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  1. Soon i will be back at UNI and one of the most annoying things is logging on to a generic, locked down computer at uni or the workplace and not being able to do what you sat down to do in the first place. Today i have discovered something that will eliminate that. Portable apps!! What Is A Portable App? portable - carried or moved with ease app - a computer program like a web browser or word processor A portable app is a computer program that you can carry around with you on a portable device and use on any Windows computer. When your USB flash drive, portable hard drive, iPod or other portable device is plugged in, you have access to your software and personal data just as you would on your own PC. And when you unplug, none of your personal data is left behind. My Recommended Portable Apps 7-ZIP - An archiving tool Abiword - A Microsoft word processing tool Clamwin - Portable anti-virus software Firezilla - A capable FTP client FollowMeIPLite - A handy app to display your external ip FoxIt - A portable PDF reader FTP Server Lite - A portable FTP server Great News - A highly efficent news/rss reader Miranda - A multi IM + IRC capable client NVU - Portable web editor VLC - A handy media player Firefox - Portable firefox. (cont below) --------- Pstart - This will sit in your taskbar and act as a handy launcher for all of these tools. You can download of these files ready zipped from here Then simply install to x:\Apps\ (x being the letter of your portable drive). Load PStart last and add the above applications manually. NB When adding the applications to PStart add the portable version . There will be two different EXE versions of the application I.E. Firefox.exe and Firefox_Portable.exe. Improving Firefox further So now you've made your applications portable, you'll want to take your bookmarks, blog, notebook and everything else with you. These are my suggestions for extensions for Firefox: Fasterfox - Caches and preloads pages thus speeding firefox up. Ability to tweak network settings Foxmarks - Will store your bookmarks serverside so when you load your portable firefox you will always have your bookmarks! IE Tab - Embeds internet explorer into a Firefox tab for viewing a Firefox incompatible page PDF Download - Allows you to choose to download the PDF or view it in a tab Performancing - Allows you to post to your blog(s) from within Firefox! Video Downloader - Allows you to download embedded video Stumble Upon - Will revolutionise the way you surf. Randomly stumbles the net according to your preferences You can download all of these zipped from here Google Notebook - Store snippets of information serverside so you always have that important info with you + the choice to make publically available. Available here Google Browser Sync - Will resync your Firefox Tabs. IE. If i browse at home and leave to go to UNI when i load my portable Firefox, the same pages that i were browsing at home would appear! Available here Please note that when you install these extensions, that you install them to your portable version of firefox and not your local one.
  2. fixed here >> http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=70093 <<
  3. check windows update, i think this was fixed in rollup 2. Also see for and update to your video card drivers. Your machine will be capable of running it despite the slightly lower than required system.
  4. The cause of this on my machine was due to an error loading mscorwks.dll when re-installing MCE 2005, however, I understand that quite a few people have had this error for other reasons. Here’s how I fixed it. Basically everything installed fine when I repaired my MCE2005 except I received an error, ‘Error loading f:\windows2\microsoft .net\framework v2.0.50727\mscorwks.dll’ then it told me to check the medctroc.log file. Apparently this error may also appear when trying to install a .NET Framework hotfix if you are simply updating windows MCE. I guess my install CD has this slipstreamed so it's not something i encountered. Firstly I tried to reinstall the .NET Framework 2.0 as I thought it sounded like the registry thought that media centre was still installed but the files might be reverted because of how the OS was repaired. You can find the .NET Framework 2.0 at http://msdn.microsoft.com/netframework/downloads/updates. However, this did not work for me but it could be one of the solutions for you, so I would try it. I then installed the .NET 2.0 SDK and attached the debugger to ehshell.exe (media centre). I received the message: ‘An unhandled exception of type 'System.TypeLoadException' occurred in Unknown Module’ Additional information: Method ShowCPRecordingStop in type MediaCenter.Common.TenFootUserXPAdapter from assembly ehshell, Version=6.0.3000.