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  1. Carmon

    Happy Birthday xper!

    Happy birthday, xper! hope you have a good one
  2. Carmon

    FLV Extract

    nice great find perfect for what i need
  3. Carmon

    Which OS are you?

    lmao.. well beat Windows ME suppose
  4. Carmon

    Live Messenger on Uni network

    I think so yeah not 100% sure though
  5. Carmon

    25 Worst Web Pages

    thats just childish.
  6. Carmon

    25 Worst Web Pages

    Not all Emo's Slit there wrist everyone asumes they do typical sterotyping, also wheres 888 Casino thats another worest one that or that smiles one
  7. I use S&D , Adware and Spydoctor does the Job for me
  8. Carmon

    F.E.A.R. Multi Player free for download

    I downloaded it the other day looks a good game the only think is i can play it on medium setting ( where my PC should! ) so i have to set all on low and looks like somthing out of Half life 1 meh
  9. Hey all Wondering if you can help me , Just Recently Started Uni and Ive got the internet in my Hall but the problem is that its a Novell Network, I can get Windows Messenger to work but some reason i cant get Windows Live Messenger to work, kinda does my head so wondering if anyone can help me to get it to work. Cheers in advance CaRm0n
  10. Carmon

    25 Worst Web Pages

    wouldnt agree with number one but i agree with undeadsoldier wheres Piczo? that site is rubbish
  11. wasnt really much of a Fan of Nod32 i really liked Kaspersky detection was perfect at the moment am trying out Avast like the Boot Scanner but i think thats all i like about it to be honest
  12. Carmon

    Whats the best Defragmentation Software

    Id have to say that perfect disk far the best ive ever used. reccomend it to anyone
  13. Carmon

    Possible the best FREE game ever!?

    i've been playing this games for a while now and i still love it i love the effect and maddness of the tracks
  14. Hey guys anyways i tried logging in my msn today and give the error message... which userally means there service is down or they .dll isnt registered which i tried both but failed to connect but read up that if try different msn addy it will work so i tired out of curiosity i tried it with my old hotmail account and it worked first time no porblems but soon as i tired my current account it fails to connect its really bugging me but i can access hotmail and other stuff with my addy but i cant access msn but only difference i think it could be is the fact that my old account is a @hotmail.com and my current one is @hotmail.co.uk i dunno if that triggers any answers but am lost for them cheers PROBLEM FIX!!!! MSN @ FAULT PROBLEM FIX!!!! MSN @ FAULT
  15. Carmon

    Are Macs Useful?

    rofl excellant Ideas lol