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You Want to Change Your Username?


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Can I have my username changed to i430VX
(note the case, the first letter being lowercase, and the VX being uppercase)

This way, i will have the same name across the inter-webs, (for the most part)


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It's generally faster as well if you post your name change request here because then any admin can change it. xper doesn't always get on a lot so you might be waiting a while if you only message him about it. And since Trip and Den are on here regularly, it'll most likely get done quite quickly if just requested here. :yes:

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12 hours ago, 2008WindowsVista said:

Could I please have my username changed to WinClient5270 ? My YouTube and Twitter accounts already have this username so I'd like to unify my username across all platforms so my subscribers/followers can find me on all of them easier.

Thanks! :)

2008WindowsVista is now WinClient5270. :hello:

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