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  1. Watching The walking dead, "recorded" first 6 eps... awesome so far.. ep1 :-)

  2. Anyone suggest any good Android apps? My fave is XBMC remote.

  3. In August next year, MSFN will be TEN YEARS OLD. Thats pretty crazy! ..and still no sign of slowing down http://web.archive.org/web/20030122211912/http://www.msfn.org/
  4. CMD is a bit clunky for managing printers with imo... probably better if you switch to vbs. My machines are in OU's on AD, so say: SALES - salesprn1 - salesprn2 - salesprn3 and so on. if a user logs onto a machine and its in the SALES\salesprn1\ OU on AD, then salesprn1 printer would be their default printer, i add the other printers in the same department as well just so they have the option of printing to another one if they choose. Users then get to move around and the nearest printer to them is always their default printer. 'IMPORTANT. DO NOT user Share names to install printers. 'Use the full printer name as it appears on the servers printer menu. 'Enter "none" into printers array to install no printers. 'Do not leave array empty 'IT COMPUTERS If isMemberOu("OU=IT,OU=Admin workstations") Then printers = Array("\\GAM012\IT_COLOUR","\\GAM012\IT","\\GAM012\MARKS","\\GAM012\UNDERW2","\\GAM012\UNDERW3","\\GAM012\LOANS1","\\GAM012\LOANS2","\\GAM012\LOANS3","\\GAM012\FAXLESS1","\\GAM012\COLLECTIONS1","\\GAM012\COLLECTIONS2") defaultPrinter = "\\GAM012\IT" installPrinters = True 'LOANS1 COMPUTERS elseIf isMemberOu("OU=LOANS1,OU=Loans,OU=Workstations") Then printers = Array("\\CYC010\LOANS1","\\CYC010\LOANS2","\\CYC011\LOANS3","\\CYC010\FAXLESS1") defaultPrinter = "\\CYC010\LOANS1" installPrinters = True 'LOANS2 COMPUTERS elseIf isMemberOu("OU=LOANS2,OU=Loans,OU=Workstations") Then printers = Array("\\CYC010\LOANS1","\\CYC010\LOANS2","\\CYC011\LOANS3","\\CYC010\FAXLESS1") defaultPrinter = "\\CYC010\LOANS2" installPrinters = True 'ADMIN OFFICE COMPUTERS elseIf isMemberOu("OU=ADMIN,OU=Managerial,OU=workstations") Then printers = Array("\\GAM012\IT_COLOUR","\\GAM013\IT","\\CYC010\DALES","\\CYC010\MARKS") defaultPrinter = "\\CYC010\MARKS" installPrinters = True 'Define printers for specific machines ( we use if for laptops) ELSEIf isMemberOu("ou=laptops") Then ' get computer name Set WshNetwork = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Network") strComputer = WshNetwork.ComputerName ' if computer name matches string then install some printers If lcase(strComputer) = lcase("laptop1") Then printers = Array("\\server\printer 1", "\\server\printer 2") defaultPrinter = "\\pabserv\Room 37" ' Define the default printer installPrinters = True ' Allows the install routines to run ElseIf lcase(strComputer) = lcase("laptop2") Then printers = Array("\\server\printer 1", "\\server\printer 2") defaultPrinter = "\\pabserv\Room 37" ' Define the default printer installPrinters = True ' Allows the install routines to run End If END IF ' **** DO NOT EDIT BELOW THIS LINE *** On Error Resume Next IF installPrinters Then 'install printers Set objWSHNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network") Set WS_PRINTERS = objWSHNetwork.EnumPrinterConnections Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") FOR EACH printer in printers if LCase(printer) <> "none" Then objWSHNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection(printer) END IF NEXT 'set Default Printer if LCase(defaultPrinter) <> "none" Then objWSHNetwork.SetDefaultPrinter defaultPrinter END IF Set WS_PRINTERS = Nothing Set WS_NET = Nothing Set WshShell = Nothing END IF ' Determine OU Membership of computer Private Function isMemberOu(checkOu) Set objSysInfo = CreateObject("ADSystemInfo") strComputerDN = objSysInfo.ComputerName intIndexStart = InStr(LCase(strComputerDN), "ou=") intIndexLength = InStr(LCase(strComputerDN), ",dc=") - intIndexStart isMemberOu = false If intIndexStart > 0 Then compOu = LCase(Mid(strComputerDN, intIndexStart, intIndexLength)) End If If InStr(1, compOu, checkOu, 1) Then isMemberOu = true END IF Set objSysInfo = nothing End Function As usual, theres probably a better way of doing it - but it works. I trimmed the script example down to make it easier to follow, obviously you would need to change it to suit your own AD structure and printer paths etc.
