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My MSFN username stands for...


What's in a name?  

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  1. 1. My MSFN user name represents:

    • Vocation - Professional field, status or title.
    • Avocation - Fads, obsessions, hobbies, and off-duty pursuits.
    • Location - Anything connected to a physical place.
    • Reputation - Nickname, alius, nom de guerre, or other informal name.
    • Designation - First, last, hereditary, or other formal name.
    • Rumination - Jargon or witticism not quite fitting in previous categories.
    • Dissociation - The 'other' category (please tell us more)

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gamehead199 was an older, outdated version and since was replaced with the new, highly optimized gamehead200. This also officially marked the end of the beta series of gameheads and since then gamehead200 has become the final build/release.
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Mines Techn1976...

TECHNics <--- as in hi-fi's, i was a great big fan!

TECHNo <--- I Love Techno Music!!!

1976 <--- Year i was born in :-)

Thats how i got my name (Techn1976 ;-) ) , and its been about 11 years now with thas name tag.

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Mine is a step up from several names. In summary, it went from Daemon to Daemonforce. It kind of gives you a clue how easy every situation is to me and how far I've gotten. The last name was a horrible inside joke to Draxx the necromancer because I seemed to bring dead hardware back to life after "killing" everything else connected.


Other than that it's nothing special. I'll eventually get bored and become a gimmick poster if I decide to make a new name, but I don't have the slightest idea what it will be or what would urge me to do such a thing.

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"Phyridean" came from some illegible doodling I did in a history class five or so years ago. I went back to read it, and couldn't figure out what I'd said, except that it looked an awful lot like the name it came to be. Afterwards, I went back and added up the numerical values of each character (A=1, B=2, C=3, etc) and found that the sum was precisely 100. It's stuck ever since.

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