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  1. Hello, Could someone tell me what is the last version of WinRar supported on XP RTM/SP0 and XP SP1? I have some old laptopts that work better with SP1/SP0 than they do with newer SPs so i need to use it like this. Thank you.
  2. Please change my username to "theeXeic" (without the quotes).
  3. You can but I wanted to integrate it so that I wouldn't have to use wpi, setupcomplete, unattended scripts etc.
  4. I was afraid of that. Thanks MagicAndre for your fast reply and your great tutorial. I'm going to try it on my new install. @myselfidem: yes, inside the setupcomplete but it doesn't integrate it in the install. Sorry about the category.
  5. Using MagicAndre's tutorial on installing wpt, I installed windows's sdk and got the two files: wpt_x86.msi and wpt_x64.msi. Is there any way to integrate wpt in my windows 7 install? I know dism accepts .msu files only. Thank you
  6. Highly unlikely. If you can't copy them from where they are now, the same result would apply if they were on any other partition/drive. No the best choice because: 1. windows 7 uses approx 8GB of space. Once you'll update the system, the size will increase drastically. Plus (depending on your settings and usage): hibernation file/page file size/programs and games/temporary files (ex: extracting an 4 gb file with winrar)/logs and memory dumps (I've seen dmps of 500mb) . Think carefully. Unless you want to learn how to move system folders from one drive to another and correct their paths in the registry, i would recommend that you do not try to install a programs/games on another partition. The reason is simple: it will be installed in both places (half on program files in c: and other parts in your defined drive). Beside the ownership problem, xcopy could also not copy folders because they have spaces. xcopy /M /E /I /Q /H /Y "C:\Program Files" --> only program files is enclosed in quotes. I'm thinking, if it reaches a folder in program files with spaces, then it'll skip that folder and move to the next. Just a theory. Perhaps a loop would be better: for /f "tokens=*" %%a in ('dir/b/ad "%programdata%"') do ( robocopy.exe /e "%%a" SOMEWHERE>nul 2>&1 ) and see how it goes. i hope this is the correct syntax for robocopy.
  7. Does your win7 has only one user (you)? The problem you are having is most likely to occur because you lack authority. Even if you are an admin, you cannot access some files because they are owned by microsoft, wheather there are in use or not. Try studying takeown and icacls commands and try your batch again.
  8. Hi legolash, The old tweak.exe used the exit code -532459699 to define the error "registry file not found" when the path was inexistent or incorrect. Could make something similar on your version? For instance if the program finished successfully return errorlevel 0 if registry file not found then return errorlevel 1 etc. I use it in my batch and it would really be useful for me.
  9. Thanks for these lists Steven. There extremely useful for those that do unattended installs and don't want to use automatic updates. As a tip, try to focus only on 7SP1 and office 2010SP1.
  10. Hi avada. Are you trying to copy windows from a smaller drive to a larger one? If so, you can use clonezilla for a partition to partition copy. With the -r (resize) parameter in the advanced option screen you can clone a smaller partition to a larger one without any problems. As for what you asked, I;m sorry, I don't know a best way.
  11. Would this also work for folders such as appdata, local appdata, program files and programdata?
  12. Hello, I'm using an application that stores temporary settings during each session. When the I close the program, those settings are lost. My guess is that it creates some kind of temp files somewhere but clears them each time the program closes. The program itself is portable (no installation). So i'm looking for a program that can monitor an opened program in a way that would show me: - what files is using - what files were created - registry changes I already tried whatchanged from vista files but it never finds anything. Based on the above, what would you recommend on using? Thanks, Alex
  13. Hi guys! Could anyone please tell me what network components should keep for a broadband internet conection using PPPoE? Everytime I install the os I need to creat this connection with a username and password. Thanks in advance.

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