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  1. Excellent nuhi, this is my favourite nLite version yet. Have created 2 seperate isos (one for main machine, one for laptop) without a single issue. Flawless Victory!
  2. Congratulations nuhi on a terrific application
  3. obviously that guy just has no idea about Windows or nLite. stfu please
  4. Sounds to me like you're doing this commercially, ie, for a business? I believe this violates nLites license?
  5. Well done guys - deserve all the recognition you get!
  6. wow this thread is bonkers What's nLite?
  7. You better read the nLite License, you cannot use nLite in a commercial environment.
  8. Excellent... very much looking forward to an XPize independant release
  9. Just wanted to confirm running the latest nLite 1.3 with many options removed, I have no issues running the latest 1.6.0a release of XAMPP B)
  10. WOW looks fantastic! I'm loving these new releases - all thanks to XPero going OS with his source code *applauds* Terrific job B)
  11. Would be greatful if you could point out which backgrounds look pixelated... You are correct, that is how I created the black backgrounds. Probably just me being picky (the Wizards in your first post screenshot is an indication of some of the pixelated edges). Like I said, not a big deal tho, just me being picky! Looking forward to the next release
  12. any chance you could share just the logoff dialogue box?
  13. Question if i may... Can this be slipstreamed into an Unattended CD like Xpize can? Or do I need to slipstream Xpize and then run this once Windows has been installed? Also, it appears as tho the images where the backgrounds have been replaced (with a darker gradient) look to have pixelated edges?
  14. Because sometimes, you just have to move with the times... Looking good XPero.. I'd have to agree with a few others tho, definately need a progress bar of sorts for boot screen. Cheers
  15. Sorry for late response - only just notcied your request when I updated the first post. This Billboard is available in the pinned topic at the top of this forum
  16. I received a PM asking me to share my billboard so here it is again for those interested: Rapidshare Link
  17. You really should search as all your questions are already answered on these forums. Why do you want to integrate Messenger 5.1? That's already included with a Windows XP install. As for the other things, search in the Application Addons forum.
  18. oooh I'm following this development closely
  19. Annita, have you downloaded nLite 1.3? If not do so and read thru the selections of things you can delete
  20. Do you have any idea how difficult that would be - to create a way to intergrate 1000's upon 1000's of apps?! And what is wrong with addon packs - they work flawlessly when created correctly. I'm hoping nLite will include some form of anti-CAPS typing mechanism in a future release
  21. nuhi himself recommends 1.3 over any other version - that's good enough for me
  22. I'm using 1.3RC2 as my desktop without any problems. The importnat thing is to obviously NOT remove anything that you may need. If you don't know what it does or if you may need it, keep it. As for stability issues, they could appear anywhere, anytime, depending on what you've removed etc. Play it safe and your chances of a useful fully functioning slimmed down Windows install are great

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