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  1. They need to make a way to integrate IE 7 into XP/2003. I'm getting tired of installing things manually across older platforms like Win2000 and NT. I'll look into SP2 on a virtual machine. After that I'll just wait for the final release. This has been needed for a while now.
  2. Run setup with the noreboot switch. There's your bootfiles.
  3. Yeah well I'm using a SupraExpress 56iVoice! GG pwned kthnx no re.
  4. You could run your applications in a virtual machine. I really see no difference in workload when running an app on Server or Adv. Server. Running your applications on Windows Server 2003 with .NET code should be your primary concern since that's the main goal. The .NET applications won't natively operate on Windows 2000 since it isn't packaged with the .NET framework. Stuff seems to work better in vmware than on my physical servers for some odd reason, so there's really no substitute for testing than the real thing.
  5. The largest file I've downloaded over dial-up was a 2.5GB DVD image. I still use dial-up because nothing better is available around here. To this day I have gathered roughly 600GB of data off the Internet.
  6. Open says me! I'll admit there are several annoyances about Windows XP from start to finish. I've been there. Anyone that has done the migration has probably had similar questions/problems as well. I'll start from the beginning. When migrating to XP Professional, we aren't getting rid of the Blue Screen of Installation. That is something that only the Windows Preinstall Environment can get rid of and this area is created just to unpack it. The problem with the BSOI is the attendance. If you let your computer sit in this area for too long, some critical machine parts may start to overheat and this heating could possibly damage your computer. Since we're supposed to have sufficient cooling, it shouldn't be an issue. I take cooling instructions from Koolance Corp. but this still becomes a problem. This issue can even be emulated in vmware. Let it sit and it overheats. Another issue is when you need to do an in-place upgrade and you don't format. Unless you've changed the name/location of the user documents directory, the Documents and Settings area is going to be dirty. I fix this by booting the XP OPK and clearing the whole directory. Vista's installation method shoves everything older into one big directory making the previous OS unusable. This could be a problem if you don't have something to move everything back to do a dual boot. The point is that XP gives you more freedoms which may or may not be a good thing. Some of the real annoyances are based on what you choose to install. I admit the OS license is expensive and it shoves everyone towards XP Home, but that's just adding to the drama when you really need XP Professional for what you do. Some people that do this tend to take on the jobs of being a Video editor or Web Designer. The later can only lead to trouble. From the beginning, people have been asking me how I'm able to publish web content and I tell them that it's a component of XP. Is it in XP Home Edition? No. What is it? IIS. If you're doing any kind of web stuff that requires a great developer tool as well as some advanced publishing tools, you're either going to be using Cassini's Web Server or IIS. I'm an ASP.NET designer, so that pretty much locks me into using XP Professional and Server 2003. Worse yet are these people that use XP Home on their notebooks and they're not able to connect to their domain controller at work. You already realize the problems that spread from here. So far Home Edition seems to be the quagmire that has gained so much popularity from being cheap. It doesn't stand alone though. I have a build of XP Media Center and it's designed off of the XP Professional binaries. I did some comparing with other people and their MCE seems to be based off of Home Edition. My build supports IIS and all that fun stuff. I'm not sure why it would be in a Media Center, but more power to me. So far "XP" exists in the following variants: Windows XP Starter Edition Windows XP Home Edition Windows XP Embedded Windows XP Professional Windows XP Media Center Edition Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Short of Home and bizarre Media Center builds, there should be no real problem. This is already getting too long and I don't want to write more. x_X The point is know what you're buying before you do so. Evaluate the build.
  7. Thank you for the lesson on Ximage. Appending the image was a step that was kicking my a** for the past 3 months or so. Should be good for rebuilding now.
  8. Sometimes. Then everyone gets hit by lagbombs. Even me. x_X
  9. Are you absolutely sure it's caused by SP6? It works fine for me in vmware. I don't know how it acts on physical hardware though. My biggest issue with NT4 is that nothing I have is designed to run on it. I just don't use it.
  10. The first CD is bootable. You shouldn't have to use floppies. Last resort would be RIS.
  11. D00D! Don't shoot him down like that. o_O The solution here is to make your old box into a server. I have made mine into: Network Gateway DHCP Server Domain Controller Exchange Server FTP Server SAV CE10 Primary Server Terminal Server Unreal Tournament Server Web Server Wheel of Time Server The list goes on and on... My hardware? AMD K6-2/300 ASUS P5A-B 384MB PC133 ATi Magnum 16MB 2X AGP 19GB Codename Corona All that sexy power on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise. I wish I could find a 550. Then I could install SQL Express and really watch things fly.
