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  1. Possibly save someones life.......

    Thank you for this message, Xperties. I have someone that I need to send it to. Maybe it will make a difference.
  2. Thieves Get Data On 10,000 In State

    This is all to true......it happened to me, but not from this instance. I'm still trying to get out from under identity theft. It's scary how easy it is for people to do this to you and the victim has to prove their innocence.
  3. New Site

    After the initial shock of realizing that my home page hadn't been hijacked I was pleased with the new look. I'm looking forward to it coming back. Leeta
  4. who wants gmail?

    I still have 4 invites left. Please PM me with your email address and I'll send one along.
  5. ebay use

    I've used ebay numerous times Famer and have always had a positive experience. If you are worried use an escrow account.
  6. Hello from another Newbie

    Welcome Mersey........lots of very smart people here........enjoy.
  7. who wants gmail?

    Thanks Famer.......you are right, I still have 7 left, but haven't heard from anyone wanting one. It's best to PM me as I may not have time to check this thread everyday. So again, I have 7 invites to give away or if you don't want one for free....you can pay me.
  8. who wants gmail?

    with a nick like that you sure will get pm'd (joke) maybe I should change it Famer.......no one wants any of them.
  9. who wants gmail?

    I have 7 invites I'd like to give away......please PM me.
  10. ! hello !

    Hello back at ya and welcome.
  11. Funny Pic

    means.........that someone got angry and tore up the classroom and now they have to repair it?
  12. Good Evening All

    Welcome to MSFN
  13. Hi

  14. Salutations!

    Hello and welcome to MSFN
  15. The count-down to SP2

    Jeez, and I took off work early today hoping it was out.