  5. Hi, im looking for some decent content filter / web proxy software for my network at work. We had nothing in place till recently, when i inplemented CCProxy. its pretty basic but does the job well. However i want to filter by USERS and not machines. CCProxy is supposed to do this but it doesent do a very good job of it (hey what do you expect for $60, right?) - users have to sign into IE evertime they start it using their domain username/password. I want to be able to block certain users or restrict them on the internet no matter what terminal they go sit at. yeah i could do this with a hosts file, but that will affect anyone on the machine. Do any of you know any decent content filter software / proxy that i could use on my network. as you might find at your average school or workplace? Just looking for suggestions at the minute, i have so far looked at: Squid (waaaaay over complicated and a PITA to setup by the look) Wingate (ok i guess, but you have to install software on the clients, which doesent seem too stable, program shows in sys tray even if you tell it not to also) CCProxy (best so far, but pretty basic. great if you just want to filter by machine ID though - but i need to block and log accurately what users are doing) Cheers guys
  6. Thanks CF! setting the column to bit fixes it, that way SQL converts the numeric value on insert. Also Mycheckbox.checked.ToString() will work too, though thats having vb do the conversion not SQL server.
  7. because then its saving the value, whatever it is at the minute, till i get it to save as true/false i changed it because it was crapping out on creating a record, so i needed to see what value it was saving. i dont think bit would be right anyway would it? ive tried s many tweakings now im a bit lost from where i was origionally - but i seem to remember on editing a record id get a SQL error about saving a varchar value "True" to a bit column. Ill change it back and see what i get, thanks for pointing it out CF. Though off the top of my head... bit would be for values 0 1 2? And im wanting to write true/false boolean, however a bit value is what im getting. checkboxname.checked should give a boolean value and it isnt doing.
  8. Hi, i have a form with text boxes for username, initials, and password on. Also on this form are a few checkboxes which at the minute i simply want to save their state to SQL as true or false depending if ticked or not. The checkboxes or text boxes are not bound to anything, and are used only for creating a new record in the table. There is a gridview below these boxes showing already created records. The code im using to insert to SQL with is: If String.IsNullOrEmpty(UsernameTb.Text) Then MsgBox("You must enter a Username!") Else If String.IsNullOrEmpty(InitialsTb.Text) Then MsgBox("You must enter users Initials!") Else If String.IsNullOrEmpty(PasswordTb.Text) Then MsgBox("You must enter a Password!") Else Try Me.UsersTableAdapter.AddUserQry(UsernameTb.Text, InitialsTb.Text, PasswordTb.Text, ApplicationsChkbx.Checked, AdministrationChkBx.Checked, CustomerSearchChkBx.Checked, CustomerFormChkbx.Checked, UnderWrittingChkBx.Checked) 'Update the Gridview and notify account created Me.UsersTableAdapter.Fill(Me.WDA_SQLDataSet.Users) MsgBox("Created user " & UsernameTb.Text) 'Empty all the text boxes and set check boxes back to unticked state UsernameTb.Text = Nothing InitialsTb.Text = Nothing PasswordTb.Text = Nothing AdministrationChkBx.CheckState = 0 ApplicationsChkbx.CheckState = 0 CustomerFormChkbx.CheckState = 0 CustomerSearchChkBx.CheckState = 0 UnderWrittingChkBx.CheckState = 0 Catch ex As Exception MsgBox("Error will robinson, error") End Try End If End If End If "AddUserQry" is a Query on the dataset for that table: INSERT INTO [Users] ([Username], [Initials], [Password], [Applications_Access], [Administration_Access], [CustomerSearch_Access], [CustomerForm_Access], [Underwritting_Access]) VALUES (@Username, @Initials, @Password, @Applications_Access, @Administration_Access, @CustomerSearch_Access, @CustomerForm_Access, @Underwritting_Access); SELECT ID, Username, Initials, Password, Applications_Access, Administration_Access, CustomerSearch_Access, CustomerForm_Access, Underwritting_Access FROM Users WHERE (ID = SCOPE_IDENTITY()) For some reason when i create a new record, it saves the check state as -1 for checked, and 0 for unchecked. the table columns are varchar(5) for the check boxes. Using checkboxname.checkstate doesent work either - that saves the state as 1 or 0 (as opposed to -1 and 0) On another form i made for editing existing entries, i have the same text boxes and check boxes, which are bound so they show the record details. when using that form to EDIT an entry, it saves the check box states as "True" or "False" as it should do. Im completely stumped here, because if i create a new user it then breaks the gridview showing users, because it throws up error messages about "-1 not being valid boolean" when it attempts to render each check box in a grid view. Has anyone got any ideas why this is happening? and how i can make the insert save the check box state as boolean? im losing sleep over this one, litteraly! any help/suggestions much appreciated
  9. I've thought long and hard, and have decided on my New Year's resolution. 1280×960.
  10. I just posted a guide on how to do this in the guides section, for anyone who wants to do this. ill add images and improve the guide if needed. http://msfn.org/articles.php?action=show&showarticle=192 Attached is an example ringtone / alarm sound i made using this method. To use it, download bugle.zip to your pc, and extract the bugle.m4r file from the zip. Then drag and drop the bugle.m4r file into itunes (or do File > Add file To Library... from within iTunes). Next, with your iPhone attached to the PC/Mac, select your device in iTunes and click the Ringtones tab, make sure the Bugle ringtone is displayed and that "sync all" is selected, or select the file individually in the selection box, now sync your iphone, the tone will show up in your phone under Settings > Sounds Bugle.zip
  11. "Doctor, it hurts when i poke myself in the eye!" maybe months ago it did work. But within that time the site has probably had a software update. Its something people do, it helps keeps things running smoothly, ensures your software stays supported, maintains security, and also means new features here and there. Thats probably why it now "doesent work" There is no magic fix that will enable your old out of date operating system, and old browser, to run modern code. No more than there is a magic fix to make my old PII machine in the attic be able to run 64bit Vista. Nobody would ever upgrade if this where possible. Face up to it, upgrade, or sit there complaining that it doesent work! You could always go and ask microsoft for help, ooops, no wait - your OS is no longer supported, jee... do you think someones trying to tell you something here? i dont see a better way of getting the point across, short of a chisel. At some point, you simply HAVE to upgrade, like it or not. do you think that now is possibly a good time? this kind of thing will only get worse and happen more frequently, take a trip to your local PC store and look at software requirements - just about everything will say windows XP minimum. Yes, to install windows 2000 would require you to get a windows 2000 License, but you can pick that up for very small change on the magical land of ebay. Are either of you full time students? if so you could get hold of server 2008 or 2003 (not for your wifes machine obviously) for FREE: http://channel8.msdn.com/ https://www.dreamspark.com/ I couldnt possibly suggest to you what to do with your windows xp license after installing server 2003 on your own pc. If its OEM xp, you might not be able to do so, but short of buying you a new pc myself i dont know how else to solve this for you. And im all out of buying people new computers this month, those pesky African children bled me dry.
