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  1. Any news on the development nuhi? I am really stretching my installation now
  2. Quick Update! Cool. Thank for the update. But even i support your initial idea of obtaining the most stable install source first and then add the resources. It sound perfect, worth resisting to me!
  3. Good to see Vize going to Stability before the resources first. A stable build can always be injected with resources later! BTW, the logo of Vize does not make much sense to me. I hope we get a new logo before the final build of 1.0 is released.
  4. Thanx for the reply. Now atleast i know that i need to wait
  5. I posted in the main topic, but got no reply. The only reason i am asking again and again is because last time i installed Vista, and ****!! 2 days later, we have hotfix integration and a nice new release. This time i do not want such an even to take place. When is the next build due?
  6. Have you removed anything? To reduce the size, you shall have to remove some components. You could remove the languages for a start and see a cool reduction in size.
  7. Hi Alsiladka, happy to meet you here too You are planning the format due to your returned laptop I guess Hello provolino, nice to see you too!! Well ya, dunno why but i feel it is working slowly since the time it came back. Feel like formatting it once, as if dont feel like so once a month!! So just popped in to see if there is a new version for which i should wait, or go ahead with 1.1 beta.
  8. I am planning a format in an week. Is there going to be a new vlite soon, so that i better wait. Or should i go ahead?
  9. Oh Man!!! I just installed it again last week after looking on the net for two days looking for an easier Hotfix integration!! Nuhi, can we have an approximate next release date available somewhere so that people looking to install again can wait a week if a new release is approaching? Looks to be a cool release, i have not tried this on yet, will be trying it on a VirtualPC, but there is still so much to remove. For a start and simple removal, can we have the removal for Sample Pics, Music, Vids and RecTV? That would save around 200MB.
  10. No one has any suggestions for this feature or seconds this suggestion?
  11. Hey Nuhi, Although there exist tutorials on the net on how to do it, it would be nice if nLite would integrate this feature in itself. Along with a directly burn to CD option, Can we have a Make a Bootable USB Installation source? Since now a days most of the systems allow booting using the USB PenDrives, it would be awsome if we could install XP using our pendrives. This way , if anything goes wrong or a file goes missing, we do not waste a CD and no fuss about burning and all. Do you people support this Feature Request? There are instruction on this site to Install XP using USB drive, but i could not follow it, bit too technical. http://www.vandomburg.net/articles/2006/03...ows-xp-from-usb
  12. Autopatcher includes all the updates released for XP, even some which are not requiered on each and every system, like the one which resolves a problem with adobe premier app or something. It also includes the replaced hotfixes. Ryans pack will make sure you have all the required security hotfixes. Go for ryan, and if you decide to use autopatcher later on, make sure you check each and every hotfix before you install it.
  13. well, i would also second having separate sections for IE and WMP. I would rather prefer the default IE7 and WMP11 resources. As xpized resources look out of place. The Home and printer images on IE tab bar do not fit seamlessly in the vicinity. Those opt out options would be welcome PS- Can you please provide a list of all the WMP related files patched so that we could uninstall them. Its gr8 to be back
  14. Yes. My system has IE7 and WMP11. N i think they do not need to be Xpized as all the newer MS apps have updated resources. But Xpize updated all their files too. If this was not a bug, then i would suggest that the user is asked wether he wants to Xpize IE7 and WMP11 or not. This way, the user wont have to individually uncheck each and every file. I hope i conveyed my suggestion to you.
  15. Oh i am sorry. Was in a hurry so could not explain it. Eventhough i have IE7 and WMP11 installed on my system, still Xpize did not recognize them and xpized them never the less. Or have you kept it that way? I have to manually uninstall each and every IE related xpized file as it was not looking as good as original IE. I even want to uninstall WMP, but do not know all the related files.
  16. Eventhough i have IE7 and WMP11, still they were Xpized!!! Why so?
  17. guys i used nLite 1.2.1 . strangely, every time i create a new user account , the admin user account auto logins. how can i stop this?
  18. hey walkty why do you post new news in old topics? why dont you open new topics for your news?
  19. Build 8432 Realesed Wov man , they are simply rocking!!
  20. That was really funny. After a long time , i got to read something original and relly had a nice laugh!!!
  21. I think you have found out a probable answer to your query. Another one could be , Install SP2 on each machine , and on the Same CD , Get Autopacther. I think there is a switch ot make it run Automated. you can think about it!!
  22. Hi Xpero , More members would notice it if you make it Sticky Godknows why they want the addon when they have a perfect compatibility!!!!
  23. Well i like one of the ideas posted over here. Let Xpize have the scripts to be used . The End User should install the shareware version on his computer. Run Xpize , Xpize can use the "End Users " Software on his personal computer. I see no Mass Distributuin in that!!! But is the Shareware version capable of the Task we are looking for?
  24. Maybe we should rename it to Microsoft Windows Delay !!!

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