternative. USB sticks are becoming very popular where I live and I am thinking this is the best alternative. Lots of people including myself wear them like a knecklace. They simply cost too much to give-away. Maybe I can find a cheap source for 20 each and maybe not. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. indianarchie, refer to post #50. include a resume and samples. Good luck
  7. Yep, the PSU. The cable is probally shorting out. Not all that common with new PCs, but thats usually the cause, considering what you have done already. Examine the cable for nicks and where it might come into contact with sharp metal. If it looks good try swapping it out with another PSU.
  8. Your first post here and instead of giving you are taking and complaining? Boohoo
  9. Just send xper his favorite bottle and he might add a star or two
  10. phoenix_nf, the updates are more than "software updates" and are automaticly updated from the central server when we connect. Widnez_boy, glad you sorted it. There are actually quite a few members from the UK that visit. Brother Reis comes in a lot and he is a real XPerienced person. I check the frontpage announcement comments more than the forum sometimes myself. My browsers are conflicting with each other and I cant always get to the forum. Hope to see you soon.
  11. oops sorry matrix, forgot to refresh my browser, lol. thanks for all your help
  12. Hi rjz. Yeah pretty much. All it takes is for one person to open the room and it is available.
  13. Glad you like it sven. 40 + different friends of MSFN joined the fun. I stopped counting at 40, lol. Nice to put a face and voice to people we have known for years. Sorry I missed you, had to sleep, but looking forward to seeing you later. Thanks MSNwar
  14. Glad you like it bonedaddy and it was nice to meet you. We had 40 + different people join the fun. We will think of rules as we go and slowly put them into effect. Please feel free to offer any suggestions. Thanks, MSNwar
  15. I dont know Widnez. First time that problem happened to anyone. You might need to delete the file and re-download it.
  16. As promised, here is a little surprise for all, join the project conversation and surf MSFN at the same time. You all know about P2P VoIP, so need for explanations, just download and run: http://p2p-conference.com/msfn/conference/MSFN.exe Enjoy!
  17. Missed you by minutes Bâshrat. Had to do lunch. See you soon Widnez
  18. MSFN Conference is open to all members. Web Cam, Voice, Chat, and Surfing are fully supported. Just a few FAQs: 1) Locate the room you downloaded on your PC and simply run to setup. 2) Setup takes about 2 minutes or less on most PCs. 3) Login without a password, give the room a minute to load, click the Talk Now button in the bottom left-hand corner to talk and release when finished. You need a mic and speakers for voice. 4) Text chat is available if you do not have a mic. 5) Web Cam is supported. PLEASE KEEP IT CLEAN! Download our P2P Room and join the fun: http://p2p-conference.com/msfn/conference/MSFN.exe * P2P is Point to Point Protocol. You must be connected to the internet.
  19. All are awesome! If you need web space to upload your images for "this project" email or PM me and I'll send you the info. Later today I have a nice surprise for all of you that have been so kind to contribute your talent :-)
  20. The "hand" I don't know! The art work is a big "YES" RULES! Xpero, mind if I snag your source files from you? I just want to add some things and get your opinion
  21. Keep em coming guys. I don't mean to point one out. Don't want to kill the creativity. Thats my problem - being creative, lol. I like the font Martin but it is difficult to distinguish it from the rest of the buttons on the page. Maybe mor color?

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