  12. While it might well be vista, it might also be your usb stick, they only have a limited lifespan, and deteriorate with use, people dont realise this... also, you pay for what you get for, and cheap sticks are more prone to fail. Then again its likley vista, or what you have done to it, re enable RDC and see if it still does it. was it just a one off?? or does it do it every time? if so hit cancel, remove the stick, put it back in (usb 2.0..) and try again... if its still the same, then try xp and see, if it STILL does it - then go buy a new usb stick
  13. Wrong forum section... And actually you could build two machines with identical hardware in each machine, install vista on both - activate the installs - then if you try swap the hdd's over = fail. why? because the hardware signature is different. Anti piracy measure.. obviously.
  14. Problem is caused by out of date browser software and its inability to parse modern code. How do you fix it? - well without wanting to come across as being an a** with you, you already know the answer = upgrade, as Tarun rightly pointed out. Im guessing that your wifes computer is a bit on the old side, that or she is one of those people who really doesent ever want upgrade and cling to 98 for dear life, like some old car (till eventually it rusts out) Well the rust has made big holes in the foot wells, and its time to get a new motor. You could pick up a decent machine running Vista home premium from Dell or Fujitsu for very little money. I say decent, compared to what your wife must be using right now, and also im guessing she doesent use it to do anything too taxing like playing Call of duty 4 and video editing etc etc (well if she does id like to know how she does on 98!) Alternatively, you could upgrade the machine to 2000, which would most likley solve your issue, improve security and the general lifespan of the machine. 2000 isnt too different from 98 in the UI department, so wouldnt really be a learning curve even, plus it should run on similar hardware.
  15. not "news" - so much as anticipated/expected. See hardware news...
  16. the problem with that is, it would be a very complicated control panel, and for some settings you would have toi seriously dig down, scarring some users and making it harder to navigate in general, and thus defeating the object. Are you wanting gpo, hyperv, ad, dns, sites and services etc etc... all in there too???
  17. On vista, under network and sharing center, is file sharing turned on? if so expand it and check the other options within. Because you can share files without the public folders being on - and with us not knowing where you put your file....
  18. i just came to the site and had to sign in also.... new instance of IE after reboot
  19. If that where the case, then i would have thought he would have noticed more than just "the airfilter was big" and i dont think he would have just dumbly returned the car either... :/ as for the HHO bit, i agree too - go to that site and watch some clips, especially the explosive hazards one - constantly the site tells you to not mix metals and use only stainless through the system. umm, ok... makes sense, you dont want to make a nice little hho generator just to have it eat itself away before going bang. But ummm... what do you think its doing to the inside of your copper sleaved cylinders with stainless pistons and aluminium engine block? :S
  20. For those of us that know nothing about this, and are far far too lazy to go google it... how about some info on what exactly it is and what the goal of the project is, and a link to download and more info etc? Never know more people might like to actually be involved and help out with development and testing etc
  21. Just read this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/7716269.stm cheeky coal burning sods.... how much did that Birds nest stadium cost again????
  22. Theres plenty such videos on youtube: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=xekr6eQL62U&...feature=related But basically, clean the cpu with some alcohol and a cotton swab. make sure you get all the old thermal grease off. put a small blob of thermal compound on your CPU core (in your case, yes the little raised square) about the size of a large grain of rice should do it for a p3. now, using a credit card, spread the thermal grease over the rest of the core, keep the layer of grease uniform in thickness and make sure it covers the whole core, you dont want any dry pockets in there. the layer should be just thick enough to cover the core over, without being able to actually see the core under it, about 0.5 mm thick. Now place your heatsink onto the cpu, keeping it flat, otherwise you will smudge the compound off the core and undo what you just did! i still have a few Piii's kicking about somewhere... heh
  23. Dont forget bad memory and gpu drivers have you got another machine at home you could try it on?
  24. isnt that the version that has the bug in it, that allows someone to run malicous code on your machine? bit of a stickler for what versions you use arent you? (as in still using 98 also)
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