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  1. It's Official! Windows XP Boots on Macbook!

    hmmm.... interesting to see you actually sponsor this forum . . just to post silly pictures ..http://tinyurl.com/hzyqq Well after all , it must be the Funny Farm ... bit pointless,really ...
  2. It's Official! Windows XP Boots on Macbook!

    You posted it on Mar 10. Double post and removed. OOOPPPSSS ! I AM SO SORRY MASTER, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN,MASTER - I WASN'T EVEN AWARE THAT I HAD DOUBLE POSTED . . OH, MASTER XPER I TRULY APOLOGISE FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART THAT YOU HAD TO WASTE SOME TIME AND PLAGIARISE MY POST AS YOUR OWN . . . PERHAPS I COULD COPY SOME OF YOUR POSTS AND POST THEM AS MY OWN - - - THE DECENT THING TO DO WAS TO PM ME AND INFORM ME THAT I HAD DOUBLE POSTED .... THAT WAS ALL YOU HAD TO DO.... THE NAME OF THIS FORUM IS THE FUNNY FARM . . http://tinyurl.com/hzyqq AND THAT APPEARS TO SUM UP THE POWER CRAZY EGOTISTS THAT APPEAR TO RUN THIS SITE . . OF COURSE YOU COULD GO AHEAD AND DELETE THIS POST TOO . . . . YOU MIGHT AS WELL . . "The problem with Sites like this are the small,ridiculously closed minds that can't appreciate anything. If you dont like the project, just dont post anything. As for the 12 year old that has been posting the last comments, please, and I really mean the "please", grow up. Go play with something other than the Internet because this is definitely not the place for you." - with thanks to Gouki at plastk.net for summing it all up so succinctly . . . THAT ,MR XPER IS HOW NOT TO PLAGIARISE OTHER PEOPLES POSTS. PERHAPS MSFN COULD RENAME ITSELF TO MSFFN - MICROSOFT FUNNY FARM NETWORK --- PERHAPS NOT. what actually started of as a little joke has turned into a load of pseudo-political babble . . after all , how many members ACTUALLY WORK FOR MICROSOFT . . . OR LIKE TO THINK THEY DO ? IF I HAVE OPENED THE PROVERBIAL CAN OF WORMS THEN THATS OK,TOO.... PERHAPS I SPEAK FOR THE SILENT MAJORITY ... WHO KNOWS, WHO CARES ..I DONT.PERIOD. THE SAD THING ABOUT ALL THIS IS THAT I HAD THOUGHT MSFN WAS RUN BY PROFESSIONALS FOR PROFESSIONALS ---- I FEAR IT ISN'T AND NEVER WILL BE WITH SMALL- MINDED PEOPLE RUNNING IT. I HOPE YOU WILL BE HAPPY DELETING ALL YOUR DOUBLE POSTS ...
  3. It's Official! Windows XP Boots on Macbook!

    hmmm . . . Im sure I posted the pic very recently myself . . strange that I cannot find it in my posts . . . . did I do something wrong ? .... http://tinyurl.com/5bk5j
  4. IT'S OFFICIAL . . .

    .... I couldn't resist posting this when I saw it ( sorry about that !!! ) .
  5. Share your name with everyone

    HI ! My real name is Mike ..... .... ( but if the missus wants anything,it's Darling !! )
  6. Ask-Reply Game

    Pen . . . . Big signatures .. .or little signatures ? ?
  7. My MSFN username stands for...

    . Hi There ! As I am a retired professional musician and music teacher I chose Shostakovich, as my nickname simply because I like the music of the 20th Century Russian Composer - Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975).
  8. Who Am I ?

    . HI There ! Slight misunderstanding here . . in the topic vista - I sent in posts 4 and 5 AFTER I had registered and logged in . . apologies for not explaining it right . .
  9. Ask-Reply Game

    ....... None ! . . . . . ( I prefer Flight Sim 2004 ! ) Beethoven or Beatles ?
  10. Who Am I ?

    Hi there ! I have just joined the forum and I have registered correctly, but when I replied to a topic on the main Homepage I showed up as 'posted' ! . . Why did this happen ? Mike
  11. Hello !

    HI THERE, Everyone ! ... as a 51 year-old silver surfer I would like to say that I look forward to all your advice and help that you will probably be giving a PC newbie such as myself !