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  1. well the nickname matty no.1 came from that lots of people were i live were called mathew and that on the net there were loads with matty2003, matt1334 ect so i wanted to stand out as an individual ...hence matty no.1 was born. I also had the nick name phoenix for a while cause i liked the mythical story behind a phoenix bird that when it dies a new pheonix will arise from the ashes recently ive started using the nickname Karandraz cause it sounds damm cool
  2. hey eve beta testers hows thing over in eve ? iam now on the beta list but i doudt iam not sure if iwill get seleced before release ....if not ill have the game on release hopefully regards, matty
  3. Me personally wants to play eve the most then dues ex 2 when its released
  4. will also be playin eve hopefully on release .....if my comp can handle it
  5. me has no tattos but have thought about gettin a an ice dragon done on my shoulder or some chinese writting ..maybe ill get them some day
  6. yay its working now ...but its very distorted
  7. ok now i know i might have posted this in the wrong sections but i dont know if its a hardware/software problem. anyway ive got a microsoft sidwinder game voice and ive got a problem with the microphone for seom reason it just wont work. I have double checked all the the connections are set up right and teested that the speaker work through it ect but the microphone will not work at all unless i run a hardware test on the sound card then it will work but once i finish the test it stops working. ive checked the device manager and there appears to be no confliction between anything that would disrupt the sound card so iam at a loss what to try next .....any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. ok iam know iam new here, but still here are my thoughts. War is a bad thing all of this worlds past experienes of it has taught of this. The worlds leaders should not enter into a war with irag unless it is a last resort becuase the impact of war is disatarous and the pain caused will be far reaching and may even re-face the world as we know it (if nukes come into play). I agree that saddam is an evil dicator and should be removed from power to save irag from his tyrancy but i dont this war is ust over saddam or terrorism either becase if they really wanted saddam gone, just saddam they would have had him assassanated by now ..there must be other factors such as reource,land, money ect Now i love american people and think there a very intresting bunch but ...with all due respect i believe president bush should show some respect for dameocracy an let the insepectors finish there work.
  9. well yes umm i didnt have cable went this site went live btw m8 we should have one of those 1942 matches again sometime soon. p.s also i need to talk to you when you got a mo about gettin my comp upgraded

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