  12. WinKey+B does that for me in XP. o.O
  13. This is quite a topic. My board is the IS7. For a few days in every year I load up the online update tool and look for a newer BIOS to update with. Funny thing about it: I have used it in XP Professional SP1 with success. I have used it in LH Professional PDC03 with success. Now you ask, why would I flash my BIOS under Longhorn? This computer is powered by a P4. It does not like the programs that I use on the box with my AMD K6. Luckily, I've never had to flash the BIOS on that box. This computer has a strange driver issue with XP Pro where any tests where the screen size is changed in any way means an instant reboot. Thankfully I've never had such a problem in Longhorn and WinPE. I did a reinstall of XP Pro yesterday and encountered the same issue. It took me a while to find the right drivers. Before you do any BIOS flashes or anything critical in WinPE, it may be wise to do a video "stress" test to make sure the environment is stable.
  14. Two incredibly difficult steps: 1. Run ISOBuster. Everything on the CD will show up. Tables...Files...Everything. 2. Extract the image in Bootable CD. You can use this to forge a new bootable disc using CDImage, Starburn, Nero... GG Kthnx no re. B)
  15. XP Media Center has done nothing but constantly p*** me off since I installed it. My mouse goes nuts or dies every few hours and my network connections are all screwed up. I've never had these wierd issues on Pro. I could go back to the Longhorn Pro PDC03 build and I'd be happier. If you want to be absolutely sure you won't have to format or lose anything by installing Pro, I would make sure you have sufficient free space or at least boot the XP OPK and start erasing the Windows directory. Besides that, move all of your stuff out of My Documents directory. The #1 complaint I get from people when backing up their stuff is that they made a bunch of shortcuts to their My Documents directory or they get access denied errors. You need to test your backups. Making a backup means making sure your backups will work. I never make backups because I don't do my operations on the local drive where the OS is installed. I have a whole seperate drive for that.
  16. What are you using for network detection? I'm using the XP OPK and I use PENetCfg to start networking! I really can't stay away from that tool. It's too awesome to put down.
  17. *reads thread* *pokes Knoppix 4.0.2 CD downloading at 3%* I hate you. Ah wait it's an oversized image made for DVDs. I'm staying the hell away from that! *continues downloading 4.0.2...* Seriously...Why people insist on downloading and using a live DVD about as huge and slow as Microsoft is beyond me.
  18. It wouldn't be his home PC but his LAN. I have a similar service issue when connecting to my domain URL within the LAN. I know it's better for me to type //name in the bar instead, but it's simpler to me if I just use the URL. I can go to the site just fine from the server. Everyone can go to the site just fine even though it's slow and they're connecting to a box on a dial-up connection. o_O The problem is that any computer on the LAN trying to reach the site will get an instant timeout. I've never been very good at figuring out that kind of thing. =/
  19. How does the URL operate and what are you using to serve the site? It looks like you denied yourself access to the site. =/ The page works fine but I don't have a login, so I don't know what's supposed to be working.
  20. Maybe Shift+F10 would work? I haven't used NT4 in a while now.
  21. You need a volume key to install MCE in volume installation mode. There are currently no keys that actually do that to the complete extent. If you use a XP Pro volume key, you get XP Pro Volume. If you use an XP Pro Preactivation key, you get MCE with a 60 day activation grace period.
  22. 1.1 or 2.0? I believe some people have gotten 1.1 integrated but I have no idea how to get 2.0 integrated. It's a real mess and none of my awesome setup tools are working because they need the .NET Framework. I just want to be able to handle new stuff when it finally arrives.
  23. There must be something critically wrong with this thread because I read the posts over and over and I want to punch the OP and yell "XP EMBEDDED!" for some unexplainable reason. That can't be right. You have one computer and you want to setup several thin clients to connect to it? I don't understand here... If it was one person wanting to use several computers at once I would say get a KVM switch, but it's the other way around. This problem was originally solved by getting another computer but you seem to have a problem with the cost of materials. My solution would be to setup a very powerful server and have a bunch of low-end workstations networked to it.
  24. It looks like IE can't interpret ASP.NET code. I get that problem when downloading 7z files from Unix servers. I have no idea what causes the problem.

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