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  1. do u guys remember the lady who JUST came out of the elevator when 911 happened? and she was like only a block away and everything started to crash? This time she just came out of the elevator and then the power all went out. shes one lucky lady.
  2. welcome to MSFN FTD
  3. Welcome to MSFN hope you enjoy your stay :
  4. that Dus work well worked 4 me when i Asked my ex g/f out so dus work But like dont show Fear gurl sence fear grrrowl rofl u asked ur gf out by doing so much crap??? wow.....
  5. supergurl21


    Hey mate Hope you have some good times here
  6. :/ what did you see?? Sort of hard to explain...it was a very odd few days. I recall thinking i was stood up, but i had been sitting down for hours....not sure if that sonds right... but i really couldent tell. More then anything i would drift off and just come up with some very odd situations in my head..and when id come to, i wasent sure if they were real or not. I think i had scarlet fever or somthing like that |Drew| that doesnt soundn to good.
  7. hehe that guy is scary but cute. and thanks everyone
  8. its a bit late isnt it :D heehee i didnt read the date
  9. im on whenever i feel like it. Im mostly on it whenever im not out
  10. i've gone for only 1 day. Im a sleepy head hehe ZzzZZzZ

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