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35 does not have an implementation. I tried to update my system via Windows Update with the KB900325 update (Rollup 2 for MCE2005), but it always failed. NOTE. This update contains other updates, including itself. These are; KB900325.exe, WindowsMedia10-KB895572-x86.exe, WindowsXP-KB888795-x86.exe, WindowsXP-KB891593-x86.exe, WindowsXP-KB895961-x86.exe, WindowsXP-KB899337-v2-x86.exe, WindowsXP-KB899510-x86.exe, WindowsXP-KB902841-x86.exe, wmfdist95.exe. I then downloaded the update (WindowsXPMediaCenter2005-KB900325-usa.exe) and tried to install it and found that it failed on installing a specific update, which was the kb900325 hotfix. (NOTE that when it fails you will need to reboot and it will do a system restore on your machine. Let it do this BEFORE you carry on with the following.) To resolve this I extracted the file WindowsXPMediaCenter2005-KB900325-usa.exe to a folder using WinRAR (Click the link to install. Then right click on the file 'WindowsXPMediaCenter2005-KB900325-usa.exe' and do 'extract to' under the winrar menu). I then manually installed all of the hotfix’s individually. Except one which is WindowsXP-KB891593-x86.exe (which failed stating that it had failed to migrate dependant packages), even the above hotfix that failed during the automated install, (KB900325) installed ok. Anyway...media centre now run's, although it now crashes out when I try to close it, this should be the same case for you too. I don't know however, which hotfix actually enabled media centre to run as I didn't try to run it after every hotfix. You should now reboot your machine and visit Windows Update. This will then download two updates, KB910393 and KB913446. Then reboot your machine again. Now back to the one hotfix that failed earlier, to sort this you will need to go to; Start/run/appwiz.cpl . Make sure the updates box is checked. Scroll down to Windows XP – Software updates. Remove the file KB904706 (it will prompt you that it is not advised as certain files/programs depend on it) and then go back to the folder where you extracted the rollup to and install KB891593, it should now install fine. You will then need to download and install the update KB904706 again. Then go to Windows Update and install the latest update KB912067. Reboot your machine and everything should work fine! I personally thought that I’d never manage to fix it but I have. I can now use my media centre remote again woohoo! Plus I don't have to use some crappy imitation like Nero home...pfft!
  5. im using the new pre-release office 12. for some reason the page http://www.msfn.org/modules.php?modname=backend&action=rdf used to work fine but now it doesn't, outlook can no longer connect to the server and download the new news. Anybody?
  6. finally got a replacement and it was a 160gb drive not the original 120gb. lets hope this dont burn my house down.
  7. Hi guys! Just a quick suggestion like but i reckon you should allow the <embed> tag or at least creat a bbcode for it. realistically it's only going to be used for movie clips etc which arn't really that large and as most of the world has at least an isdn connection if not 512k broadband i dont think the board would really suffer. So how about it?
  8. Forgot to add my BMW M3 GTR in to that. Made a movie instead. Enjoy!! The movie!!
  9. Hey guys! Recently completed NFSMW and i think it ownz! Thought i'd post some of my rides from the game (the actual career mode NOT just the section where you can add cars for free!). Check it!! PS Why don't the image show anymore thats well stupid and so's the fact your limited how many images you link even if they're external!! check My Flickr account instead
  10. You obviously didnt read my post properly. Anyway...i have a Thermaltake Butterfly Psu 480W (7 Colours Flash, SATA, dual fan) + 2 way induction blower fan (separate) with dual fan speed control baybus for the psu and for the blower. Thermaltake Socket 754 Venus 12 Cooler (with 3 1/4" baybus adjustable fan speed controller) 80mm Thermaltake case fan 120mm Thermaltake LED Exhaust fan 120mm Thermaltake Induction fan all fans are monitored via coolermaster aerogate 3 and temperatures are monitored also, south bridge,gpu,cpu,hdd.
  11. Hey guys! Just thought i'd share my little episode with you all. Here's a warning...i used to think maxtors were pretty capable hard rives until this happened. I was sat there...and then suddenly my drive burst into flames!!! The drive was out of the case at the time but no were near anything that could cause it to short/overheat etc etc. The whole controller card is now mangled and 120gb went west! My brother also had the same happen to a similar maxtor drive of his too..SO DONT GO BUY ONE!
  12. just thought i'd let y all know i finished my samurize config. UPDATE HERE I think it rawx took bout 4 hours.lol To download it visit the Samurize Config section. Enjoy http://phunky-j.djhost.nl/images/screens/config-screenie.png
  13. i use object dock plus from Stardock. My mouse is sensitive but i also use a graphics tablet
  14. Lo guys!! Not posted for a while in here. Not sure if i like it still yet think im gonna mess some more but check it! Boot Screen Logon Screen Desktop My sumurize config is available @ Samurize.com To download it visit the Samurize Config section.

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